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Helping women grow their online brand through photos that connect with their ideal client.

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Helping women grow their online brand through photos that connect with their ideal client.

    How to Grow Beyond Your Audience with Lisa Simone Richards

    How to Grow Beyond Your Audience with Lisa Simone Richards

    Lisa says that growing beyond your audience is vital to the life of your business.
    Clients will say, "I feel like I'm constantly creating content for social media, but I'm not seeing it convert. I'm not getting more sales. I feel like I'm doing things over and over on this hamster wheel."
    Lisa tells them, "There is a huge difference between content and visibility content.
    It is so important that we're showing up, that our audience can get to know us, but we have to remember that content is only seen by the people who already follow us."
    Our content nurtures the people who are already there, but a visibility strategy will help us to grow and bring more people into our ecosystem.

    Lisa says that you can grow your audience using paid ads, but that can get expensive very quickly. 
    Instead of worrying about FB/IG ads, you can get your name out there and be more visible by borrowing other people's audiences.
    This is called "earned media". Lisa says this essentially, "leverages other people's platforms showing up with value so that you can get access to their audience.
    Many entrepreneurs aren't utilizing earned media. But this is one of the fastest and least expensive ways to grow your audience. 
    Earned media can be something as simple as guesting on someone's podcast or in a group, writing an article or going live with another contemporary in your field.

    ABC's of Audience Growth

    A: Awareness - Get in front of the person who has the ability to hand over their credit card.
    B: Build Buzz - Get a lot of people talking about you and your launch, product, upcoming offer, service. This isn't just you posting about it once, this is over and over again from many people.
    C: Credibility - Build credibility so that your name is being said in the right circles by the right people. You want to be seen as the "go-to" person to solve their probelm.
    Learn even more by listening to the episode or by connecting with Lisa below.

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    5 Ways You May Be Ruining Your Personal Brand

    5 Ways You May Be Ruining Your Personal Brand

    Want to know more about the dark side of personal branding? What about the ways in which you might be ruining your personal brand?

    Here are 5 ways you may be ruining your personal brand.
    Maybe you are doing some of these things and don’t realize they are actually hurting your brand. Jump on in and see how you can stop doing this and start seeing results.
    You Don't Have a Strategy
    Every successful brand you see has a strategy. No one is just crossing their fingers that the things they are doing in business are just going to work. Even if we allowed for some serendipitous moments in our business, that’s really not a long term strategy.
    Every business that is growing has a strategy behind it. They have systems in place that get their future clients to start thinking about their problems differently and showing them that perhaps their company has the solution. They are coming up with ways to engage and serve their current clients at a higher level. With different offerings and ways to work with them. All of this is a strategy. All of the content and marketing that they are doing has a purpose. 
    Posting everyday is not a strategy. If you are not leading your audience along on a journey, if you are just posting for posting’s sake, that’s going to make your business run in circles and get you nowhere. 
    If you do not have a clear understanding of the what and why behind the content you’re creating, you are not going to get to where you want to go. The simpler your strategy is, the better. Make sure to understand and be intentional with the content you are creating in order to help convert your audience from passive listeners to active customers. 
    You Don’t Know Your Audience
    If you are speaking to everyone, no one is going to listen. I absolutely love working with my one on one clients to get down to the core of who their audience is. Everytime we are able to go just a little bit deeper. Sometimes you think that you know your audience, but if you’re not getting feedback from people saying that they are loving your content, then you aren’t getting specific enough with your audience. You can always, always go deeper in understanding who it is that you are trying to serve and speak to.
    When you know your audience, everything in your business changes. You can then cater your offers to them, speak to them on a whole new level, create content that turns them into raving fans and more!
    You Are Confusing Your Customers
    If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times….a confused client doesn’t buy.
    Confusion on the simplest level can really hurt your brand. Which is why I teach you how to have brand consistency in your content and visuals in my online course, Brand Builder’s Bootcamp. 
    If you're constantly confusing your audience by not being consistent with your message and visuals they will seek out a more clear and consistent brand.
    You Are Copying Other People
    This can show up in a few different ways.
    The first is that you are copying someone else’s content and posting it directly on your page. Even if you have permission and/or give credit to them, this is not helping your business. It is setting them up as the brand authority and taking that authority away from you. 
    Another way is copying other people's ideas or content and presenting it as your own. Not only is this in bad taste, but it’s taking away your power and your authority in the field. 
    Content is no longer king, original content is. So trust yourself, step into power and create your own original content out of your own origi
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    The 5 Levels of Brand Recognition

