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Strategy for Your Real Estate Business

    Albert Vasquez on Building a Team through Patience, Tenacity, and Creative Thinking

    Albert Vasquez on Building a Team through Patience, Tenacity, and Creative Thinking

    Albert Vasquez sits down with Lee to talk about his journey and his real estate team, AV Home Experts based in the Miami area.
    Albert has had an unusual path to building the team, but he's done it methodically by being consistent while still iterating and evolving over time.
    The team has recently been recognized by NAHREP and made the Real Trends list.
    Albert talks about how making the journey as a real estate family and having shared growth (and the shared struggle!) and celebrating wins together. He is excellent at helping agents find their why and building a business and lifestyle that works for them - it looks different for different people.
    Growth can be different for everyone and he uses that to lead the team. One big win for one of his agents was just taking a month off.
    "Success can be measured by different metrics, and it's not just the money," says Albert.
    As a team leader, it can be a challenge to keep everyone engaged and motivated. Albert is also a creative thinker and that's been a huge differentiator for everything from recruiting to lead generation.
    Albert - though he is very Operations-minded - he has just added a dedicated Operations Manager. We talk on why he feels he still needs an Ops manager and his vision for the future of his company - and how that's evolved over time.
    You can learn more about Albert or connect with him or the team at https://www.avhomeexperts.com/

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    Judy Weiniger on Building a People First Brand in her Community

    Judy Weiniger on Building a People First Brand in her Community

    After successfully growing her own brand and team under a national brand’s shingle since 2003, Judy Weiniger knew it was time to step out on her own. Weiniger Realty, an independent, client-focused, and community real estate brokerage in Central New Jersey, opened its doors in 2017. They have an amazing culture and are constantly growing as people and agents and have a ton of fun along the way!
    Judy always loved building a business that was bigger than her and always used the name The Weiniger Group - even when it was just her and an assistant. Weiniger Realty today stands at 16 agents staff too and growing.
    She loves her role now helping her agents expand their businesses with a focus on expanding geographically and building THEM as the local community experts.
    Her clarity of model and brand has fueled her success - but ultimately executing is what bring success. Try stuff, fail, measure, and try again!
    And also just being proud of what you've built - this is what we do - and learning to enjoy the success you have as it comes!
    Her motto is Smarts and Hearts - Being intentional and positive as a brand!
    She also recommends focusing on working a niche - a focus on one area and being powerful in your message. We work here, live here, play here and support the businesses here. "This is the town that I know," says Judy.
    And NOW she's working to teach her other agents to do the same for neighboring areas.
    Branding and community marketing - Judy was early into Community Videos - and you can see great examples of her work or connect with her in the links below:
    Community videos at: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrFqMn09B1MQL3nT_qX7jFVZNUfYUjBMh
    Judith Weiniger has been a successful real estate broker for over 2 decades. In 2017 Weiniger Realty opened its doors as a collaborative, high-value, client-focused real estate offering serving Central New Jersey.
    "We love being our clients' trusted real estate guide. At Weiniger Realty, WE are on the real estate journey right alongside our buyers and sellers! Weiniger real estate professionals are very knowledgable about our local market trends and values, and leverage the power of video, social media, and use cutting-edge technology to benefit our clients.
    Judy is a national speaker and teacher on the topics of innovative video, digital and social media marketing, community content creation, personal and business brand building, and putting humanity back into the real estate sales experience. She was named Social Media and Community Real Estate Video Influencer in North America.
    “Our community is the heart and soul of why someone would want to come live here. Showcasing that is my passion.”, Weiniger says. "I live here, work here, and love it here!" Judy resides in Warren, NJ with her husband David and has 3 grown children.

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    Stephanie Lanier on Making Hard Decisions to Build a Strong Business

