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Podcasts with Sarah and friends at Mom On A Spiritual Journey. From Spirit Guides to wellness, Past Lives to the Akashic Records, we discuss modern spiritual practice along with ancient arts such as acupuncture, yoga and energy work. Enjoy!

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Podcasts with Sarah and friends at Mom On A Spiritual Journey. From Spirit Guides to wellness, Past Lives to the Akashic Records, we discuss modern spiritual practice along with ancient arts such as acupuncture, yoga and energy work. Enjoy!

    Your Chakras and the Akashic Records

    Your Chakras and the Akashic Records



    How are your Chakras and the Akashic Records connected?

    I hope you enjoy this month’s podcast about your Chakras and the Akashic Records!

    Show notes

    This month I want to talk with you about working with your Chakras through the Akashic Records.

    Chakras can give us very telling information about our health, wellbeing and emotional states of mind.

    You may have had the good fortune to have energy work or a chakra balancing session, which can feel amazing.  Sometimes, though, these blissful effects seem to wear off very quickly no matter how hard we work on our chakras.

    It can be difficult to stay at a particular level of vibration or expansion for very long when life gets in the way.

    The key here to help stay balanced in our chakras is to take balanced action in our lives.  After all, you wouldn’t go to the chiropractor, get your back adjusted and then go home and slump in a lumpy uncomfortable chair – that would be a waste of time and energy!

    Doing chakra work and expecting it to ‘stay’ is the equivalent of doing exactly that – if you don’t also take focused action around a circumstance or issue.

    Chakra balancing can show you a way forward and how to do something better or differently from a feeling, sensing or energetic perspective.  But how to stay there?

    That’s where reading the Chakras from the perspective of the Akashic Records can be so useful.

    With your Akashic Records open, not only can the Chakras be checked for under- or overactivity, but also your Akashic Guides and Spirit Guides can chime in with extra help and even a suggested to-do list.

    I’d also recommend

    * visualization and meditation

    * chanting of various types

    * breathwork

    * tai chi, kundalini yoga or even martial arts.

    Useful blog posts

    I offer Chakra Readings through the Akashic Records>>

    Feel free to chat with me at the private client portal, or leave a comment here on the blog.

    Wishing you balanced Chakras and a productive and energetic month!

    To learn more about awakening your Akashic Energy with Chakra work and other Akashic Readings, check out the links directly below.

    Sarah is an Intuitive Coach and Akashic Records Reader.  You can download the brochure listing all 12 Readings she offers, and contact her here at the Client Portal.

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    6 most popular Akashic Records questions clients ask Sarah

    6 most popular Akashic Records questions clients ask Sarah

    The 6 most popular Akashic Records questions people ask me

    On this podcast, I talk about 6 of the most popular Akashic Records questions clients ask me.

    This is a great way to get started if you are going to get into working with your Akashic Records.

    We could potentially spend a lot of time learning about our past lives.  This is because most people think that’s all there is to the Akash!

    The data stored in our Akashic Records has information about our Past Lives.  Akashic information is also readable within our present life.

    We can also learn about repeating patterns of behavior, how to clear karmic issues, and even how to do better in relationships!

    So below are the top six Akashic Records questions that people ask me on their spiritual journey.

    I hope the information below, and the podcast, enable you to go away with a different perception about how Akashic Records work can help you.

    1. What is my Soul’s Purpose?

    “What is my Soul Purpose?” and “What is my Life Purpose” are two very popular Akashic Records questions.

    You are incarnated into a body because your Soul wanted to experience life in the here and now.

    You are a conscious human being, on planet Earth.  So you are experiencing life now, in your body.  You did it!  You have achieved your Soul Purpose.

    If you are asking deep questions like this, you are recognizing your Soul connection.  So, a gold star for you!

    There are several other layers to understanding your Soul Purpose.  The Soul itself is very curious and excited about being incarnated and wants to experience all that it can.

    Often this means that the Soul will incarnate into difficult Life Situations.  This is in order to experience all of the ways that the Soul can grow. 

    This is why there is a Life Situations Reading available, including the opportunity to clear blocks and restrictions from your Akashic Record.

