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Helping women grow their online brand through photos that connect with their ideal client.

Posed for Success Brittany Bennion

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Helping women grow their online brand through photos that connect with their ideal client.

    What Got You Here Won't Get You There

    What Got You Here Won't Get You There

    Are you doing the same thing over and over in your business just not seeing the results that you want? Maybe you have found success. Maybe you have a viable offer. But what about growth? It’s something that we all seem to be chasing. Let's dive into what you need to understand in your business so that you can achieve growth. 
    If you’ve been following me on IG or are in my FB group, you may know that I'm about to move across the country. YES! It’s honestly a big deal for me and my family. Our house is filled with boxes and I’ve been sorting through what to keep and what to leave. This has been a pretty stressful time for us.
    But this is a good move for us. Really good. I’m excited in so many ways. We’ve been preparing for this moment for years and everything we’ve done for the past 5 years has lead up to this moment. 
    Yet, despite all of this amazingness, there have been so many times that I’ve thought to myself:

    “Maybe this isn’t a good idea.” 
    “This is going to be hard and your life is so good now, why do you want to change it?”
    “Who knows what’s going to happen after you move? You’ll have to start all over again. It may not be as great.”
    Now hold on a minute. Remember, I just told you that this move is great for my family. I KNOW this is the next step for us.

    So why do I get these thoughts in my head?

    I have a mentor who once said to me:

    “What got you here, won’t get you there.”   
    All of those crazy thoughts in my brain were telling me to stay where I was. To keep doing what I was doing. To play it safe.

    Are you getting upset in your business because you keep doing the same thing over and over again and yet, you aren’t seeing any different results? 
    If you are stressed, worn out, or frustrated that you cannot get traction with booking more clients, it comes down to this one factor. 

    Understanding that what got you here won’t get you there. 
    So start by thinking about where you are today. Whether you have found success or are just starting out or somewhere in between. Now think about where you were last year and ask yourself:

    "What have you done in a year’s time? Who have you served, what have you changed?"

    A lot of times we fail to look back on what we’ve done to see where we’ve really come. 
    What have you done in the past 12 months? Have you grown? Do you know what steps you took to get you here? Have you kind of floundered? That’s okay, it’s not the end of the world. But what have you NOT done that has kept you where you are? What haven’t you done that has prevented you from having that growth that you want?
    Let me give you an example of one of my clients. She and I were on a call about her business. She had laid out her current business model and what she was doing.  Then she told me about where she WANTED to go and what she WANTED to do. 

    All of a sudden you could feel the energy in the conversation shift. She knew that growth was vital to get her to where she wanted to be. When I asked her why she wanted to work with me now and what motivated her to take action now, she said, "I know myself. And I’m scared to do this big thing. But I also know that I want to take my business to the next level. To grow. To make money. To live my passion. To do what I love. And I know that I can’t get there by doing what it is I’m currently doing.” 

    She KNEW that she had to make a change in her life and business if she wanted to get to the next level.
    The same thing with me and move. I KNOW that doors and opportunities will be opened to me that I’ve never had before. And while I’m scared, I also know that I can still do it. And I know that if I stay doing exactly what I’m doing, I’m never going to get to where I really want to go. 
    And I know the same thing goes for you. What got you HERE, won’t get you THERE.  

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    Transform Your Brand Into A Successful Business

    Transform Your Brand Into A Successful Business

    We talk a lot about how to improve your personal brand. But do you want to get an insider’s look on HOW getting clear on your branding can actually move the needle in your business? In this episode, we are deep diving into the experience of one of my students from the Brand Builder’s Bootcamp. So you can see the exact transformation that it made on her and her business.
     When building a successful brand, what do you really need?
    Community - A group of women who are building their business online who understand what you are going through and what you are trying to do. Trying to do it by yourself will lead to despair and frustration. You don’t need to do that. Working with like minded women and following a roadmap will eliminate the stress and overwhelm that causes you to not be consistent and show up for your audience. 
    Roadmap - You may know what you want your brand to look like, but you may not know the steps to get from Point A to Point B. If you are ready to jump in with both feet and have the path to get you there, you need the roadmap that is found in Brand Builder’s Bootcamp.
    Mindset - Don’t be generic or worry about whether or not you’re doing it right. Understand that overcoming perfectionism is one of the best things that you can do for your business. People don’t need “perfect”. They just need the information that you put out into the world. 
    Putting up “B-” work is “A++++” compared to putting up nothing. Brand Builder’s Bootcamp is the key to stop getting stuck and to get out of the fear of creating content that connects with your ideal clients.
    Chelsea was able to go from unsure and insecure in her new position as content manager, to confident, consistent, and self-assured. All because she had the exact roadmap to get her there. I have seen the change in Chelsea's and many other of my students' business. 

