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The Port Foward Podcast. We cover technology in ways other podcasts just can't quite touch. We describe every awesome and annoying feature we find in day to software.
Startups, Linux, Virtualization, Programming, getting the most out of Windows are just some of the may topics we cover.

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The Port Foward Podcast. We cover technology in ways other podcasts just can't quite touch. We describe every awesome and annoying feature we find in day to software.
Startups, Linux, Virtualization, Programming, getting the most out of Windows are just some of the may topics we cover.

    Show #35 | What Computers Can’t do

    Show #35 | What Computers Can’t do



    We’re back! It’s been over a year and Ben and Sam catch up.

    In 1997 Garry Kasparov lost to the chess playing computer: Deep Blue.

    The book is called Behind Deep Blue.
    Sam also mentions a book What Computers Can’t Do which discusses the RAMAC.
    CD-ROMs use forward error correction called Reed Solomon Error Correction
    Sam’s epic forensic software ISYS
    Epic search tool Everything.exe

    Music: Luminary – My World (Arksun Mix)
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    • 1 hr 40 min
    Show #34 | GLAZED Conf and Kyle Ellicott

    Show #34 | GLAZED Conf and Kyle Ellicott



    Interview with Kyle Ellicott, Founder of the Stained Glass Labs Incubator

    Kyle is an acomplished entreprenuer and jokingly says all he had to do to start his incubator was: “sign a piece of paper, call a few people and boom it happened!”.
    Everybody in the SF Area check out the GLAZED conference happening on SEPTEMBER 28-30, 2013.

    20% discount code: GLAZED
    Register for the FREE hackathon now!

    Here are some of the interview questions:

    Will wearable technology always need my smartphone?
    Do you think we will get to the point of a Brain-Computer interface being mainstream?
    Do you envision Bitcoin intersecting with wearable technology?
    Battery life / energy harvesting
    When you’re looking at startup teams, are you more concerned with the idea and story, or things they’ve already been able to execute?
    Does outsourcing turn you off when looking at startups?
    What is the most ridiculous “slide ware” you’ve ever seen?
    If somebody wanted to pitch to you, what would be the best approach?
    Did you go to college? if so did it prepare you for what you’re doing today?
    Who is one person who really influenced, your “Hero”?
    Ron Conway, Warren Buffett, Jim Cramer, Kyle’s Father and Grandfather
    (Cramer’s book: Confessions of a Street Addict)

    Call to action for anything you are excited about?

    Contact info for kyle:
    Stained Glass Labs Incubator

    After the interview Merrick shares a registration for https://codepub.org which we talked about in the last episode:
    Sign up for codepub today!
    Music: DC Breaks, Skism – Killer Ft. Dee Freer (Tantrum Desire Remix)
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    • 1 hr 15 min
    Show #33 BONUS | WHY YOU NO SHIP?

    Show #33 BONUS | WHY YOU NO SHIP?

    Ben and Sam Catch up in this week’s BONUS episode which was recorded moments after the end of show 33.
    We talk about Bitcoin and more. Also, Mike Shaw gives us epic feedback regarding Jump List parser code he’s posted.



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    • 42 min
    Show #33 | Snowden’s Rogue Drone

    Show #33 | Snowden’s Rogue Drone

    Ben David and Merrick catch up for a normal format podcast!



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    • 1 hr 48 min
    Show #32 | Meteor.js Hackathon

    Show #32 | Meteor.js Hackathon

    Coverage of Meteor.js Hackathon hash tag: #meteorhack. Ben and David go to a Hackathon and are Victorious! We take home a Meteor AR Drone 2.0 as a prize!


    Checkout metoer.js the best framework ever!
    Tumblr where Ben has at least 3 epic quotes. including “y = mx + b bitch!”
    Hackathon info
    Quadcopter that we won! If you buy this I 100% recommend you also buy upgraded ball bearings on E-bay for like 8 bucks.

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    • 46 min
    Show #31 | Bitcoin 2013

    Show #31 | Bitcoin 2013

    Coverage of Bitoin 2013 conference hash tag: #bitcoin2013.


    Photo Gallery from the show
    BitCoin ATM
    Video of Ben using the atm
    Conference talk – YouTube is Broken by Adam B Levine – Bitcoin
    Famous reporter / Bitcoin celebrity twitter.com/@KashHill
    @KashHill’s Forbes story, living on bitcoin for a week
    These two awesome guys donated and funded my trip:
    Ben Talks with https://twitter.com/@rBrumpton about copy on write and other nerdy stuff.
    Rich sent me this email:
    “I heard you talkin about how money was invented and I used the same narrative as you until a few months ago when I discovered David Greaber’s work. Turns out anthropologists have some real world knowledge that the academics didn’t know when the theorem was formulated.”
    ArticleBook: Debt: the first 5000 years
    Ben yells at people to put together a 1 year budget for a purely bitcoin funded startup. People don’t listen.
    Interview with Nick Meliones: https://twitter.com/@NicMeliones – His LinkedIn
    Nic’s current startup: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.purchace
    Accolades for winning the hackathon: http://blog.coinbase.com/post/50890389277/bitwall-winner-of-the-2013-bitcoin-conference
    Nic Mentions this article. The quote he was looking for was “Only 14 states require a high school course in Personal Finance.” http://visual.ly/united-states-financial-economic-literacy?view=true
    Here is a map of the same stats: USA Financial Education Requirements Map
    BitCoin sushi: BitCoin Sushi Blue Ocean Sushi

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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
11 Ratings

11 Ratings

CapwnD ,

Great tech podcast

The podcast moves right along and from what I heard follows their agenda well. Doesn't feel dry, very entheustac about what they are discussing.

EDIT: Came to review it again because there's some great stuff here. The episode "Break it down for me" was all over the place. You guys tackled many topics quickly, and I liked it. Not everything needs to be on a tight script, that was a great episode.

madison_mac_guy ,


Wish they didn't use so many swear words. Otherwise I would like it and would give it a higher rating.

tonk8764 ,

Fantastic show

Loads of perspective and insight with great topics and a fun cast - highly recommended!

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