    The 5 Levels of Brand Recognition

    Understanding your customer journey is key to growing your business and making more sales. But do you understand what stage your general audience is in? And how can you move them along faster?
    There are 5 levels of brand recognition to understand in order to be intentional with your content creation. Think of these levels as a ladder to scale climbing upwards. 
    Brand Rejection
    The lowest level of brand recognition is where people not only don’t recognize you but they flat out reject you. This is where people have some sort of negative associations with your brand - they're 100% trying to avoid your company. 
    Perhaps this is caused by a bad experience or bad press. Either way, you don’t want to be on this level with your audience. 
    Brand Non-Recognition
    Brand non-recognition is where you are just another face in a crowd and no one knows about you. People don’t recognize your brand or understand anything about it. Therefore they cannot take action with you. 
    If you are not gaining traction in your business, perhaps you are stuck on this level. I teach in Brand Builder’s Bootcamp how to move out of this level so that you can be seen and heard. This is where branding starts to shine!
    Transitioning from brand non-recognition to brand recognition is a huge step that comes through consistency, repeating your core messages, and your visual brand elements.
    Brand Recognition
    This level is where customers are actually recognizing you. They recognize your brand. They can differentiate you from your competition. At this stage you know what makes you different, you know what sets you apart, and you are able to convey that confidently and consistently in your messaging and your content.
    Brand Preference
    The next level of brand recognition is brand preference. This is where your audience actively chooses you and your offers over the competition. This is where you're no longer competing on price, but rather the unique offer you have. 
    This comes from having great systems and processes in place - excellent customer service, and results that other people can see.
    Brand Loyalty
    The final level of brand recognition is brand loyalty. This is where your audience keeps coming back to your brand no matter what - even if they’ve had a bad experience with you. They love you so much they are willing to forgive your mistakes. 
    You may not be perfect, but you’ve created a fanbase. These are your super fans. This is the ultimate level that we want to take our people to when it comes to brand recognition. This stage shows you are really honed in on the needs and wants of your audience and you can deliver results time and time again. 
    Check out the episode to learn more about what to do in each of these levels in your business.
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    How to Use Comedy to Drive Brand Awareness

    How to Use Comedy to Drive Brand Awareness

    Shelby & Kristina, both professionally trained comedic actresses, started making comedy videos "just for fun" in 2015. What started out as a passion project turned into a career, when various brands & businesses started approaching them for custom video content. Although content creation is no longer just a hobby, Shelby & Kristina still bring that same sense of fun to every project they tackle, leaving their clients with something truly unique. They handle every aspect of production from ideation to editing; a one-stop shop for all of your video content needs.
    Understand that one of the best ways to connect your brand with your audience is relatability. You want your product to be relatable so people can see that it will serve them in their lives. The driving factor of comedy is relatability. 
    When you are able to bring comedy into your content, you are able to be a little more vulnerable which allows you to double down on that connection and relatability.
    Your content should do one of three things:
    EducateInspireEntertainWhen you use comedy in your content, you can easily hit all three of these targets. 
    What if you are fearful of adding comedy in your brand?

    Sometimes as women, we are much more aware of how people perceive us in business. We are fighting to balance fun and professionalism and it can feel very vulnerable. “When using comedy,” Shelby says, “you really have to let your guard down. You have to climb over that wall. You have to be vulnerable to show that you're not perfect. That you don't have it all together and that you make mistakes too.”
    “But when you can laugh with someone, that’s the biggest bonding factor there is.”
    Kristina says, “You should push yourself! Take that creative risk, because there is such a payoff when you go outside of the box.” She says that it can actually help your audience to respect you more because you are being so creative.
    How to start using comedy videos in your brand?
    Listen. Understand your audience. What are their needs? What problems do they have?Brainstorm. Get all of your ideas out. Nothing is off the table.Plan. Script it out. What tools are you going to use? What’s your budget? Who, what, when, where will you create this?Create. Record and put everything into action. Actually do the thing!Edit. Make sure to go back and edit things together so you can tell the right story.We may think that you have to be spontaneous and off the cuff in order to be funny, but Kristina says that the opposite is true. “If you are thoroughly and deeply prepared, then you have the flexibility to sort of play around in the moment.”
    The best advice that Shelby and Kristina have for you?
    Check out the blog for more....
    Connect with Shelby + Kristina
    Take 2 Content
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    5 Mistakes You're Making With Your Website Images

    5 Mistakes You're Making With Your Website Images

    It's time to make sure that your website is optimized for sales. This begins with your images. Learn more about how to uplevel your website and make sure you aren't making one of these 5 mistakes with your website images.


    Music: Higher Up by Shane Ivers - https://www.silvermansound.com
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    The Ebbs and Flows of Your Business

    The Ebbs and Flows of Your Business

    As an entreprenuer, do you feel like you always have to be on and going. That's not how the nature of the world works and you shouldn't either.

    In today's episode, we talk about what it means to have Ebbs and Flows in your business (and even breaks).

    Listen in to learn more about how to structure your time and energy so that you can drop the overwhlem, guilt, and shame.

    To learn more check out the blog:

    Music: Higher Up by Shane Ivers - https://www.silvermansound.com
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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
34 Ratings

34 Ratings

mindizone ,

Brittany is wicked smart!

If you’re an entrepreneurial woman trying to get started or reach the next level in your business, you MUST be subscribed to Brittany’s podcast. She’s wicked smart when it comes to sharing what you need to know and simplifying the complexity around starting and growing a business.

As a guest on her show, I really enjoyed our conversation about LinkedIn and how to make it as easy as possible either to get started or jumpstart their LinkedIn strategy.

She’s also a fantastic podcast host and makes the process simple from start-to-finish, plus she’s incredibly fun to talk with. I wanted to just stay on and have a chat after our conversation.

I’m excited to dive into her show and listen to the other episodes because I’m already hooked!

Kimbergail ,

This girl gets it!!

Brit is great at what she does, she really knows her stuff. She even taught me how to ditch the double chin in my headshots. Her information is tried and true and relevant!!!

Lyndseyvs ,

Brittany just knows her stuff and makes it easy

Social media and personal branding feels so much easier, quicker and just not nearly as intimidating with Brittany’s approach. Listen and you won’t be sorry

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