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Each week Podcast Consultant Dave Jackson chooses a random podcast and listens to an episode and comments. How long will he listen before he bails? Enjoy these brief podcast reviews as you discover new shows and learn how to make your show better.

Podcast Rodeo Show: Reviews and First Impressions of Your Podcast Dave Jackson

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Each week Podcast Consultant Dave Jackson chooses a random podcast and listens to an episode and comments. How long will he listen before he bails? Enjoy these brief podcast reviews as you discover new shows and learn how to make your show better.

    Bay Area Rock

    Bay Area Rock

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    This show uses Anchor (shocking) and has no actual website listed (a Facebook group).
    The one thing missing in radio is PERSONALITY so give people what they are missing. Instead, you start off with music. I would've loved some sort of table of contents so I know what to expect.
    I did check AND THIS SHOW IS IN MONO??? (SO WEIRD). Call me picky, but I expect a music show to be in stereo.

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    Here is their description:
    If you believe design can change the world, you’ve found your humans here on ARCHITECTING! This show is about the architect as a person and helps you bypass the status quo traps in our profession and teaches you how to make an impact with real-life strategies. Angela Mazzi helps overwhelmed and burned out architects reclaim their passion for great design. Together, we'll explore Thought Leadership, how to achieve your next career level, Time/Energy Management tips to stay balanced, Promoting Wellbeing in work and life and Conscious Design and Social Change
    The show was found via http://www.podfriend.com (www.podfriend.com)
    I liked that the show started off by letting us know what the show is about. The second music that comes in ends very abruptly. Your audio is OK but could use a de-esser as your "s" sounds can be a little noticeable.
    All in all the show is headed in the right direction. There is some pretty low-hanging fruit on your website.
    http://architectingpodcast.com/index.php/architecting-podcast/ (http://architectingpodcast.com/index.php/architecting-podcast/)
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    Real Talk Podcast

    Real Talk Podcast

    What do you get when you combine horrible audio with lots of bleeps and random sound effects? You get real talk podcast (one of 20+ podcasts with this name) but this one has a pineapple on the cover.
    Shocking to find that this show was hosted on Anchor.
    Check out the gear guide and pick up some great-sounding inexpensive microphones.
    Mentioned in this episode https://www.podfriend.com (www.podfriend.com) and http://www.newpodcastapps.com (www.newpodcastapps.com)
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    Journey Through Health and Wellness

    Journey Through Health and Wellness

    Today I take a Journey Through Health and Wellness Hosted by, well, I have no idea they never said. The show is about, well, they never said.
    Their audio was pretty muffled, and the introduction was impressive but was basically the host just reading their LinkedIn Bio.
    This is a YouTube channel converted to be a podcast. There was just something about it that rubbed me the wrong way. It seemed too dramatic. I made it 2:34 through the podcast.
    When the host (whoever it is ) finally asked a question, the guests started telling me about where they went to school, and their friend Michael. No Thanks. I have no idea where I'm going, or what the show is about.
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    The Decision Reel

    The Decision Reel

    https://www.thedecisionreel.com/ (The Decision Reel) has a nice website, and decent artwork, but their description needs some work:
    Join George, Brent and Steve, 3 guys who love to talk, as they discuss random movies with special guests from time to time, and touch on topics that have no place in a movie review! New Episode every Tuesday at Noon et.
    You give me the name of the show, but no idea what the show or the episode is about. Three minutes in, I've heard about someone's weekend but had a clue of what I've listened to. You played a bunch of clips from??? I have no idea. Lots of fun WOOOSHES.
    You then let me listen to some illegal music and then went into a bunch of inside jokes, and insights into things I don't care about.
    You've completely forgotten that NEW people are listening. When you say, "Everybody is here" I have no idea who "everybody" is (or what the show or episode is). You even say "Brian hated this movie." What movie? Then you lead off with an apology. I don't care about your drinking or TV habits.
    I just felt that due to the disorganization, and the fact that I was lost, I hit stop.

