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A tongue-firmly-in-cheek podcast where Dave Fensome and Krister Greer, two lifelong music fans, go back and listen to every UK number one album from the 90s in chronological order to see if the decade's music holds up to scrutiny.

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A tongue-firmly-in-cheek podcast where Dave Fensome and Krister Greer, two lifelong music fans, go back and listen to every UK number one album from the 90s in chronological order to see if the decade's music holds up to scrutiny.

    S03E19 ABBA 'Gold'

    S03E19 ABBA 'Gold'

    Merry Christmas! Ho Ho Ho! Etc! Welcome to our festive themed special all about ABBA 'Gold', their Greatest Hits which was released in 1992 and became one of the best selling albums of all time. We've got a very special guest helping us out on this one in the form of comedian Sean McLoughlin who is a big ABBA fan, as is Krister. However, Dave f*****g hates ABBA. Like really hates them. So we decided to do this special and take on the forms of Christmas joybringers, trying to convince Dave that he's just being an ABBA grinch and should let them into his life at this time of goodwill and wonder. How successful we were in that task, you'll find out soon enough.
    Massive thanks once again to Sean for joining us on this one, it was an absolute treat to have him on, he's genuinely one of the funniest comics around today so do check him out when live gigs start happening again. In the meantime you can hear his comedy album 'Support Act' on Spotify and watch his hour long special 'Hail Mary' on Youtube. Honestly, we cannot say enough good things about this guy and we hope you enjoy him on this episode as much as we did recording it with him. Oh, and go ahead and follow him on Twitter as well, why not.
    There's a playlist of all the ABBA songs as well as the various other cover version, remixes and top ten singles we chat about on Spotify for you to check out. Or why not enjoy some Christmas holiday listening with our ongoing Best Of The 90s (Albums That We Have To Listen To) Playlist which is actually pretty damn good. Stick it on shuffle while eating leftover sprouts and trying not to doze off on the sofa. 
    We'll be back with Season 4 as soon as we can in the new year but until then happy Christmas from all of us as PCL. Cheers!

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    S03E18B Best Albums of 1992 Special - Part Two

    S03E18B Best Albums of 1992 Special - Part Two

    Here's the second part of our rundown of our top ten albums of 1992 for you. Probably not a lot of surprises in here but you simply can't argue with some of these choices - so many great albums! Thank you again to all of you listeners who sent in your own top five lists to us - you can see them all here on our website.
    And thank you as well to our lovely guest contributors to this episode: Darren who had previously joined us on our Def Leppard episode; Si Sharp from Beat Rehab who was on our Beastie Boys Special; Stephen and Remfry from the brilliant Riot Act podcast; and comedian and host of the We Are History podcast, Angela Barnes.
    As you will hear on the episode we've put a track (or two) from each of our album choices into a Spotify playlist which is obviously pretty damn wonderful. We hope to have a special Christmas episode out before the end of this year but if you don't hear from us again beforehand, have a brilliant Christmas and New Year!

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    S03E18A Best Albums of 1992 Special - Part One

    S03E18A Best Albums of 1992 Special - Part One

    Well we've done all of the UK number one albums of 1992 so as is now customary we're rounding up this season with a two-part episode of our own choices of what we reckon the best albums released that year were. Or our personal favourites at least - some of our choices probably wouldn't make any other proper Best Of list.
    We've also invited some special guests to drop in with their favourites - on this episode you'll hear from: Andy Copping, the man who runs Download Festival and has been booking live acts in the UK for more years than we care to imagine; Rich Wilson, stand-up comedian and the podcaster behind the Insane In The Men Brain and Insane In The Fem Brain podcasts; and Carla & Zoe from Number One Rerun podcast who are another pair of podcasters looking back at pop culture from the past who love a terrible joke just as much as we do.
    We also asked our listeners for their top five lists before we recorded this episode and we've put up all the submissions we got on our website so you can see the sort of stuff that everyone else is into.
    This is part one of our top ten, the next episode will be our proper top fives so look out for that, but in the meantime enjoy this one and feel free to get in contact and tell us just how wrong we are about our choices.

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    S03E17 Bon Jovi 'Keep The Faith'

    S03E17 Bon Jovi 'Keep The Faith'

    It's Bon Jovi's big return after their 80s heyday - Jon Bon Jovi has cut off his big hair and the band has decided to go for a "more mature" sound in this post-grunge world of 1992. Great. Dave was a big fan of these guys in the 80s while Krister was a lot more ambivalent and had never heard this album before listening for the show. 
    But in between talking about Bon Jovi's more grown-up attitude and divergence from their poodle-pomp reputation we get the chance to mention albums by Ice Cube and Dr Dre and singles by the likes of Charles & Eddie, Wrexxx n Effect and U2 among many others.
    As always, you can listen to this episode's companion playlist featuring the whole Bon Jovi album and all the other songs we chat about on Spotify and hit us up on our Facebook and Twitter if you so fancy.

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    S03E16A Extra Bonus Episode - Full Interview With Andy Copping about Rage Against The Machine

    S03E16A Extra Bonus Episode - Full Interview With Andy Copping about Rage Against The Machine

    Extra bonus content for you lucky people - in our recent episode about Rage Against The Machine's debut album we are lucky enough to talk to Andy Copping, the man behind Download Festival and general rock music guru about his experiences and memories of the album and the band. We included about half of it in the episode for time limit reasons but here is the full thing to expand on some of the areas you'll have heard us talk about in there.You can hit Andy up on his twitter account and keep abreast of Download announcements on their one as well.

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    S03E16 Bonus Episode - Rage Against The Machine S/T

    S03E16 Bonus Episode - Rage Against The Machine S/T

    Yes yes yes, we know that this was never a number one UK album and therefore it doesn't fit our remit, but our podcast, our rules. Both Dave and Krister are such big fans of this album that we decided to do a full bonus episode on it to give it the props it deserves.
    And not only that but we were lucky enough to persuade the legendary man behind Download Festival, Andy Copping to come and talk to us about his recollections of the album coming out back in 1992 and all the times he's put the band on from his days of booking gigs at Nottingham Rock City up to getting them to headline Download in 2010. We've included about half of the full chat in this episode but we'll put the whole thing out by itself in a couple of days so that you can hear all of Andy's thoughts and stories.
    As always we'd love to hear your take on this album so please do get in contact via our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or email. And tickets for Download 2021 are on sale already so get on it and we'll see you there.

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5.0 out of 5
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5 Ratings

anaaki ,

OMG that theme song!

They had me at the first notes, who doesn't love the beat from Poison? Great theme song, great podcast. Love listening about music I grew up with.

Sera_Bears ,

You guys are great!

Gave this a listen today while working and it brought smiles and laughter the whole time! The hosts work well together and the audio is great. Loved listening to their thoughts, opinions, and they even made the facts fun! Fantastic job! This podcast will be staying in my rotation for sure!

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