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A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast providing a weekly report on all things Star Trek - Films/TV, Games, and more!

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A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast providing a weekly report on all things Star Trek - Films/TV, Games, and more!



    Well, here we are… at the end of another year. Despite a concerted effort to try and rush towards a return to some form of pre-pandemic life, the impact of this global catastrophe will ripple for years to come. In one way, shape, or form - all our lives have been changed.

    Now, many of us are looking ahead and thinking of what’s to come in 2022. Cautiously optimistic and hopeful that things will gradually continue to improve and change for the better. On behalf of the entire team at Priority One: We wish you nothing but the best in this New Year and years to come – that you live long and prosperous lives.

    Narrowing our focus on our little corner, 2021 was a monumental year for Priority One. In March of 2021, our production celebrated its 500th episode and 10 years of weekly podcasting. That is no small endeavor. To celebrate the occasion, we were privileged to host several Trek Stars - new and veteran - and with donations from listeners like you, along with a matching gift by Rod Roddenberry - we raised over $4,000 for The Poor People’s Campaign. I can think of no better way to celebrate such a milestone than to work towards finding ways of giving back.

    Now, here we are - having just wrapped our 535th episode. As I look back over the last 10 years, I find myself in complete awe over all the things we’ve accomplished. The conversations we’ve had with each other and special guests. The panels we’ve participated in. The events we’ve attended and hosted. The places we’ve been. The laughs we’ve shared. The friendships we’ve forged.

    But… as the saying goes… All good things must come to an end.

    You're listening to the final broadcast of Priority One Podcast!

    I realize this announcement may come as a surprise to most - if not all - of you. With so much going on in the Star Trek Multiverse, why would we stop covering the latest from our favorite franchise? I wish I could give you a simple and satisfying answer but, there isn’t. Behind the scenes, we’ve had long conversations about the future of the show, our goals, our hopes. In the end, we came to the conclusion that now was the best time to jump on our horses and ride off quietly into the sunset – leaving behind an incredible legacy of passion and love for an I.P. that has touched so many of our lives.

    It’s been such a fantastic experience being part of the podcast for the past few years. I’m truly amazed at the talented group of people that work behind the scenes that edit and assemble the show. Also to Elio and the other co-hosts and guest hosts that we’ve had - thank you so much for putting up with my dogs and allowing me to join you each week. Getting to discuss Star Trek on these shows has been one of the most enjoyable experiences and during the pandemic - it’s been a lifesaver. 

    With that said, we want to continue to support our Patrons since they have given so much to support us. We will be pausing all Patreon charges until further notice - but we are considering still continuing our after-hours show for you all. If you are a Patron - please reach out and let us know your thoughts. 

    So, even though the main podcast is ending, we still want to keep in touch via Patreon- or come and play Star Trek Online with the Priority One Armada - you know we are not going anywhere. We’ll still host our livestream every Saturday - everyone is welcome! 

    I was the most recent addition to the crew. I am one of the many people on this podcast who went from listener to being part of the team.  I think I said yes because I felt welcome, and that was just by listening to the podcast.  

    What I soon realized was that I had found my people. I had found like-minded people who were passionate about one of the things that has been a huge influence on my life. I got the chance to talk about Star Trek EVERY WEEK!!  What a dream job.

    And although it’s coming to an end and

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    A Departure to the New Normal

    A Departure to the New Normal

    This week on Episode 535 of Priority One: Content deals continue at ViacomCBS, so you’ll see what IP Bob can guarantee to be on TV.  A touching farewell to Tilly, with the character’s far future plans on the tip of Mary Wiseman’s tongue.  In gaming news, some fresh and refreshed games to add to your Trek catalog, and Mudd is back with a fresh Intel in a big ship bundle.  And before we review the most recent episode of Discovery, Dr. Robert Hurt tells us how we’re looking for planets not just around distant stars, but in distant galaxies! 


    Edited by Thomas Reynolds

    Not Every Loss Is Eternal

    By Jake Cobb

    If you haven’t watched Star Trek: Discovery’s season 4 episode 4 “All is Possible” our next story contains spoilers. You’ve been warned.

    Still here? Good! Let’s get started!

    In the aforementioned “All is Possible”, Discovery said goodbye to one of its own: Lieutenant Sylvia Tilly. This week, TVInsider sat down with Tilly actor Mary Wiseman to talk about the episode, her departure, and the future of Tilly.