    There is also a Soul Purpose Reading, which looks into 3 very specific areas of information – your primary Life Lesson, your Soul’s Specialization, and your connection to your Intuition, or Higher Self.

    These three areas of inquiry can help you understand a lot more about the complex questions that people have around the nature of their Soul Purpose.

    2. When will I meet my twin flame, life partner, or Soul partner?

    Many clients want the answer to this Akashic Records question!

    Focus on expanding your vibration and growing yourself, and you will find the right partner for you sooner.

    We all want a wonderful partner.  Sometimes it’s important to focus on our own self-growth first.

    Otherwise, trying to find a great partner is a bit like trying to put the cart before the horse.

    From the Soul’s point of view, meeting your twin flame can be somewhat of a limiting concept

    In the West, we have been very influenced by Hollywood when it comes to the idea of being completed by a partner.

    A lot of people believe they have a twin flame, or twin soul, who will ‘complete’ them.

    The Soul itself is already perfect, and not split! 

    In my experience of giving readings over the last 10 years or so, Souls make all sorts of unusual agreements such as Soul C...

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    Learn about the theory of the 8 intelligences – help grow your intuition

    Learn about the theory of the 8 intelligences – help grow your intuition

    The theory of multiple intelligences and your intuition

    Discover the link between the theory of multiple intelligences and your intuitive growth!

    Intuition may be interesting to you as a curiosity item or for entertainment.

    The fact is though that some of the most powerful and effective business leaders and educators work with their intuition.  Some of them are very open about how they use their intuition to succeed in business.  Other’s keep it a well-hidden secret!

    Professionals in many fields also swear by the knowledge and skill that knowing the theory of multiple intelligences gives them.  My business partner in the UK and I created several business courses using this theory.  One of these courses was design in 1998 and is still running today!

    So how can we learn about our own ability to learn and maximize that?  Plus, also harness that information with the knowledge of our own intuitive abilities and how to grow them?

    As a reader of 10 years standing now, I’ve noticed that there is a direct connection for clients between their primary learning channel, and their primary Intuitive Channel.

    Introducing the theory of multiple intelligences by Howard Gardner – finding your favorite intelligence will help you to learn better

    There are 8 different intelligences (according to Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences).

    Learning our most powerful or favorite intelligence can help us to learn and retain information.  This can be extremely useful when we have to make decisions under stress or deal with difficult situations.

    Imagine you are a student studying to improve your prospects or needing to learn something new at work.

    Knowing how you function at your best as a learner can only be helpful to you!

    Perhaps you prefer visual learning, rather than listening to somebody talk.  Or maybe you really need to be at a track-desk or on a static bike to process some heavy reading.

    The theory of multiple intelligences can help you to also discover your own personal intuitive process

    So how can listening to this podcast help you?

    As you’ll hear from the podcast, I’ve developed a process for clients where with a simple exercise, you can discover your own learning preferences bases on the theory of multiple intelligences.

    It’s easy to go through this self-reflection process and discover your favorite learning intelligence.

    You simply read a sheet of information which I send you.  After that, you complete a chart and color it in!

    Once you send the chart back to me, we can connect via phone or Skype for the coaching session, where you’ll also learn about your primary Intuitive Channel.  It’s very helpful to learn how your learning inputs are connected to Intuitive Awareness.

    This is part of the coaching process I offer clients.  When I work with you to help you develop your intuition, I can then help you to connect your favorite intelligence with how you function best – intuitively speaking!

    It’s your own personal superpower!


    Sarah is an Intuitive Coach and gives Intuitive Readings and Coaching Sessions.  If you are interested in the Coaching Session to develop your intuition related to the theory of multiple intelligences, check out this page of information.

    You can also download the brochure listing all 12 Intuitive Readings Sarah gives here>>

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    Dealing with intuitive manipulation

    Dealing with intuitive manipulation

     October 2018 podcast show notes

    If you are intuitive, then maybe that is why you were drawn to my site.   Or perhaps that is why you are listening to this podcast.

    As a spiritual intuitive, from about the age of 3, I could sense some information about others very acutely.  This would include a person’s emotional state, something they may be thinking about, or something unusual about their body language.

    This month my email newsletter is about sensing, or becoming aware of, intuitive manipulators.

