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Tips from Precious Metals Experts

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Tips from Precious Metals Experts

    Precious Metals Investing.com interview with David Smith Precious Metals Mining Stock Expert

    Precious Metals Investing.com interview with David Smith Precious Metals Mining Stock Expert

    My guest today is David H. Smith, Precious Metals Mining Stock Expert and Expert in the Resource sector.  David Smith co-wrote the book Second Chance: How to make and.  Keep Big Money from the Gold and Silver Shock - Wave with David Morgan of The Morgan Report. David Smith is a senior resource analyst for the Morgan Report.  David Smith travels the world visiting mining properties and analyzing their potential.
    David writes for many precious metal mining financial sites. He will also be a featured speaker at the Silver Symposium.
    In today's interview David gives us some insider hints for profiting from Canadian Mining Stocks. There are some critical nuances he feels the US Investor needs to understand to profit.
    The second idea in the book Second Chance is just as important as the first but investors tend to pay more attention to making money and less attention on strategies on how to keep what you made. David feels many investors will ride the Gold and Silver Shock wave up but then ride it all the way down.
    David has some effective strategies so that doesn't happen to you and you leave the table with your earnings.

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    Silver Squeeze - PreciousMetalsInvesting.com

    Silver Squeeze - PreciousMetalsInvesting.com

    Wall Street Silver's motto is Buy Physical Silver - Protect your wealth. This week on PreciousMetalsInvesting.com Ted Sudol interviews Ivan Bayoukhi. Ivan is the founder of the Reddit group Wall Street Silver. This group is growing at an amazing rate. Since our last interview about a week ago they have added over 10,000 members and are now at 60,000 strong.
    Ivan feels the group's focus on increasing the public's awareness of silver has been a major factor in today's Silver Squeeze. There are many reports of mints, precious metals dealers, etc running out of physical silver. This silver squeeze is exposing the lie of paper silver. The paper silver is fiction that can only happen through the charade of hypothecation and fractional lending. Many people that believe they have physical silver really only have a paper promise of silver. The bullion banks and central banks depend upon not everyone demanding delivery of their physical silver at the same time so they sell the same piece of silver over and over again.
    On https://preciousmetalsinvesting.com I interview precious metals experts. Sign up for the newsletter so you get the latest information and tips.
    The Precious Metals Investing podcast is available on iTunes for Apple Users, Google Play for Android users and it is not an Amazon Alexa skill. Add it to your flash briefing and every time you say "Alexa Play my Flash Briefing" you'll get the latest from the Precious Metals Investing Update.
    Be sure to visit the Wall Street Silver on Reddit or visit WallStreetSilver.com to find out the latest from Ivan and the Silverbacks as the group members call themselves    
    The information supplied in this audio and on the website is for information purposes. it is not investment advice. Before you make any investment be sure to consult with your financial advisor.

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    Silver Squeeze, Reddit, WallStreetSilver and Nationwide Billboard Awareness Campaign

    Silver Squeeze, Reddit, WallStreetSilver and Nationwide Billboard Awareness Campaign

    I have Precious Metals story that should put a smile on your face and some spring in your step.
    I've been talking about the benefits of investing in precious metals for over 10 years.
    If we are going to be completely honest with each other the conversation had tended to be dark.
    I've known precious metals experts who have spent their entire lives and careers waiting for the manipulation to end, true price discovery to happen, and triple-digit silver prices.
    But face it. Up to now the best story we have had for the precious metals is the big bad wolf and the three pigs.
    We all know the winds of economic destruction are coming and will blow this house of cards down.
    But thank goodness precious metal investors are not like the pig who built their house of fiat currency.
    Thank goodness precious metal investors are not like the pig who built their house of stocks and bonds.
    The houses of those investors will be blown away.
    Precious Metals investors built their house with a solid foundation of physical precious metals - silver and gold. 
    But the precious metals and specifically silver has a brand new story. A story of coming silver awareness, higher silver prices, and true price discovery.
    Ivan Bayouhki established WallStreetSilver, a Reddit group that promotes silver. The group, calling itself the Silverbacks now has over 51,000 members. According to their press release, the goal of the group is to spread awareness of silver. The group wants to spread the word that silver can protect your wealth.
    Ivan started a gofundme page to increase awareness with a nationwide billboard campaign.
    The gofundme campaign collected over $105,000 in the first 24 hours and continues to grow with donations not only from individual forum members but also from large silver producers, precious metals firms, and precious metals funds.
    They have already announced multiple billboard locations in Cincinnati, Ohio, Las Vegas, Nashville, TN, Oklahoma, Buffalo, NY with more to come.
    Don't tell me that the Silverbacks and WallStreetSilver isn't having an effect.
    Endeavor Silver, a major producer of silver is actually holding back almost 45% of their 4th quarter production in the belief that higher prices are coming.
    It's reported that mints such as the Perth Mint have run out of physical silver and are supplying clients who are demanding delivery that they accept bars refined in China.
    You'll be hearing more about the new precious metals  "David versus Goliath" story in upcoming posts featuring Ivan, WallStreetSilver, the SilverBacks, and the billboard program.
    Be sure to listen to my interview with Ivan at the top of this post.
    Go to https://preciousmetalsinvesting.com for more information about the Silver Squeeze, WallStreetSilver, and the billboard program. Get free precious metals investing tips and more.
    Check out the latest from Wall StreetSilver at https://www.reddit.com/r/Wallstreetsilver 

