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    A slice of Belgian life in 30 artworks at L’Expo Nationale

    A slice of Belgian life in 30 artworks at L’Expo Nationale

    Do you ever go to an art exhibition and think you could do just as well? Belgians got the chance to prove that when Museum Pass put out a call last September for anyone who wanted to send them a photo of a work they had made themselves. The result is called L’Expo Nationale, and it is being staged in 15 museums all across the country.

    • 5 min
    The Bulletin Weekly - 19 December

    The Bulletin Weekly - 19 December

    In the final instalment of our weekly podcast, we hear about an award-winning initiative by the Musée d'Ixelles, we meet the makers of a new public art piece on a bridge crossing the Brussels canal - plus events ideas aplenty for the last week before Christmas.

    • 11 min
    Looking after your mental health as an expat

    Looking after your mental health as an expat

    Living and working in another country can be difficult - and this time of year can be a challenge for some. Parminder Shah discusses expat mental health with Alessia and Nikki, two experts from the clinical team at CHS Belgium.

    • 12 min
    Musée d'Ixelles

    Musée d'Ixelles

    The Musée d’Ixelles has just won the 2021 European Art Explora Award which rewards museum projects that are conceived to attract visitors who don’t normally frequent cultural institutions. The winning Ixelles project is entitled Musée Comme Chez Soi (Museum at Home).  Claire Leblanc, director of the Ixelles Museum explains the project.


    • 4 min


    Beliris and Kanal have collaborated to equip the new pedestrian/cycling bridges over the canal linking Brussels city and Molenbeek with art pieces. They chose LAb(au) (Laboratory for architecture and urbanism) to create an interactive work on the Loredana Marchi bridge entitled Kontexte.

    Els Vermang of LAb(au) tells us what it's all about.


    • 3 min
    The Bulletin Weekend - 17 December

    The Bulletin Weekend - 17 December

    This week: Christmas festivities, brewing nuns, a recap of some of our favourite stories from this past year, and our pub quiz.

    • 46 min

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