    I’ve had the good fortune to work with excellent teachers on my spiritual path.

    As a result, perhaps a combination, of several teachings, in most situations I have a pretty good nonsense detector.

    Nonsense detector

    In the past, I have attended two NLP™ seminars with one of the originators of NLP™, Richard Bandler.  At that time I was introduced to the idea of creating my own internal nonsense detector.

    This involved some work with gut instinct and seems to have remained with me ever since.

    I was also part of one of the earliest versions of Joseph Riggio’s excellent personal growth series, known as MythoSelf™.

    As a Mythoself facilitator, I learned to work through certain aspects of storytelling, where I was able to learn to decipher whether people were telling the truth, the whole truth, or not!

    These are both very useful tools in the road to self-awareness and presence of mind in the moments where you are interacting with an intuitive manipulator.

    Once you focus on the awareness of skills like these, it’s always important to road test them.

    I remember being at a party a few years ago where the subject of truth or lies came up.   Someone I didn’t know (who had had a drop to drink) decided to test my skills by telling me three different stories.

    At that moment, I was able to discern that the first story was true, the second false, and the third a mixture of both.  To be fair I had the advantage since I hadn’t been drinking, but it was a fun little exercise nonetheless.

    Learning to understand intuitive manipulation from the spiritual perspective

    So for you, the listener and spiritual journeyer, where are you on the road to understanding intuitive manipulation? As I mentioned in my blog post this month at New World Energetics – How to Save yourself from intuitive manipulators, the gut is a really good place to start.

    Here is something to consider.  If you are interacting with somebody who causes you to be suspicious of their intentions, where in your body does this wisdom come from?

    Does this person make your gut feel uncomfortable?

    Is what they say match with your sense of their inner world?

    Perhaps their energy seems spiky, not quite right, or feel inconsistent in some way?

    I’ve done enough Akashic Records Readings with clients to sense what I would call ‘modular’ energy fairly early on in a reading. That is, the person isn’t quite whole energetically as a result of sensing that something is off about their energetic feel.

    Maybe it’s because their responses to questions seem to change or be inconsistent.

    This tells me they might not be ready to act on their reading.   Even if the client really needs to hear what their Akashic Guides are telling them, the time might not be right.   They may need to do some other personal growth work first.

    If you can access your spirit guides at the moment, perhaps they can let you know what your internal wisdom is trying to say when you are suspicious that you are being manipulated....

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    Let your spirit guides speak - interview with Debra Engle

    Let your spirit guides speak - interview with Debra Engle

    Let Your Spirit Guides Speak – podcast with Debra Landwehr Engle

    Recently I was asked to review Debra Landwehr Engle’s book Let Your Spirit Guides Speak: A Simple Guide for a Life of Purpose, Abundance, and Joy.

    I saw that she was offering interview time so I took her up on her kind offer – so this book review is also a podcast where Debra and I get to discuss the nature of our Spirit Guides, how to connect with them, grow relationships with them and more.

    I hope you make time to listen to the podcast

    I can guarantee that if you are interested either in beginning to connect with your Spirit Guides or wanting to create a stronger relationship with them – you will learn something from this podcast and also from Debra’s book Let Your Spirit Guides Speak: A Simple Guide for a Life of Purpose, Abundance, and Joy.

    Spirit Guides in White Jogging Suits!

    One of the questions I asked Debra was how she first came into contact with her Spirit Guides.

    She answered that it was both a gradual process where a comfort and presence was available to her in a number of different situations – then when Debra went to see a Past Life Regressionist she was taken to a time before she came into this life.

    During the Past Life Regression, Debra saw her whole team of guides – she felt intuitively or knew somehow that these people were her Spirit Guides – dressed in white jogging suits!

    This really validated an experience of mine, because often my Spirit Guides like to disco dance across my vision or generally act in a funny manner. Mine usually wear robes and flip them around – dare I say they also flip them up sometimes too to make me laugh.

    Debra calls this the ‘Snoopy Dance’. When you do connect with your Spirit Guides, you will feel a sense of joy, so do celebrate the moment!