    I want the same thing for you - I'd like to welcome you to Brand Builder's Bootcamp. Just like Chelsea, you’ll be joining a community of women who are building their brand and business online. Women who want to scale and succeed. Women who are ready to go to the next level and feel confident that they have the tools to get there by attracting their ideal clients. 

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    How to Create a Killer Profile Picture

    How to Create a Killer Profile Picture

    If you have a social media account, then you have one of these, but you may be using it the wrong way. Yes, we are talking all about profile pictures. I’m going to teach you the wrong and right way to create a killer profile picture.
    If you've listened to Episode 69 “Create an Instagram Bio That Converts” or Episode 70 “3 Reasons to Stop Using LinkTree Right Now”, you know that I’ve been doing a series regarding getting your instagram up to snuff. 

    I had a discussion with one of my business girlfriends about picture profiles. She said, “Brittany….my biggest pet peeve is people’s picture profiles. Most businesses’ picture profiles are terrible. There’s got to be something that we can do.”
    It sparked a conversation that I hadn’t really thought of before. In fact, many business owners don’t pay too much attention to it, but it’s super important to do.

    So how can you up-level your picture profile?
    1. Understand the Platform
    You have to understand the platform that you’re working with and the device that people are viewing your image on. Did you know that a whopping 83% of all social media content is viewed from a mobile device.  
    You need to recognize that you are working with very little real estate. So that should be a driving factor for you when determining your photo for your profile picture. It is vital for you to make sure that your image fills the frame. 
    2. Show your Face
    No more logos or photos of your cat or favorite social cause or children or anything else. When you are creating a personal brand, people need to connect with you. And that connection happens when you can look into someone’s eyes. 
    3. Have a Pleasant Look
    Make sure that you look pleasant in your photo. You will come off as more approachable. A pleasant look on your face is sure to build connection that much faster.

    *Now let me throw in a caveat. If your personal brand is 100% moody, artistic, or emotional, then you 100% need to have a photo like that. If you showed up with a super clean, perky, smiley photo….that would backfire on you. So please, make sure that it’s in line with your work and personal brand.

    4. Look the Way Your Normally Look
    Make sure that you look like your picture profile. This may mean that it’s time to update your photo. If someone were to sit down with you for a cup of coffee and then look you up on instagram, would you look the same or would they be confused? Remember, my favorite saying? A confused customer doesn’t buy.

    5. Careful with the Filters
    If you don’t know my honest opinion on filters, I’d like to invite you to listen to Episode 46: Should I Use Photo Filters. In a nutshell….steady….steady on the filters. They are usually hurting you more than helping you. And if you definitely want to use them, that’s okay. Just do it lightly...okay?
    6. Stay Consistent Across All Platforms
    Stay consistent with your picture profiles across all platforms. You need to understand how people are using social media. Most of the time, users will platform hop. You want to make it as easy as possible for them to find you no matter where you are. So keep your picture profiles consistent. 
    I’m excited to see what you end up doing with your picture profiles. Shoot me a DM on Instagram to show me what you've done!

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    The Mindset Behind Your Marketing with Stefanie Edwards

    The Mindset Behind Your Marketing with Stefanie Edwards

    Branding and marketing is more than just understanding your client and having the right colors. In fact, none of that matters if you aren’t consistently working on this one thing. Join me and my special guest, Stefanie Edward, as we dive into what is really holding you back in your business.
    When you’re building a business, you can focus on so many things. From marketing, to product development, to collaborations and more. But it doesn’t matter if you have the best strategy or marketing team in place. If you don’t have the right mindset, you’re not going to go anywhere.
    Mindset is what drives everything that you do in business and you have to take care of that brain space. Because ultimately, you are the one in the driver’s seat of your business. You are what sets your company apart from everyone else. If you are focused on negative or overwhelming thoughts, you won’t be in the place that you need to be to take action.
    And everyone who owns a business deals with this. Don’t think for one moment that you are the only one who gets paralized by fear of going live or discouraged by a “failed” launch. Even the biggest and greatest out there have to take the time to manage their mindset.
    Whatever you’re thinking about becomes your guiding compass. If you start off the day frustrated, tired, and angry, that will lead into the rest of your day and business. If you start off the day with gratitude and happiness, you will have a very different day. There isn’t anything wrong with either way. It’s just important that you are simply aware that you are in charge of your brain, rather than letting your brain drive you.
    You get to choose what happens in your life by how you think about it. That doesn’t mean that everything is happy and roses. There are many times that we should feel challenged and frustrated. It’s okay. But having that awareness of what your brain is thinking is key. Being aware of the thoughts that you’re having and why you want to have it will change everything. 
    Check out the episode to hear Stefanie’s 3 tips to have you gain that awareness of your mindset.

