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Topics of interest for tech power users.

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Topics of interest for tech power users.

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4.0 out of 5
7 Ratings

7 Ratings

zoogo ,

Great tech insight!!

Listeing from Japan,
Very informative show! plus its funny!

MKREdit ,

Too many inside jokes. no real content

If the hosts of this show would stop laughing long enough to discuss the subject matter it might be a good show. out of a 54 min show there is only 5 min of actual content and those 5 mins are not concurrent its collective.

PackerFan1 ,

Was Good, Getting Worse

This started out as one of my favorite podcasts, just behind TWiT...But their constant laughing and childish humor is getting unlistenable. Out of a one hour podcast you might hear 15 minutes of tech news, the rest is childish rants...I keep them subscribed hoping it will get better, but I haven't finshed listening to the last 10 or so of these podcasts ( It's been that bad, IMO)...I hope they get their acts together and become the great podcast they once were...

Update: 6-30-06

I have unsubcribes from this podcast...I just can't listen to an hour+ podcast of nothing but laughing (Think, Bob and Tom show, you can only take so much) about childish humor and the saying, The views of ___do not___...You hear this a least once or more per podcast...aarr......I'll try them out again in a month or so, maybe they will clean up their act...

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