    Before going any further, let’s get the big question out of the way: will Tilly be back, and in what capacity? Wiseman answered (unsatisfyingly) ”I can say that you’ll see me later on in the season.” She continued (also unsatisfyingly) ”I’ll say that her hair is slightly different and she’s wearing a different outfit.”

    And she'll make new friends along the way! Image: ViacomCBS, via Tor.

    Being less vague, Wiseman recalled her on-screen goodbyes, telling TVInsiders Meredith Jacobs ”you tend to create a found family and that’s very much the story of our show, both on and offscreen, that we are a found family. So it felt really important to honor those relationships…[i]t kind of feels like...she’s going off to do this thing and all of these people show up for her to say, ‘we’ll still be here for you when you come back and we love you and we’ll miss you’.”

    It’s true, we’ll miss you–a lot.

    ViacomCBS: Deal With It

    By Cat Hough

    In some not very shocking news, ViacomCBS CEO Bob Bakish confirmed that Paramount+ is moving towards exclusivity for its major IP franchises, by reducing the amount of third-party licenses...just like the recent buy-back deal for Star Trek: Discovery from Netflix.

    In a recent media conference, Bakish was asked about the third-party licensing deals and he said that while the company continues to bring in revenue for many deals cut before the launch of Paramount+, its priorities have definitely changed and that they are not likely to renew any prior third-party deals.  

    They are altering the deal. Pray they do not alter it further. Image: ViacomCBS/Trekmovie

    Bakish elaborated on this, saying, “as we increasingly transition to leveraging our particular franchises and original production for our owned and operated streaming assets, principally Paramount+…that, in turn, will create a decline in that third-party business over time as these deals roll off. I would note that as an example of that, we just took back Star Trek: Discovery internationally from Netflix. And so we now have that property globally. That’s clearly a core franchise for us, and it’s working.”

    It appears that these efforts are working for Bakish, as he stated that Paramount+ had its best week ever and best month ever in November. However, Discovery has yet to be confirmed for a fifth season. Historically, additional season pickups are announced around the time of the launch of a new season, which they did for Star Trek: Prodigy.

    Paramount+ Opens Revenue Channels

    By Cat Hough

    Speaking of Paramount+, it just announced the launch of 18 linear channels that let subscribers surf through dedicated-themed collections of shows called Live Channels. The content comes from all ViacomCBS properties including CBS, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, BET and the Smi

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    Farewell, Nichelle, and Thank You

    Farewell, Nichelle, and Thank You

    This week on Episode 534 of Priority One: Kurtzman talks crossovers and Nichelle Nichols dances the night away; in gaming, two new starships are available to add to your Star Trek Online collection!


    Edited by Thomas Reynolds

    Kurtzman's Crossover Qualifications

    By Rosco McQueen

    Considering the amount of new Star Trek series either on screen or in development, you may be thinking it’s more than likely there will be a crossover event of some kind.  Turns out Alex Kurtzman is thinking along the same lines.  Kurtzman and Sonequa Martin-Green were guests on the new episode of Deadline’s Hero Nation podcast speaking about Burham’s journey into the captain’s chair. 

    And its many, many detours. Image: ViacomCBS, via Deadline.

    But the conversation came around to the idea of crossovers, and if that is a real possibility.  Kurtzman says yes, but it’s got to be good. “Here’s the thing about crossovers; I think crossovers can be really, really exciting. But they have to exist for a reason. There has to be a great story reason to do it.” Kutman said he is yet to come up with the right idea for the crossover, as the volume of productions as well as each program’s individual identity are distinct, making it a challenge.

    “Because the flip side to doing a crossover wrong is that people are really disappointed and it impacts both shows. So it’s just not a gamble that I would want to take randomly. that being said, it’s certainly exciting to think about certain pairings that you’re like ‘Wow, what would it be like if those two characters were together or those two crews were together?’ But I want to be careful about it.”

    The same podcast episode asked about the status of the Section 31 series, which has been in development for some time.  The only answer Kurtzman would give was brief, saying “We’re in a very exciting place. I can’t tell you anything yet. But it’s still very much alive.”

    Go ahead. You tell her the show's not happening. Image: ViacomCBS, via Superhero Hype.