    Stephanie Lanier on Making Hard Decisions to Build a Strong Business

    Hear from Stephanie Lanier, the Team Leader of Lanier Property Group on how she built a powerful team in Wilmington, NC. Stephanie is an excellent Leader and she has built a fantastic business.
    She got into Real Estate in 2012, and very quickly become her own brokerage. Ultimately, she merged with Intracoastal Properties brokerage in 2020 and pivoted back to a team, and never looked back. They have built an incredibly strong culture around self-care, work-life rhythm, and trust.
    Join Stephanie and Lee as they talk about her company's evolution, knowing your role, and trusting in others. They also cover leadership, accountability, and encouragement, as well as being there for people, and retaining agents and employees.
    Stephanie also runs a company called The Inspiration Lab - an authentic place for women to learn and be inspired by one another. They help women foster meaningful connections through live events, online workshops, and original workbooks.
    Here's one of the many free documents Stephanie shares on being a great leader and how to better encourage your people: https://www.theinspirationlab.co/deets-on-peeps
    You can learn more about the Inspiration Lab: https://www.theinspirationlab.co/
    And more about Lanier Property group: https://www.lanierpropertygroup.com/
    Stephanie Lanier is the leader of Lanier Property Group, an award-winning real estate team at Intracoastal Realty in Wilmington, North Carolina. She is a winner of the North Carolina Association of REALTORS® Rising Star Award and was named to Wilmington’s Power 100 list in both 2019 and 2020. Also in 2020, Stephanie was selected as one of America’s Top 100 Real Estate Agents in North Carolina and received the Cape Fear CREW Award of Excellence for her dedication to advancing the careers of women in real estate. She was previously chosen as one of Wilmington’s Most Intriguing People and voted Best Real Estate Agent by the StarNews. She was also named to StarNews Media’s inaugural “40 Under 40” list in 2019. 
    Stephanie is firmly invested in her hometown of Wilmington, North Carolina, named one of the South’s best coastal towns. She holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of North Carolina Wilmington. Her commitment to the local community includes founding The Inspiration Lab, a community that provides teaching, tools, and connection for working women. Stephanie is particularly passionate about empowering women who want to grow their real estate businesses and those who own or want to start a small business. In 2019, Lanier Property Group and The Inspiration Lab teamed up to host a women’s conference in Wilmington with an entire day devoted to real estate and marketing. Hundreds of marketers, real estate agents, and REALTORS® from across the U.S. and Canada attended.

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    Nat Ferguson on Growth through a Key Hire

    Nat Ferguson on Growth through a Key Hire

    Hear from Nat Ferguson, broker/owner of Ferguson Realty in Seal Beach, CA. Nat has run a boutique brokerage for a long time, but only recently found the key to focused growth.
    The pandemic was actually a blessing in disguise. Nat HAD a boutique brokerage before that but was really tested when he lost much of his sales team. It just accelerated the inevitable but forced him to make some choices and get real about the gaps in his company.
    Nat realized the pain in the business had finally overwhelmed his stubbornness for success and he took action. For him, that was hiring a consultant to help him through a key hire. The key was he found the right company for the right help he needed in this phase of his company.
    The right move for him was to hire an Administrative Assistant - but also put in the work, to really get the role right as well as the full process prior to posting the position. This really helped Nat have clarity on the role too, so when he was interviewing, he was really clear on who he did (and didn't) want for this role.
    Nat lays out some of the key training areas he covered to onboarding this key hire the right way.
    The results in their production over the last year speaks for itself - Nat learned that the right pieces at the right time, has really paid dividends.
    Learn more about Nat or connect with him at https://www.fergrealty.com/

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    Justin Levitch on Doing the Hard Things to Scale Your Business

    Justin Levitch on Doing the Hard Things to Scale Your Business

    Justin Levitch - the President of RLAH Real Estate in the DC/Maryland/Virginia market - talks with Lee on some of the hard parts of building a brokerage. You know, the parts lots of people never talk about. RLAH has 370 agents and 6 Offices and $2B in sales in 2021. When Justin started with RLAH in 2012 they had 10 agents - many of whom stayed along for their massive growth.
    Justin has also held many of the roles in the company - in an effort to first understand, then delegate. As well as empowering people to have success in that role - and stay out of their way.
    Justin and Lee also talk on setting minimum standards of production and how crucial that is to keep a strong culture. With some great techniques for coaching up when people aren't meeting these.
    It's also important to decide WHICH ideas are worth moving on - always new things and new tools in real estate - but choosing the right ones and staying consistent is key.
    When you do add new tools or offerings, you also have to get adoption. Another particularly hard thing with Real Estate practitioners. Justin review key strategies for gaining momentum and adoption on new things.
    Learn more about Justin and RLAH at https://www.rlahre.com/

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    Eric Bramlett on Systems to Scale your Business

    Eric Bramlett on Systems to Scale your Business

    Hear from Eric Bramlett - owner of Bramlett Residential, a boutique brokerage in Austin, TX - on how he has built his brokerage through systems and processes.
    Eric talks with Lee on how he built an impressive business of 35 agents and $325M in annual sales last year. Eric has a clear eye on systems and the combination of software and talent. Eric didn't always have a business or system mindset, but he's learned the benefit of leveraging the power of a system. Eric measures his success is how many days he gets to snowboard and rock climb each year.
    Eric shares how he learned to fail forward through hiring, documenting his systems, and choosing the right software tools that work in concert. Listen in and learn how Eric has built a scalable business through strategy and systems.

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