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Together we are stronger! Here, we get to ask the questions about about how to excel and thrive in the insurance industry as a POWER Woman in this space.

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Together we are stronger! Here, we get to ask the questions about about how to excel and thrive in the insurance industry as a POWER Woman in this space.

    The Power of Niches with Crystal Fox

    The Power of Niches with Crystal Fox

    In this episode of Power Women In Insurance, Teresa Kitchens sits down with Crystal Fox, Founder and Creator of Beauty Queen Insurance. Crystal is a new insurance producer who has decided to niche into the Beauty industry and has done a great job building her book and connecting with her clients.

    Episode Highlights:

    Crystal shares that her journey in the past year has been a whirlwind of growth and figuring out carrier services and state regulations and that permanent makeup is a bulk of their business, but it requires a lot of work due to different state regulations. (1:43)

    Crystal emphasizes the importance of meeting certain requirements such as completing 40 hours of training and five models to obtain insurance coverage for PMU services. (3:06)

    Crystal discusses how she manages the growth of her insurance business while creating standard operating procedures and emphasizing the importance of asking the right questions during initial customer communication. (13:53)

    Crystal explains the importance of honesty, and accuracy in filling out forms in the insurance industry. (19:50)

    Crystal mentions that private Facebook groups brought in a lot of business and that referrals played a key role in their growth. (27:59)

    Crystal shares that she plans to do more educational and engaging content using live videos and reels on social media to inform potential customers about creating LLCs and business structures. (33:56)

    Crystal mentions that she utilizes private Facebook groups to stay informed about new trends and services industry to provide quality service and remain competitive. (38:38)

    Crystal advises beauty professionals to have comprehensive insurance coverage that covers their personal and business needs, including all the services they offer. (45:17)

    Key Quote:
    “You put yourself out there, you tried. Maybe it didn't work, but that doesn't mean something else won't. So you keep trying.” - Crystal Fox

    Resources Mentioned:

    Crystal Fox LinkedIn

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    Nurturing New Producers and Navigating New Territory With New Producer Kaleigh Kitchens

    Nurturing New Producers and Navigating New Territory With New Producer Kaleigh Kitchens

    In this episode of Power Women In Insurance, Teresa Kitchens sits down with Kaleigh Kitchens, Sales Executive at Sterling Insurance Group.

    Kaleigh and Teresa have a series chronicling her first year in the insurance industry. She was licensed in Feb 2022 and she is at the halfway point of her State Auto Commercial Training Program. They discuss her struggles, the challenges of working with family, and the experience of being a remote producer in a virtual agency.

    Episode Highlights:

    Kaleigh shares the highlights of her first year in the insurance industry. (2:55)

    Kaleigh mentions that each generation handles relationships, especially business relationships, differently, and adapting that in her role has been interesting. (5:06)

    Kaleigh shares her strategy for handling everything she had to accomplish for her CLCS exam, as well as how she digests all of the information, knowledge, and particularly the insurance terminology. (8:28)

    Kaleigh believes that the Auto State program has significantly helped her in building confidence and in her ability to communicate with a business owner. (11:54)

    Kaleigh explains that schedule blocking has helped her become more comfortable with her personal and professional schedules, allowing her to be more productive while working remotely for the agency. (20:14)

    Kaleigh discusses the most difficult aspect of her first year in the industry and how she dealt with it. (31:27)

    Kaleigh explains that understanding what keeps the client up at night is important because it lets you get out of your own way and have a good conversation with clients. (35:31)

    Kaleigh mentions that now that she's halfway through the State Auto program, she's thrilled to go more into marketing, the Chamber of Commerce, a little bit more outsourcing, and connecting with more young professionals in Denver. (40:14)

    Kaleigh discusses her most recent challenge and how having an icebreaker that isn't related to commercial insurance to first bring up with a business owner that adds value to them has been a game changer. (44:40)

    Kaleigh believes that the most significant developments in business right now are a wave of casualty, comfort, and a more natural relationship rather than the stereotypical suit and tie. (48:59)

    Kaleigh discusses the moment she made her first solid sale and how she felt about it. (51:18)

    Kaleigh discusses the importance of getting yourself ready and prepared for the day. (55:10)

    Key Quotes:

    “I'm not going to say I'm perfect. I'm not going to say I'm all-knowing by any means. I know probably 10% of each industry. But I wouldn't even know that 10% if it weren't for those steps that the state Auto Program put me through.” - Kaleigh Kitchens, CLCS

    “The industry itself is really robust and the fact that commercial lines specifically is working with countless other industries that you need to know the specialties of, and the ins and outs of in order to be a good agent for your client has forced me to be on top of my feet and to be aware of my surroundings and to take information in wherever I can.” - Kaleigh Kitchens, CLCS

    “Since I was virtual since I am also working with two different CRM systems through State Auto program and through Sterling, I feel like it just took me a while to get my butt into shape, just organize myself and figure out how to do so. And now that I figured that out, on top of the confidence of believing in myself, I feel like the possibilities are going to be limitless.” - Kaleigh Kitchens, CLCS

    Resources Mentioned:

    Kaleigh Kitchens, CLCS LinkedIn

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    Embracing The Future To Build Healthy Agencies with Jason Cass

    Embracing The Future To Build Healthy Agencies with Jason Cass

    In this episode of Power Women In Insurance, Teresa Kitchens sits down with Jason Cass, Founder of Agency Intelligence. Jason and Teresa talk about technology and how agencies can embrace it for a smoother operating office.