    Nichelle Concludes Her Mission To Earth

    By Cat Hough

    If you were watching updates on Twitter from L.A. Comic-Con this past weekend, you undoubtedly saw that Nichelle Nichols made her last-ever public appearance (this was also confirmed on her website).  NASA has released a touching Thank You video to Nichols recognizing her impact on the space program through recruiting women and people of color to NASA in the 1970s.


    Quick News Roundup

    The story of William Shatner’s sojourn into space will be told in a one hour documentary special, aptly titled “Shatner in Space”. The documentary will screen on Amazon Prime as you might expect, seeing as Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon funded Bill’s flight.  It premieres on Wednesday, Dec. 13, in the U.S., Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand. According to Prime Video, additional territories will launch in 2022. If you haven’t been keeping up with The Ready Room with Wil Wheaton on StarTrek.com, you really should. Last week featured the new uniform designs for Discovery Season 4 and an in-depth interview with David Ajala, who plays Cleveland Booker.


    Edited by Thomas Reynolds

    The Great River Provides Us…with Nog!

    By Cat Hough

    Finally, the ship we’ve been waiting for…mostly because it’s not coming via lockbox and it’s free! The Eisenberg Star Cruiser [T6] was  announced as the Grand Prize award for this year’s Q’s Winter Wonderland Event. All you have to do is complete various activities available and gain enough Daily Progress to fulfill the Event’s overall quota. You can earn Daily Progress once per day, per account.


    This ship features a 4/4 weapons layout and an Ensign Engineering / Command Specialist Bridge Officer Seat, and a Lt. Commander

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    Hell is Frozen, and All the Sweaters Are Here

    Hell is Frozen, and All the Sweaters Are Here

    This week on Episode 533 of Priority One: ViacomCBS tries to make amends to the world; First Contact celebrates 25 years; Badgey finally makes it into Star Trek Online; and we continue our S4 review of Star Trek: Discovery!


    Edited by Thomas Reynolds

    How World War III Really Starts

    By Elio Lleo

    Before we left you for our Thanksgiving break, we reported that ViacomCBS had pulled Star Trek: Discovery from Netflix, leaving our friends outside of the US and Canada without a way to watch the latest season until sometime in 2022. Well, ViacomCBS has performed a massive international course correction.

    The fact that DSC was the fourth-most pirated series during Thanksgiving? Completely unrelated. Image: MUSO, via Deadline.

    Perhaps it was the international uproar. Perhaps it was because their poor planning was so misguided that it made headlines on news outlets like the BBC. Whatever the case may be, Paramount+ announced that Star Trek: Discovery will now be available internationally via Paramount+ or Pluto TV. You can find a detailed list of which platform in which country Discovery will be made available here. 

    Turbulence On Star Trek's Magic Carpet Ride

    By Elio Lleo

    It’s been 25 years since Star Trek: First Contact premiered in movie theaters. Widely regarded as one of the best films of the franchise, its production wasn’t entirely a walk in the park. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, writer Ronald D. Moore shares some behind the scenes stories about the film–including a clash with Sir Patrick Stewart. 

    According to Moore, Stewart wasn’t too thrilled about some of the writing so he convinced Rick Berman to replace Moore and his co-writer Brannon Braga with some of his own writers. However, those new writers didn’t quite work out…so Braga and Moore were brought back. Awkward.

    Even more awkward than this, apparently. Image: ViacomCBS, via TrekNews.

    Moore shares the story:

    "I remember Patrick at the outset just said something like: ‘It’s good to see you. I hope that we can all move on from the things that have happened, and now let’s just concentrate on the work.’ And I took that in the spirit it was given: [He] wants to move on from this, he’s not going to apologize outright, but he kind of is apologizing. And it was never spoken of again. So we just moved on."

    The Moore You Know

    Moore also spoke with SyFy about his work on the film. In this interview, there’s more discussion about the actual development of the script and it’s production. For instance, did you know that one of the original drafts had Riker as the action star–facing off against the Borg aboard the Enterprise. But Sir Patrick wanted in on the action–recalling the episode “Starship Mine.” They even toyed with the idea of setting the film in medieval times!

    Another version had Picard trying to find affordable rent in San Francisco. Image: ViacomCBS, via American Cinematographer.