    Everybody on the Planet has Spirit Guides – time to create the relationship

    Imagine your guides as nearby neighbors…perhaps living in a house with a different vibration, but still very nearby. Invite them over in your mind for coffee, even pizza.

    Debra recommends connecting with your guides on a regular basis, even at a regular time of day. Chat, think about or even make time to write down insights from your guides. Do this regularly, and you will create stronger connections with your Spirit Guides and they will appreciate the focused time you can spend together.

    Think of the guides as family members who are always around. You wouldn’t ignore them or leave them out of a meal or coffee if a family were in the house, so make sure you include the guides in your activities in some part of your day too.

    Debra’s writing guide Ella ended up contributing quite a large chunk of content to the book and you can read her quotes throughout. I let the energy pick a quote and this one came up

    Your capacity to know and understand yourself may be the most important by-product of partnering with your guides.

    Our guides can help us know ourselves and understand ourselves better

    One of the main reasons to connect with your Spirit Guides and create some kind of relationship is that our guides can help us to

    * understand our natural gifts, talents, and abilities

    * interpret events and situations from the higher spiritual perspective

    * learning to appreciate that life experiences are as much about growth as the experience itself.

    How do I know I am in touch with my Spirit Guides?

    Our Spirit Guides can contact us in a number of ways, some you may not expect or even realize until later.

    Here are some examples

    * Hearing an internal voice

    * Seeing visions

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    An Introduction to your Soul Monad >> Podcast

    An Introduction to your Soul Monad >> Podcast

    Your Soul Monad and Soap bubbles!

    This podcast is an introduction to your Soul Monad.  These are also the show notes for the 6th in the 7 part podcast series of Kryon’s 7 Cosmic Laws.

    The 7th Cosmic Law of Kryon is

    As soon as you start this search of yours, as soon as you push on the door, as soon as Spirit sees pure intent, all of your universal family knows it.

    Loved the energy of this podcast!

    While preparing for this podcast this time I was guided to open the Akashic Records of my personal Soul Monad.

    Dictionary.com gives us the definitions of Monad as…


    1. Biology.

    any simple, single-celled organism.

    any of various small, flagellate, colorless amoeboids with one to three flagella, especially of the genus Monas.

    2. Chemistry. an element, atom, or group having a valence of one.

    3. Philosophy.

    (in the metaphysics of Leibniz) an unextended, indivisible, and indestructible entity that is the basic or ultimate constituent of the universe and a microcosm of it.

    (in the philosophy of Giordano Bruno) a basic and irreducible metaphysical unit that is spatially and psychically individuated.

    any basic metaphysical entity, especially having an autonomous life.

    4.a single unit or entity.

    Spiritual Definition of Soul Monad

    I asked for the Spiritual meaning of the Soul Monad and then started googling it – my Spirit Guides got a bit annoyed with me and said “Don’t look it up, we’ll tell you!”.

    So, they say…

    The Soul Monad is the Universe as One and yet many. Consider your soul as a bubble floating up into the stratosphere of the Earth, where other bubbles recognize it and move close, connect, stick together. If they were soap bubbles they would burst, but they do not. The Soul Monads are Soul Bubbles. They contain everything that you need in this incarnation (if you are currently incarnated) plus the knowledge and awareness of all previous and future incarnations.

    More in the podcast… (see the link above).

    Useful questions for your own work with your personal Soul Monad

    Who is in my particular Soul Monad?

    A lot of these energies are my Spirit Guides and Loved Ones as I know them to be already?

    How can incarnated people on the journey get benefits from becoming consciously connected with their individual Soul Monad?

    Would you like a Spirit Guide Reading?

    I have given Akashic Records Readings for over 10 years now.  One of the most popular readings I give is the Spirit Guide Reading.

    This reading connects you with your Inner Circle Spirit Guides, who are part of your current Soul Monad, or ‘bubble’.

    After having a spiritual opening to the Akashic Records, I found that I could very easily channel people’s Spirit Guides through the energy of their Akashic Records.

    This is because your Spirit Guides are in 5D, and so is your Akashic Records, so tuning in to the energy of one automatically connects us to our Guides, also.

    If you’d like to know more about the Spirit Guide Reading, check out this page>>

    To download the brochure listing all 12 Akashic Readings available, click this link>>


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