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Each week Podcast Consultant Dave Jackson chooses a random podcast and listens to an episode and comments. How long will he listen before he bails? Enjoy these brief podcast reviews as you discover new shows and learn how to make your show better.

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Each week Podcast Consultant Dave Jackson chooses a random podcast and listens to an episode and comments. How long will he listen before he bails? Enjoy these brief podcast reviews as you discover new shows and learn how to make your show better.

    Hot Takes and Cold Beers With Chris and Joe

    Hot Takes and Cold Beers With Chris and Joe

    Welcome to Hot Takes and Cold Beers With Chris and Joe! Just a couple longtime buddies from Canton Ohio doing what we do best, drinking beer and talking about sports! Each episode, we'll have a special guest along for the ride as we discuss and debate the ongoings in the sports world, along with anything else that we can imagine from movie reviews to our favorite music, and of course, cold beers.. Cheers!


    Your audio sounds like you're sharing one mic. There is a TON iof mic handling noise. Your audio has a fair amount of reverb. I have no idea what is coming, and your introduction assumes we've listened before. After listening to two minutes, I learned more about Skyler's name than sports.

    You need a domain. See www.coolerwebsites.com they are less than $20 a year.

    An easy way to start the show is to say welcome to the Hot Takes and Cold Beers With Chris and Joe show. I'm Chris. I'm Joe, and I'm Skyler. You need to designate someone as the host who drives the show and the other person is color commentary.

    Do some show prep, and make sure everyone knows where you are going and what points will be made (not a script, but bullet points).

    You have a ton of intro music. Once you are introduced, give two beats and get on the mic. I would have everyone get their own microphone and get a recorder.

    You are up against ESPN so you have to bring a bit more professionalism. You probably have a lot of inside jokes that nobody in your audience is going to get. See this free webinar on gear.

    The good news is this is all fixable.

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    Cryptid Encounter

    Cryptid Encounter

    Description: Cryptid Encounters, it’s a podcast where we learn about the Mysterious, the Strange, the Unknown, Bigfoot, UFO’s, the Paranormal, and of course the Cryptids.

    Website: http://www.cryptidencounterspodcast.com/episodes/

    You did a great job of introducing the show and getting RIGHT TO THE EPISODE. - Awesome.
    Your voice sounds good, but you are adding soundscaping, and your file is mono (boo buzzsprout) so it loses some of its effect.

    I liked that you throw in you live in Alaska. It allows the audience to get to know you.

    It's one thing to read it. It's another thing to sound like you're reading. You had a couple of weird pauses. If you're going to read it, it should be near perfect. You also need to add a bit more voice inflection. You weren't completely monotone, but there is a lot of room for more voice inflection.

    You had some strange pauses, The CIA Operative assigned to the case had (pause) an answer.

    You could work in a few correctly placed pauses to allow people to consume this nonstop flow of content.

    You include a fair amount of information that I feel doesn't add anything to the story (the cargo of the plane, the itinerary). You could've started with "(Pilot's name) is flying with his crew who have X amount of years of experiencing, there is a 2-mile visibility as they fly over Alaska when they see two lights..." Starting right at the point.

    For more on storytelling see https://amzn.to/32TtZ1I

    I was looking to get to the conclusive evidence. That is what got me sucked in, and the quicker you get to the story.

    Normally I don't comment on your website, but you need to add your episodes as blog posts with subscribe buttons.
    Also having a Patreon may have the cart before the house (It is CROWD funding - not FUNCrowding). Keep in mind that 3% of your audience will sign up as a Patron. It might make more sense to ask your audience to tell a friend (instead of giving you money).

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    Based on a True Story

    Based on a True Story

    Today we take a look at Based on a True Story. Their description is:

    We've all seen the movies that claim to be 'based on a true story', but have you ever wondered how historically accurate they are? That's what we'll aim to find out as we compare Hollywood with history.

    Website: https://www.basedonatruestorypodcast.com

    This was a great podcast. You explain what the show is about, explain the movie you will be talking about, add a game, and get to the interview in under two minutes. NICELY DONE.