    When asked about scenes for stories that he wished hadn’t been cut, Moore explains:

    "There were just expanded sequences. There was just more action in general, more fighting the Borg in the corridors, and going into different places on the ship. And I think there was more humor. A lot of the jokes got cut down. I think we had more fun with Troi (Marina Sirtis) and Cochrane’s relationship on Earth, where he gets her drunk. We had more to that sequence scripted and that was fun to write, too. Rick might have made us cut it because he was always a little too–he was always kind of worried that maybe the humor would be too corny or something."

    The Other Kind of Star Trek Royalty

    One aspect of the film that Trekkies like to debate is the introduction of the Borg Queen. Well, Trekkies aren’t the only ones that debated her introduction. According to Moore:

    "...it was a choice that was also antithetical to the idea of the Borg.

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    Star Trek: Not Boldly Going Down Under

    Star Trek: Not Boldly Going Down Under

    This week, on Episode 532 of Priority One: ViacomCBS upsets most of the world; Star Trek Explorer Magazine debuts; Star Trek Online introduces a new 32nd century starship–plus, we start our S4 review of Star Trek: Discovery.


    Edited by Thomas Reynolds

    Sheer ****ing Hubris, ViacomCBS

    By Cat Hough

    Well, the news broke early on Tuesday the 16th that international fans of Star Trek: Discovery will have to wait until 2022 to be able to watch Season 4–and then only watch it on Paramount+. Under the terms of an agreement finalized today between Netflix and ViacomCBS, Netflix will no longer be streaming the show. ViacomCBS was most likely pleased with the agreement since, under the 2017 deal that Les Moonves had set up with Netflix, CBS had agreed to pay the bulk of the show’s costly budget for the overseas rights. 

    All images: ViacomCBS, via Imgur user SaysThePenguin.

    This should not be a huge surprise, though, given ViacomCBS’s efforts to incentive subscribers to Paramount+. Back at the end of September The Original Series, Voyager, and Enterprise all left Netflix–Paramount+ is the only platform to watch these series. 

    All images: ViacomCBS, via Imgur user SaysThePenguin.

    But now that Netflix is out of the picture, the UK, Germany, Ireland, Austria and Switzerland will be the first international markets to stream Discovery on Paramount+. ViacomCBS has said that as part of an accelerated expansion they anticipate being in around 45 markets within the next year or so. No news on the release date for our Australian friends, though. 

    Star Trek 4 Hopes For Holiday Magic

    By Elio Lleo

    While we’re on the topic of disappointing news, the 4th installment of Star Trek set in the Kelvin Timeline is being delayed again. Now, the new release date is slated for a holiday release on December 22, 2023 (originally, it was scheduled for June 9th, 2022). Perhaps the marketing folks at ViacomCBS listened to our episode where we discussed the uphill battle Star Trek faces when released beside other (more popular) franchises. Or they just read the same industry articles that we do.


    Either way Star Trek, along with other tiles like Transformers, are being pushed. Now, this could be a rarely well executed smart move on behalf of the suits in charge of these things. According to Scott Mendelson of Forbes.com, Paramount+ is betting that Star Wars: Rogue Squadron won’t be able to stick to their holiday 2023 release date–especially when there’s been little movement on that Star Wars installment. That leaves Trek to reap the benefits of the season.

    Mendelson writes, “the optimistic scenario is that Star Trek 4 positions itself as the Christmas event movie of 2023 and proves to be crowd pleasing enough to allow holiday legs to give the struggling franchise a kick in the butt after a disappointing third installment. That’s what happened with Paramount’s own Mission: Impossible–Ghost Protocol in December 2011 after J.J. Abrams’ underwhelming Mission: Impossible III 5.5 years earlier.” Either way, it’s still two years away and a lot can change. However the film still has WandaVision director Matt Shakman at the helm.

    Del Barrio And Cronenberg Take Explorer To The Future

    By Rosco McQueen

    On November 17th, Blu Del Barrio will return in Discovery Season 4 as the human host of a Trill symbiote, Adira Tal.  In an interview with new publication Star Trek Explorer, Del Barrio spoke about the positive reactions from fans in being the first nonbinary actor in the franchise, and bringing a non-binary character to the screen. Unfortunately for the actor, it meant they were also subject to some outdated attitudes, but they were fe

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    On the Verge of a New Discovery

    On the Verge of a New Discovery

    This week on Episode 531 of Priority One: News is sparse as we gear up for the next season of Star Trek: Discovery, but there’s plenty to discuss in the world of Star Trek gaming!