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    Modern Persian Food

    Modern Persian Food

    The podcast rodeo features honest first impressions. Today we are looking at Modern Persian Food
    https://modernpersianfood.com (https://modernpersianfood.com)
    The intro still sounds like you're reading it to me.
    There is a fair amount of mic handling noise.
    While not super distracting, if a window is open, close it as the sound of cars is bleeding through.
    You have great chemistry, and once you get talking (and not reading, it's much more natural).
    You seem to be doing some great investigation, but you should do this BEFORE you press record. This way there is no, "Do you have an ice cream maker?" No. Find out who can talk about what, and organize your content a little better.
    Also, what do you want your audience to do with this content? If the goal is for them to make the recipe - GET TO THE RECIPE, and then give them the history and all the other tips you had. You had talked about ice cream and then went to ice cream sandwiches, and then went back to another style of ice cream. You could've kept the ice cream talk together, the recipe, and then what you can do with the ice cream.
    You have a great name and niche, just do a little more planning and the show will flow a bit better. Also, if anyone is using Blue Yeti, be sure to understand how to use it properly (or you can end up recording a bunch of background noise).
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Customer Reviews

3.1 out of 5
81 Ratings

81 Ratings

booboohead 69 ,

Thanks for reviewing our podcast!

Thank you so much for reviewing our podcast ! I really like yours it’s me Joshua from geekology 101 goodbye also we just got two microphones

Weight Lifter Dani ,

Learn What Not To Do

I’ve learned so much from Dave by listening to this!

He’s got great advice from the perspective of the listener, and even though my show hasn’t been reviewed here, I use his critiques of others to become a better podcaster.

This is good stuff!

Gatdam ,

Low-effort content leach

If you go to his website he charges $499 for a yearly subscription to “get better at podcasting” so you already know this guy is a scam artist. And the show is exactly what you’d expect: a no-talent hack giving his necessities (very debatable) for a good podcast. I’ll save you the time, he only cares about audio quality.

The guy reviews podcasts that have both acclaim and massive followings as well as lesser known ones. This guy has the most arbitrary criteria for these shows and the patience of a four year old that freebases cocaine. Usually starts freaking out over the lack of a “voiceover” after a mere three seconds of an intro tune or theme song that usually runs from 5-15 seconds. It’s really something to behold and makes me curious as to whether this man is even employable. He makes surface-level, stream-of-consciousness critiques that are considerably less effort and hold much less entertainment value then even the mediocrity of something like CinemaSins on YouTube. And why does he care so much about perfect audio quality when his own podcast is incredibly unremarkable even in that category. He must not know that podcasts earning tens of thousands of dollars on patreon or from ad revenue have a fraction of a concern for their audio quality as much as this guy. If the host put as much effort into formulating an opinion that someone might care about as his thoughts on audio quality, he might have a podcast that gets better than a three star rating.

Also, for being so singularly focused on his own arbitrary conventions, he actually misses one that I think actually might matter to literally everyone else but him. All of his episodes are between 9-12 minutes. Why so short? Maybe he realizes that very few people will actually give him the time of day for such lazy and frankly boring content that he makes sure to keep it short. Most podcasts are at least 30 minutes and this guy barely ekes a quarter of that each episode if you factor in that HE ACTUALLY PLAYS OTHER PEOPLE’S CONTENT WITH LITTLE OR NO SUBSTANCE TO ADD. This takes up at least two minutes per episode with the only commentary being the occasional flippant question that immediately gets answered in the ensuing few seconds of the podcast he’s listening to.

This is worse than YouTube reaction videos. At least they put a little bombast in them. This guy really thought that what the world needed was another middle aged white guy giving his opinion on the form of media most likely to be used as white noise to go to sleep. No attempt to get background on a single one of these shows that might factor into the enjoyment of the seemingly random episode. No attempt to understand anything. Just a shot in the dark aiming at mediocrity, and guess what... you even fell short of that mark. Stop piggybacking off of other people’s hard work without adding anything aside from ineffectual nitpicks. Content freeloader.

I guess this begs the question who actually listens to this drivel? No observation is insightful, helpful, thoughtful, or entertaining. No criticism is brought up that couldn’t be thought of on the spot without even listening to the rest of the sentence being spoken in the podcast in question. A 10 minute listening experience with nothing new to add, nothing informative, and no entertainment value. Why does this exist and why has it been going since 2017? Yet another case of someone of zero consequence upwardly failing. At least some of the shows he “reviews” do it in style.

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