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A podcast about podcasts, groundbreaking.

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A podcast about podcasts, groundbreaking.

    Six Minutes

    Six Minutes

    This s***s over

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    More Podcasty Updates!

    More Podcasty Updates!

    Apple Podcasts * Castbox * Radio Public * Spotify

    Myleik - My Taught You podcast

    Sound Education (Boston)

    Rekha Murthy Podcast Expert

    Juleyka 70 Million

    Tea With Queen and J Live recording from The Greene episode Castbox

    (I think this autoplays FYI)

    Aminatou on It’s The Real episode SoundCloud

    Aminatou Sow’s Work Diary: ‘It’s Not a Dirty Word. I Want to Be Rich!’

    [Instagram post on New Podcasts from 2018][12]

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    The Home Stretch

    The Home Stretch

    Podcasts, poc ones, the hot ones.

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    Podcast News and Updates

    Podcast News and Updates

    Atlanta Meetup RSVP

    Twitter job/fellowship/internship thread

    Sound Edu panel participants( Ian’s twitter)

    Pamela Gay of Astronomy Cast

    Heather Teysko of Renaissance English History

    Vanessa Zoltan of Harry Potter and the Sacred Text

    Podcast Gumbo Newsletter

    Pandora - Businesswire article


    Veralyn’s twitter

    Werk It hashtag

    Berry on The Wolf Den - My favorite podcast


    Berry’s podcast consulting

    • 11 min
    Women Creating Podcast Networks ft. Ahyiana of @SPQPodcast

    Women Creating Podcast Networks ft. Ahyiana of @SPQPodcast

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    Tea with Queen and J on [Latinos in Lunch](http://www.latinoswholunch.com/episodes/2018/10/18/tea-with-queen-and-j)

    [Grizzly Kiki](https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/grizzly-kiki/e/56685340?autoplay=true) featuring Favy fav

    Guest: Ahyiana Angel

    Switch Pivot or Quit

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    Robin Sharma

    No Ego

    Words Well Said

    Support is Sexy

    [My Taught you episode](https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/myleik/episodes/2018-09-07T15_59_22-07_00) featuring Ahyiana Angel

    Top listened episodes of SPQ -

    Girlfriend episode [Podcast - Fab 5 +1 Join Us for a Convo on Career, Life and Friendship](https://www.switchpivotorquit.com/single-post/2017/12/27/Podcast---Fab-5-1-Join-Us-for-a-Convo-on-Career-Life-and-Friendship)

    [Amber Wright Can We Talk](https://www.switchpivotorquit.com/single-post/2017/08/09/Podcast-Switch-Pivot-or-Quit-Chat-with-Amber-L-Wright)

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    Creating Your Own Lane in Podcasting ft @Favyfav of @latinoswholunch

    Creating Your Own Lane in Podcasting ft @Favyfav of @latinoswholunch

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    New Podcast Network by a black woman - [Switch Pivot or Quit](https://www.switchpivotorquit.com/)

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    [A Milli](https://www.mayziemedia.com/a-milli-podcast) podcast

    Therapy For Black Girls celebrates [2 million downloads post](https://www.instagram.com/p/BoZvnxHF855/?taken-by=therapyforblackgirls)


    [PRX x Google Podcasts](https://techcrunch.com/2018/10/04/google-launches-accelerator-to-increase-diversity-in-podcasting/)Tech Crunch

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    **Guest: Favy Fav**


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    (Podcast) Latinos Who Lunch [www.latinoswholunch.com](http://www.latinoswholunch.com)

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    Latinos Who Lunch


    Episodes to check out

    [Episode 21: De Brujas and Green Chili](https://player.fm/series/latinos-who-lunch-1299835/episode-21-de-brujas-and-green-chili)

    [NOT MY MONUMENT episode 39](http://www.latinoswholunch.com/episodes/2017/8/31/not-my-monument)

    [COLORISMO EN LATIN AMERICA Episode 62](http://www.latinoswholunch.com/episodes/2018/3/1/colorismo-en-america)

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4.8 out of 5
35 Ratings

35 Ratings

Mighty Florist ,

Gang Gang?

Gang Gang.

Diamondstylz ,

Black Podcast Directory

Berry has that ear to the pulse of the black podcast community .....listen and keep your self in the loop

Zach Nunn ,

Zach from Living Corporate

Loving this!! Thank you!

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