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Graham Elwood discusses the news of the day from a progressive point of view.

Political Vigilante Podcast Graham Elwood: Comedian, filmmaker, podcaster.

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Graham Elwood discusses the news of the day from a progressive point of view.

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4.9 out of 5
28 Ratings

28 Ratings

mjdholmes ,

Absolutely Essential!

Graham is covering the important stories that don’t get the attention they deserve from the mainstream media. He is shedding light on the injustices of the American Empire throughout the world and, with enough support, we can make Gotham great again!

Seanmichae1 ,

Technical problems (audio)

I love graham from hearing him on the Jimmy Dore show. I’m sure this podcast would be excellent, too, BUT any time he plays media commentary the podcast becomes silent. Somehow, the media audio is not getting picked-up by the podcast audio input. I’ll rate this podcast higher when he fixes the audio problems.

Jcsulli1 ,

Wants vs Needs

While we all have wants in life, our basic needs are far more important. While Graham does a great job in bringing up today’s political topics, he continually mixes our nations wants and needs together, and then blames our government for not delivering (e.g. everyone needs healthcare, but at what cost? According to NY Times/NPR Bernie’s plan, on the low end, is 3 times the size of our current defense budget… What???) Why doesn’t Graham discuss that, or maybe some of the other less expensive plans out there? And then what’s the cost to each of us for his want for Free Education, and are there other plans out there that might be cheaper (e.g. RI’s plan covers their Community College’s only). The need to address Global Warming is front and center on everyone’s mind these days, yet no one wants to slow down to 60mph on our highways, or trade in their SUV for a Compact. Shouldn’t we as a nation all be doing our part, or should we only rely on our Government to fix the problem (I would hate to go back to the days when 55mph was in force, but you gotta admit, it sure did save us a lot of oil and thus helped the environment). Graham show is good, but if he really wants to make Gotham great again, he’s going to need to develop a greater understanding of the pros and cons of whatever the subject is that’s in question.

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