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This podcast learns about the people from our gym in the hope that we can learn a little about ourselves.

Preparing you for Life Podcast Preparing for Life Podcast

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This podcast learns about the people from our gym in the hope that we can learn a little about ourselves.

    Working from Home with Justin Britanik

    Working from Home with Justin Britanik

    We've all been working from home for a while now, have you developed new routines to get the most out fo your day? Listen to Old Cityzen, Justin give his thoughts on working from home!

    • 26 min
    The Daily Rider with Loren Copsey

    The Daily Rider with Loren Copsey

    Support local small businesses like the Daily Rider: thedailyriderdc.com

    A podcast by oldcitycrossfit.com

    • 21 min
    Episode #19 - Jenn Power: Creating a Healthy Fitness Relationship

    Episode #19 - Jenn Power: Creating a Healthy Fitness Relationship

    For those of you who are long term Old City members, you’ll remember the staple coach that was Jenn Power. She helped hold down the fort in the afternoon for the first few years that we were open.

    She’s since moved on to greener pastures in upstate New York and now Pennsylvania, but Jenn dropped in on the podcast to deliver some knowledge bombs for us all to consume.

    If you didn’t get the chance to work with Jenn when she was here as a coach, don’t miss this opportunity to learn from her now!

    [0:00] How Jenn found CrossFit and how she found Old City

    [14:00] Focusing on being better each day

    [20:00] Fitness that’s emotionally harmful? Jenn explains how she hid behind fitness for a long time.

    [30:00] The value of investing in yourself, and how finding a good coach can accelerate the process of learning

    [45:00] Being generous to yourself when it comes to eating right

    [60:00] Creating a productive relationship with your coach

    [1:20:00] Using nagging pains as an early warning system for your body

    [1:30:30] What Jenn Power is working on for self improvement

    • 1 hr 47 min
    Episode #18 - Dr. Jess Baker: Know Thy Strengths

    Episode #18 - Dr. Jess Baker: Know Thy Strengths

    I knew Jess Baker for a LONG time before recording this podcast and right around the 50 min mark I learned that she has a PhD is Nuclear Physics. It sort of blew my mind and we spent a large portion of this show talking about that.

    One thing that struck me when talking to Jess is her extreme humility. I can definitely learn something from her in that regard, but tucked behind her hidden PhD is a subtle confidence that was forged through years of focusing on her strengths both as an athlete and as a scientist.

    I hope you listen and learn as much about Jess as I did when I recorded it.

    [0:00] Jess Baker does Naval Warfare modeling

    [15:00] Jess and Sean talk Leadership

    [30:00] Etiquette on a Submarine if you get the chance to ride on one

    [45:00] Upstate New York

    [50:00] Sean finds out that Jess Baker is Dr. Jess Baker in NUCLEAR PHYSICS! ...and we talk about this fact for a LONG time

    [1:20:00] Jess and Sean talk about cool things science has created

    [1:30:30] What Jenn is working on to improve her life

    • 1 hr 56 min
    Episode #17 - Kara Britanik: Discovering Your Passion

    Episode #17 - Kara Britanik: Discovering Your Passion

    Kara is one of our coaches and runs Old City’s admin email. My conversation with Kara covered a lot about her background, but quickly pivoted into a chat about discovering your passion and taking steps to living a more passion filled life.

    Kara took small steps towards happier employment, and now instead of one big traditional job, Kara is much happier doing 4 smaller, part time jobs.

    Check out this conversation to get ideas on how to take small steps to being happier with the work that you do on a daily basis.

    [0:00] How Kara likes her coffee.

    [6:00] Living the cubicle life, and how to transition out of them into more passion filled work.

    [16:00] Kara’s background in exercise science

    [30:00] Learning new things, and the role of different coaches

    [45:00] Small steps to take towards more passionate employment, and how Kara approached those challenges

    [58:00] Follow your passions

    [1:11:00] What would you do with your life if you didn’t need money

    [1:19:30] Don’t stop learning and trying new things.

    [1:24:00] Try challenging things. Look for something that’s going to make you feel accomplished!

    • 1 hr 31 min
    Episode #16 - Rachel Cook: Consistency Through Routine

    Episode #16 - Rachel Cook: Consistency Through Routine

    Rachel is literally the most consistent person in we have in the gym. We chat a lot about everything in this podcast from nutrition and lifestyle to concrete examples of how to get out of ruts, improving the routines of your life, developing daily and weekly consistency, and everything in between.

    Rachel’s approach towards improving and executing a daily routine will give you some ideas on how to develop more consistency in your life. Once you have the consistency in place, all you need to do then is sit back and let the #gainztrain roll into town.


    [0:00] CrossFit works. Rachel’s evolution in her fitness journey.

    [13:30] Consistency is an evolution. Add small things to your routine and execute your routine.

    [21:55] Rachel’s approach nutrition (hint: there’s not a lot of sugar)

    [30:00] Rachel transitions out of the party life with a greater focus on fitness

    [44:30] Work on yourself a small amount each day to make big changes over time.

    [52:30] Rachel and Sean talk about interviews and developing a better understanding of who you are.

    [1:00:10] A focus on health improves Rachel’s confidence among other things.

    • 1 hr 18 min

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5.0 out of 5
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6 Ratings

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I enjoyed being a member of Old City Crossfit when I lived in D.C. Sean has assembled a great team of coaches who pay attention to individual needs and abilities, and who ensure everyone gets individual attention when necessary.

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