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    Precious Metals Investing- Get Ready Inflation Is Coming

    Precious Metals Investing- Get Ready Inflation Is Coming

    This week on Precious Metals Investing Ted Sudol interviews Charlie Nedoss, Senior Market Strategist at LaSalle Futures Group. Charlie's focus is on precious metals but he also has his eye on what is happening with commodities and oil.
    His expertise is in technical analysis and it always amazes me the amount of insight and trading information he can get from analyzing the charts.
    For the past few podcasts, we have been talking about the coming inflation and what effect it will have on precious metals. 
    If you have been shopping lately you know that the real inflation rate is far higher than the CP figures the government releases.
    The evidence of inflation is all around us in the price of groceries at the supermarket, the cost of gasoline which in this area has gone up 75 cents since last year, and the cost of cars both new and used.
    The government modified the CPI to exclude food and energy. I don't know about you but food and energy are important in my household.
    With Inflation in our future, many precious metals experts were predicting the precious metals would rise. But they haven't. In fact, some of the precious metals have gone down. 
    When I look at the world situation, all of the stimulus that will be inflationary, and the world shortage of silver I look at the current situation as bargain time in the precious metals.
    This can be an advantageous time to stock up as long as you don't overpay on premiums on physical precious metals.
    I believe that physical precious metals should form the foundation of your precious metals investment. There are alternate ways to invest in Precious Metals such as those discussed in this Precious Metals Update.
    Charlie Nedoss is an expert in technical analysis and can assist you.
    It's important that you contact your own financial advisor before making any investments. The information on this website and that provided by our guests is for informational purposes only and should not be considered investment advice. All investments are not suitable for everyone and your financial advisor will help you decide what is the best for you. 

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    Silver, Gold, Oil Vaccines - What It means For The Precious Metals Investor

    Silver, Gold, Oil Vaccines - What It means For The Precious Metals Investor

    Silver, Gold, Oils, And Vaccines - The Markets have been really active dealing with all of these currents and cross-currents. How can you read the precious metals markets? No one is better able to help us understand the importance to precious metals than today's guest on www.PreciousMetalsInvesting.com,
    Today Ted Sudol of www.preciousmetalsinvesting.com interviews Charlie Nedoss, the Senior Market Strategist at LaSalle Futures Group.
    This podcast is also available at Google Play for Android users and iTunes for Apple users. It's now available as an Amazon skill. Simply add the Precious Metals Update to your Flash Briefing.
    The next time you start your Flash Briefing on Alexa you will hear the latest Precious Metals Update from preciousmetalsinvesting.com

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    PreciousMetalsInvesting.com - Special Post Election Analysis

    PreciousMetalsInvesting.com - Special Post Election Analysis

    The controversy surrounding the election had ended andJoe Biden was declared President-Elect by the Electoral College.
    Here's our special post-election analysis of the precious metals markets.
    So the precious metals markets have calmed but there are still looming questions and controversies that are buffeting the markets. 
    The vaccine has been approved and is rolling out to the nation. The first health care workers have already received their shots.
    So help is on the way in our fight against Covid19.
    However, Congress still has not been able to agree on a stimulus package that the American people so desperately need.
    All these economic factors also weigh on the precious metals.
    Ted Sudol interviews Charlie Nedoss, senior market analyst for Lasaalle Futures Group.
    Visit https://preciousmetalsinvesting.com and sign up for the free newsletter.
    There are also lots of free additional resources on the https://preciousmetalsinvesting.com

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5 Ratings

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