    Episode Highlights:

    Jason shares his journey and how, over the last five to ten years, he has truly settled into who he is in the insurance world. (2:11)

    Jason believes that his 2015 book "Customer Service Is Just For Play" is still relevant today, except that the tools mentioned in the book now use technology. (5:11)

    Jason discusses how he came up with the concept for IndieTech 2023, where agents can come to find the technology that is right for their business. (8:30)

    Jason explains that with AI technology inside their browser, people don't need API’s, integrations, or to go from one program. (13:06)

    Teresa discusses why agents must be forward-thinking, particularly when it comes to technology that bridges the gap between speed and information availability. (14:58)

    Jason explains that embracing AI technology is not a bad thing because it will improve what people do and make things easier. (16:49)

    Jason discusses the different activities planned particularly for IndieTech carriers and vendors at IndieTech 2023. (19:46)

    Jason explains how he creates a conference environment that isn't too overwhelming for agents. (21:38)

    Jason discusses Mitch Gibson and Krista Kautz's IndieSales for Young Agents agenda for the first day of IndieTech 2023. (25:13)

    Teresa mentions that one of her main goals is to be able to build a great agency where her staff and clients are happy and fulfill their goals. (32:18)

    Jason explains how easy technology can be. (34:12)

    Jason discusses how and where to find out more about the IndieTech 2023 conference and how to register. (36:59)

    Key Quotes:

    “When we did Agents Influence, it is important to know, this is still my motto and slogan today: It's to create forward changing momentum in the greatest industry God ever created by giving a voice to those who have no voice.” - Jason Cass

    “You've got to be an insurance agent, you've got to know what's going on to make and create software. So what we are seeing, we're starting to see a lot of independent agents who are making software for us.” - Jason Cass

    “AI is going to help you, it's going to know what you're doing and where you're going to be going. And it's going to be built right into your browser. It's going to be your buddy that's going to help you every day. I promise, it's coming and it's not far away.” - Jason Cass

    Resources Mentioned:

    Jason Cass LinkedIn

    IndieTech 2023

    Agency Intelligence

    Virtual Intelligence

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    Hiring Right Makes All The Difference With Jessica Klatt

    Hiring Right Makes All The Difference With Jessica Klatt

    In this episode of Power Women In Insurance, Teresa Kitchens sits down with Jessica Klatt, Founder of Be Industries. They talk about how she helps business owners to find the right applicants to hire and she even goes one step further by helping to build a more effective team.

    Episode Highlights:

    Jessica shares how her career started and what led her to start her own company. (1:59)

    Jessica discusses how AcuMax differs from other tools and how Be Industries helps businesses build better teams. (5:28)

    Jessica explains that one of the most difficult challenges that company owners or hiring managers face in order to be successful is leadership. (13:56)

    Teresa discusses how to be a better leader while working with your team. (21:51)

    Teresa discusses how important it is to make sure your team enjoys working together and how each person works with the others to be able to work in their own love language. (24:47)

    Jessica expresses her desire for everyone in the world to be able to have the level of self awareness to truly let go of control and let go of our ego. (26:55)

    Teresa shares what inspired her to build an environment that is focused on the possibility of success. (32:26)

    Jessica mentions that if company owners start to understand our leadership traits, as well as their employees' leadership qualities, they will begin to discover how to empower them to be their self-led selves. (34:23)

    Teresa discusses that as the industry's culture changes, we must ensure that we are hiring the right people and loving them in the right way because our people are the biggest resource in a company. (37:47)

    Key Quotes:

    “The foundation of a business is leadership, communication and culture, right? And it settles on purpose. So, if you think about layers like that, leadership is so important.” - Jessica Klatt

    “If we can start to understand our leadership qualities, and also the leadership qualities of our staff, that's a love language. We start to learn how to empower them to be their self-led selves.” - Jessica Klatt

    “If I'm acquiring the business and the staff, and they were not taught to lead themselves, what am I actually buying? So now you're putting yourself right into the thick of the fire. And you will have to start over, I promise you, you will have to do a lot of hard work.” - Jessica Klatt

    Resources Mentioned:

    Jessica Klatt LinkedIn

    Be Industries, LLC

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    Increasing Sales Through Intentionality with Vira Egli

    Increasing Sales Through Intentionality with Vira Egli

    In this episode of Power Women In Insurance, Teresa Kitchens sits down with Vira Egli, an insurance industry advocate. They discuss how to intentionally structure the agency for success.