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    The 3 Types of Content You Must Create with Jess O'Connell

    The 3 Types of Content You Must Create with Jess O'Connell

    Content isn’t just content. If you are a business owner, you’re not an influence. Your content is your marketing. 
    Looking at creating content from an internal point of view may build connection, but it doesn’t build a business. It’s not marketing.
    Your biggest form of marketing is your content. Your content needs to not only attract people, but repel them.
    If you are struggling to attract your ideal audience, it’s probably because you are afraid to repel the people who aren’t. To create captivating content, you need to get over that fear of repelling people. 
    You do this by being polarizing and taking a stand against the status quo in your industry. 
    Ask yourself: What is the status quo in my industry norm that I totally don’t agree with?
    When you take a stand against this, it shows people who are struggling with this issue that YOU are the person for them. That’s what creates this magnetism, because you actually know what they are going through. You are showing that you are taking a stand against it.
    # 1 Have a polarizing Message
    #2 Create the content that builds you as the go to authority
     Content Buckets for your content to fall into:
    #1 Connection -  Find a point of connection through focusing on them, not you. Connection content builds true rapport. It allows people to think that you get them and know them. When sharing connection content, ask yourself, “What do I want to make them feel and how can I build connection, based on that feeling, through a shared experience?”
    #2 What To Do - A lot think that they are doing this, but you may be missing the mark. This is not “HOW TO” content. What ends up happening, is your content becomes a commodity. Instead, create “What to do”. You don’t need to show people that you know the steps, you need to show them that you have the authority to teach them the steps. When you give people the “What to Do” content, you are more likely to get them to where they want to go.
    #3 Belief Busting Content - There’s nothing that will build your authority more than helping people change their mind. This type of content helps remove the roadblocks that people are having. It points out the mistakes, misbeliefs, and misconceptions that are keeping them stuck and showing them the other side.
    The Launch Fix Podcast
    The Launch Checklist
    Jess O’Connell
    Hang out with Jess on IG 

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    3 Reasons to Stop Using Linktree Right Now

    3 Reasons to Stop Using Linktree Right Now

    Are you using Linktree in your Instagram Profile or anywhere else? It’s time for you to understand why that is hurting your business and brand. In today’s episode, I will teach you what’s wrong with doing this, and what you should be doing instead.
    What is Linktree?
    Linktree is a social website that allows you to easily create clickable links from a single page for your social media. 
    Linktree, or any other third party linking app, does a really good job of making it easy to send your audience to a single link and then let them explore a lot of offers or options. It’s the link that keeps giving.
    So why should you stop using it?
    Because it’s not helping you as much as you think it does and here are 3 reasons why:
    Why it’s not helping you
    Traffic is directed to Linktree, not your websiteWhen you have potential clients going to a linktree address you are missing out on valuable hits to your website. This affects your SEO rankings and so much more. Plus, you don’t have the chance to entice your audience to stay on your website and explore more.

    In the free version of Linktree, you only have access to 5 different themes. And chances are, they don't align with your branding. At the end of the day, when you have been busting your tail off to have a curated look, brand, feel, and vibe, why would you throw that all away using the most important link on your instagram profile to direct people to some place other than your website?

         2. You don’t have access to in depth analytics
    Unless you’re willing to pay a monthly fee, you lose all of that valuable information that you would normally get if they had landed on your website. A website that you’re already paying for. 
    Linktree will only let you see the number of times someone clicked on your links. And they don’t even tell you which ones. That means you have no way of knowing which links are performing well unless you pay for the premium version.

         3. Instagram views Linktree as spam
    Yes, you heard that right. Instagram doesn’t recognize lintree links as anything other than spam. This means that your links aren’t google searchable, but more importantly, if Instagram decides to shut down a linktree link, they can do it. Without your permission, without notice, anytime, anywhere. And if you’re like me, you’re not checking on the status of your IG bio link every day. Who knows when the link may have gone down or how many leads you might have lost because of this.
    In fact, this happened just a few months ago. Linktree was involved in a data breach and instagram instantly shut down those links in people’s profiles. Trying to protect their own users, Instagram gave no warning, and many accounts were completely shut down. Not just that the link in their bio no longer worked, but that the entire instagram account and profile were flagged as compromised and shut down. 
    If your business is heavily dependent on your social media, why would you risk having everything you’ve worked for get taken away just because you wanted to use a linktree account? Now, I always advise my clients in Brand Builder’s Bootcamp that you shouldn’t build your entire business on IG, because you don’t own the users, followers, or app. And that means you have no control. It’s like building your business on a glass foundation. Something that I definitely wouldn’t recommend. 
    What you can do instead?
    So what do you do instead? You can create your own social link page on your website. The premise behind what linktree does is fairly simple. It’s just a webpage that houses a bunch of clickable buttons. 
    And creating your own is one of the easiest things that you can do. Plus, you can create a page that provides a much better user experience for your audience. From a branded look, to&

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27 Ratings

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