    I liked the gamification aspect as it gives someone (like me) who has never seen the movie a reason to pay attention. Your first question was a great way to start and get to the point (How accurate was this movie) so you didn't make me sit through 20 minutes to answer that question.

    For me, I would make sure the episodes obvious. I could see "cherry-picking" the episodes based on their titles (and if I've seen them or not).

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    5 Core Life with Will Moore

    5 Core Life with Will Moore

    Title: 5 Core Life with Will Moore

    Website: https://mooremomentum.com/5-core-life-podcast/

    You might want to buy moremomentum.com if its available (or you will need to spell your name). You can redirect to moremomentum.com to mooremomentum.com. The same goes for five vs 5 Core life.
    I think you have a brand conflict. If you cashed out for $323 Million in 2019 why are you using a free media host and doing ads for .017 cents per download?

    I hate to be blunt, but your audio is unacceptable. It sounds like you're using your phone on speaker and its feet away from your mouth. Please go find a show in the top 200 that uses their phone to create a podcast.

    Invest in a Samson Q2u see https://supportthisshow.com/q2u

    and use Squadcast to record remote interviews

    Your anchor ad sounded better (still a fair amount of background noise), but when you actually started the show it was HORRIBLE.

    There are 1.8 million podcasts, and you are in the self-improvement genre (LOTS of competition). see https://podcastindustryinsights.com/apple-podcasts-statistics/

    As this is an honest first impression, I barely made it past the 1-minute mark.I wanted to hear about gamification for self-improvement. I liked your artwork, and everything looked pro, but I can't take your audio quality, and I don't think it's a good representation of your brand (and possibly why you're trying to get people to review your show).

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    Big Facts No Cap

    Big Facts No Cap

    Big Facts, No Cap is an iPod broadcast in which two normal dudes with highly overlapping worldviews give advice to online strangers who will probably never hear it. Using questions from advice columns ranging in scope from dating to pet care to religion and everything in between, Paul and Adrian deliver the best suggestions they can muster off the top of their lovely yet largely vacant heads. The duo’s tough love and hot takes also extend to the advice giver as they critique the published response to each query from the column’s resident expert. Truly a show that no one asked for, Big Facts No Cap is an unapologetic vanity project from two (basically) adult men whose time would probably be better spent fixing their own problems. But hey, that sounds way less fun to listen to, doesn’t it?


    I liked your description and the sarcasm (but ipod?). The sound quality is good, but the intro is annoying and I really don't know what the show is about, or what the episode is going to be about.
    You follow this with a question about family member nicknames - which does not fit your description.

    You two have the curse of knowledge. You know each other, your backgrounds, and consequently, you find things funny that someone who doesn't have the same level of insight won't.

    My advice redo your intro and explain what the show is about and what question you will be tackling (people will get on a bus if they know where it's going), and then get to the meat of the show.

    If you're doing this for fun, have fun. You could be a bit more organized at this point.

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    The host, Rob Lewis, a home cook talks about recipes, inspirations, ingredients and the challenges of cooking different cuisines. Each week features a guest cook who will share stories about their best dishes and cooking tips for listeners who want to learn about different cultures.


    Your intro sounds like was started in the middle of a song. Your microphone sounds like you're in the bathroom (very boomy) and you didn't introduce the show. Speaking of that the tagline in Appel does not match the tagline (gray text on a great background) on your website.

    I liked that you got right to the recipe, but I didn't quite follow the creation of the recipe. I'm not sure if this is a "how-to" if so you are missing a HUGE opportunity by not putting the recipe on your website. You might tell people, "to make this recipe you will need..." I'm not sure I follow what the purpose of the show is.

    I didn't hear any real tips. I'm not sure what the takeaway was after listening for five minutes. Your guest has (to me) an annoying vocal tick where she ends sentences in a way that makes it sound like it's a question. That got on my nerves.

    You spoke about her awesome pictures. This is audio, we can't see them.

    I liked that you got right to the recipe, I would look at the purpose of the show, and come up with a bit more structure. I enjoyed that this was a conversation, but it might've been a little too free-flowing. I didn't get the joke later that she had a sourdough maker with a name. (Must be a chef thing).