    Edited by Thomas Reynolds

    Power Seating on Star Trek: Discovery

    By Rosco McQueen

    Sonequa Martin-Green is on the interview circuit in the lead up Season 4 of Discovery. She spoke with SFXMagazine about the feeling of finally sitting in the captain’s chair, and the answer isn’t as simple as “soft and comfortable, and could they install a cup holder?”

    "It feels very humbling. But it also feels very emboldening. I’m grateful for it because you feel like you earned this position with Burnham. You feel like you were able to learn and grow and make mistakes and mature from them with her."

    It’s a new direction with a new captain, and the new series is set to premiere next week!

    Don't everyone cheer at once. Image: ViacomCBS, via GamesRadar.

    Time Enough For Mudd

    By Rosco McQueen

    Harcourt Fenton Mudd only appeared in two live-action episodes of Star Trek, and once in animated form, but he left a lasting impression [and I guess Rainn Wilson didn’t?–Ed.]. So much so that a spin-off was in the works, as revealed in an article from Fansided.  The article delves into the Starlog Magazine interview archives to discover that the pitch never got past the desk of the Great Bird of the Galaxy.  Gene Roddenberry told the actor, Roger C. Carmel, that the artists didn’t have time to develop the project, which would have seen Mudd take the lead in the series as a space pirate/intergalactic con-man. Carmel was supposed to reprise his role in a first season episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, but the actor died before filming began.    

    [No thank you, I've already seen what Hell is like.–Ed.] Image: ViacomCBS, via TrekCore.

    Quick News Roundup

    Now, here are a few headlines that we didn’t discuss but might interest you. 

    With only three episodes of its first season having aired, Star Trek: Prodigy has already been greenlit for a second season. Additionally, season one is going to be draaaaaawn out with two breaks. After Nov 18, the season won’t pick up again until Jan 6 with another 5 episodes. Then, another 10 episodes will air later in 2022. Captain Kirk's vintage original phaser rifle from The Original Series just sold at auction for $615,000. The phaser rifle was used in the second pilot episode, entitled "Where No Man Has Gone Before" and was created by Reuben Klamer. It’s with a heavy heart that we report the passing of Trek alumnus Dean Stockwell at the age of 85. Known best for his role as “Al,” opposite Scott Bakula, in the TV series Quantum Leap, Stockwell guest starred on the Star Trek: Enterprise episode, “Detained.” Also Broadway actress Camille Saviola, who played Kai Opaka on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, passed away at the age of 71.


    Edited by Thomas Reynolds

    Klingons Clash To Close Out 2021

    By Rosco McQueen

    The shattered shards of Praxis float above the Klingon homeworld, as disruptor fire scorches the hull of allied ships.  The Battle for Qo’noS has begun...again...and with it comes the opportunity for honor. And new starships! The TFO "Battle for Qo'nos" returns to PC (and soon to console) as the final event in Event Campaign III: your last chance to progress towards a free Tier 6 Infinity Promotion or Infinity Lock Box ship. 

    Another Klingon civil war, or as the rest of the galaxy calls it, Tuesday. Image: Cryptic Studios.

    After playing the event for 14 days, you’ll receive the Aakaar’s Vengeance console event reward.  If you’re a fan of electrical damage, then you are in for a treat! The console launches an electrical burst that flies to the target and immediately deals shield-bypassing Electrical Damage. It shuts down non-shield systems one by one. 

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4.4 out of 5
67 Ratings

67 Ratings

Stargate1001 ,

Love the podcast

This podcast and community are amazing so accepting and welcoming love the conversation you all have on the different topics and the amazing guests. Really like the longer episodes. Keep up the amazing work and LLAP.

TrekkieTravis ,

Endless rants

It’s news segments are good.

When Elijah gets on his soapbox, I delete the episode. No need to listen to endless personal rants.

Phazoni ,

Ear Candy

Fun roundtable discussion on all things Star Trek. The team has great rapport and is fun to listen to over the weekend when the week's seriousness needs to become a thing of the past. On top of that, they have great insights into the latest Star Trek news of all kinds. Their analsys of each week's new Star Trek shows is also quite insightful. With all of the new Star Trek being generated by CBS, I'm looking forward to listening even more.

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