    Episode Highlights:

    Vira believes that what is missing in some agencies is that people do not bring the same level of excitement that they have in other aspects of their life to the thing that puts food on the table. (3:27)

    Vira discusses the significance of having your own voice on social media. (6:22)

    Vira mentions that she and her husband have a company that focuses on ensuring that entrepreneurs put themselves into their businesses. (9:14)

    According to Vira, if your business cannot run without you, your procedures have not yet been solidified, and your staff has not been given the freedom to function. (19:07)

    Vira explains that having a sales process helps generate new leads as well as get the cancellations list back on the books. (22:32)

    Vira shares how she reacts when individuals come back to her and say, "I'm too busy," when she's attempting to reclaim a client. (25:35)

    Vira mentions that we must get rid of all of the old society's cultural expectations that women have to do everything. (33:54)

    Vira mentions that they have many female clients that are the breadwinners in their relationship. (35:46)

    Vira explains how to use your process to empower and lift up your agents. (49:05)

    Vira recommends that if you're going to start an agency, you need to have some reserves because it is a lengthy game. (54:28)

    Key Quotes:

    “If your business can't function without you, your processes are still not solidified. And your people have not been given the freedom to function either.” - Vira Egli

    “What's really interesting is that we have so many female clients who are the breadwinners in the relationship. And I just love seeing that.” - Vira Egli

    “If you're going to start an agency, have some reserves because this is a long game.” - Vira Egli

    Resources Mentioned:

    Vira Egli LinkedIn

    Insurance Solutions AMIA

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    From Receptionist to Sales And Tech Guru With Brittany Miranda

    From Receptionist to Sales And Tech Guru With Brittany Miranda

    In this episode of Power Women In Insurance, Teresa Kitchens sits down with Brittany Miranda, Marketing and Commercial Insurance Agent at All Nevada Insurance - Arbeli Agency. They talk about how she has only been in the industry for three years but she has become an invaluable member of The Arbeli Group and how she serves other agencies along the same path.

    Episode Highlights:

    Brittany discusses her experiences before entering the insurance industry and what led her to The Arbeli Group. (1:27)

    Brittany mentions that she likes marketing but didn't realize how much she loves it until she got into insurance. (5:23)

    Brittany explains how the Monday.com project management software has changed her job and the way she interacts with clients. (8:50)

    Brittany discusses how using Monday.com helped her clients settle in and helps the agency owner keep track of what their team is doing. (12:55)

    Brittany mentions that as a member of the sales team, the biggest way a project management software has benefited her is that she can keep notes on how to do specific sales procedures within the software. (17:27)

    Brittany mentions she has been in the business for three years and began as someone who handled phones and completed a few service requests before growing into the marketing and sales role that she is now. (34:27)

    Teresa explains that one of the benefits of being an independent agent is having the freedom to make your own decisions. (38:34)

    Brittany mentions that having an agency owner that is flexible and listens to her wants has only helped her improve. (39:19)

    Brittany explains how she communicates with Cassidy Arbeli, the agency owner about potential development opportunities for the agency. (42:35)

    Brittany discusses what it's like to be completely remote and what she enjoys about it. (47:39)

    Brittany shares how important it is for agency owners to create a safe space for their employees, and how The Arbeli Group has created that safe space for her. (50:14) 

    Key Quotes:

    “I do dabble in the sales when I'm able to. And the best way that it has helped me is that I can actually keep notes in monday.com on how to do certain sales processes.” - Brittany Miranda

    “I feel like with people who do want to grow and have that mindset of wanting to try new things, it’s helpful having someone who's flexible above you to allow you to explore that.” - Brittany Miranda

    “If agency owners can just create a safe space for their employees, I feel like it makes all the world of difference.” Brittany Miranda

    Resources Mentioned:

    Brittany Miranda LinkedIn

    All Nevada Insurance - Arbeli Agency

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Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
19 Ratings

19 Ratings

Heartfelt Mamas ,

Loving this podcast

I just discovered the Power Women in Insurance Podcast and loving it. The Sexism in the Insurance Industry is actually what caught my eye and made me start listening.

My clients are female insurance agency owners and female agents and this podcast speaks to all of struggles I hear from them.

Can’t wait to binge more episodes.

Elise_83 ,

Love this podcast!!

I love this podcast and how it supports women in insurance! It gives us space to support each other and learn each other’s stories! Teresa is a great host and the episodes are always conversational and encouraging!

adjunctadvisors ,

More, please!

Thank you for holding the space to share these stories - we do not have to journey alone and your conversations are proof of that. Keep going!

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