    For me, I would work on your mic technique, and try to get rid of some of that boomy room noise. I would come up with better episode titles (that's huge). Have your guest have microphones (they are not a large expense) and make sure to not use the laptop microphone. There is too much competition and people won't listen to bad audio. So fic the intro, the audio sound, and add some structure so I know where I'm going, and keep the great conversation.

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Customer Reviews

3.1 out of 5
78 Ratings

78 Ratings

booboohead 69 ,

Thanks for reviewing our podcast!

Thank you so much for reviewing our podcast ! I really like yours it’s me Joshua from geekology 101 goodbye also we just got two microphones

Gatdam ,

Low-effort content leach

If you go to his website he charges $499 for a yearly subscription to “get better at podcasting” so you already know this guy is a scam artist. And the show is exactly what you’d expect: a no-talent hack giving his necessities (very debatable) for a good podcast. I’ll save you the time, he only cares about audio quality.

The guy reviews podcasts that have both acclaim and massive followings as well as lesser known ones. This guy has the most arbitrary criteria for these shows and the patience of a four year old that freebases cocaine. Usually starts freaking out over the lack of a “voiceover” after a mere three seconds of an intro tune or theme song that usually runs from 5-15 seconds. It’s really something to behold and makes me curious as to whether this man is even employable. He makes surface-level, stream-of-consciousness critiques that are considerably less effort and hold much less entertainment value then even the mediocrity of something like CinemaSins on YouTube. And why does he care so much about perfect audio quality when his own podcast is incredibly unremarkable even in that category. He must not know that podcasts earning tens of thousands of dollars on patreon or from ad revenue have a fraction of a concern for their audio quality as much as this guy. If the host put as much effort into formulating an opinion that someone might care about as his thoughts on audio quality, he might have a podcast that gets better than a three star rating.

Also, for being so singularly focused on his own arbitrary conventions, he actually misses one that I think actually might matter to literally everyone else but him. All of his episodes are between 9-12 minutes. Why so short? Maybe he realizes that very few people will actually give him the time of day for such lazy and frankly boring content that he makes sure to keep it short. Most podcasts are at least 30 minutes and this guy barely ekes a quarter of that each episode if you factor in that HE ACTUALLY PLAYS OTHER PEOPLE’S CONTENT WITH LITTLE OR NO SUBSTANCE TO ADD. This takes up at least two minutes per episode with the only commentary being the occasional flippant question that immediately gets answered in the ensuing few seconds of the podcast he’s listening to.

This is worse than YouTube reaction videos. At least they put a little bombast in them. This guy really thought that what the world needed was another middle aged white guy giving his opinion on the form of media most likely to be used as white noise to go to sleep. No attempt to get background on a single one of these shows that might factor into the enjoyment of the seemingly random episode. No attempt to understand anything. Just a shot in the dark aiming at mediocrity, and guess what... you even fell short of that mark. Stop piggybacking off of other people’s hard work without adding anything aside from ineffectual nitpicks. Content freeloader.

I guess this begs the question who actually listens to this drivel? No observation is insightful, helpful, thoughtful, or entertaining. No criticism is brought up that couldn’t be thought of on the spot without even listening to the rest of the sentence being spoken in the podcast in question. A 10 minute listening experience with nothing new to add, nothing informative, and no entertainment value. Why does this exist and why has it been going since 2017? Yet another case of someone of zero consequence upwardly failing. At least some of the shows he “reviews” do it in style.

Toastay45 ,

Shallow Critiques, Not Humorous, Corny

This guy cares about pointless stuff like “audio quality” and “structure” and other check-the-box podcast “necessities.” There are barely any unique insights about the podcasts being reviewed that help listeners decide whether or not to listen to a full 1 hour+ episode (i.e. detailed background on the hosts, analysis of what the hosts actually discuss during the sampled episode, comparison to similar podcasts/blogs/YouTube channels etc.), and the use of tacky talk-radio effects are distracting and cringey.

In short, this show is not good. The host provides no valuable information to listeners, and it is not funny, interesting, helpful, or entertaining. I question why it exists and if it has even one recurring listener.

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