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How to get clients and build your ideal practice

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How to get clients and build your ideal practice

    Secrets of Self Employment

    Secrets of Self Employment

    Unemployment sucks. More people are losing jobs every day, and those that still have jobs worry about losing them. Families are suffering, homes are being foreclosed, fear is rampant.

    ...What can we do about this? The best remedy for unemployment is... Self Employment!

    This program covers-

    * What can you do to make money NOW?

    * What is the fastest, easiest way to
    build your own business?

    * What business can you start for little
    or no money that will allow you to earn
    more than your old job within a year?

    * If you have a job, how can you transition
    from paycheck to self employment with low or no risk?

    With David Steele and Frankie Doiron from Relationship Coaching Institute. We are providing this program as a public service because we love being self employed and are strong advocates for self employment. There is no sales pitch and nothing to buy.

    How to Get Clients in Challenging Times

    How to Get Clients in Challenging Times

    Are you stressed out about how the economy is impacting your business?

    After hearing from many panicked private practice professionals
    I decided this topic badly needed to be addressed, so here's
    what I'm doing about it-
    No charge. No need to register. No strings attached.

    In this program you'll get the straight scoop on how to
    get clients in challenging times from a guy who
    has mentored hundreds of private practice professionals
    just like you, including-

    => The single most important thing you can do to
    thrive in hard times

    => How to leverage fear and anxiety to fill your practice
    (it's not cheating!)

    => What you need to do to have a successful practice
    (that doesn't cost anything!)

    => How to design a marketing campaign that WORKS

    => The single most effective marketing activity to get
    clients quickly

    => How to be irresistible to your prospective clients

    => How to get a new client TODAY- guaranteed

    => And, yes, we cover ALL this and more!

    Working the Crowd

    Working the Crowd

    Group events are a gold mine for prospecting (get it?). Group events like conferences, workshops, fundraisers, festivals, etc, allow you to reach more prospects in a few hours than you could possibly reach in months of other forms of marketing.

    But how can you leverage attending a workshop or fund raiser, investing in an exhibit booth at a conference or festival, and sail away with a boatload of prospects?

    We have presented, exhibited and attended many, many conferences and have learned by trial and error the secrets of walking away with hundreds of prospects for their businesses.

    In this program you learn-

    - The one marketing tool you must use to dramatically increase the number of prospects you gain Hint – you carry these around with you, and they are not business cards

    - How to use simple forms to acquire the info you need from your prospects

    - The most important words to use on your signs and posters

    - How one change in your physical position makes all the difference

    - The one prospect pulling question you have to ask How to create your impulse buy item that will pay your way.

    - The secret mindset necessary to get more prospects, publicity and profits from every event you attend

    - How to create a “table rush” after you speak

    - A secret weapon you can use when exhibiting at a booth or table

    - And much much more!

    How to Package Yourself for Success

    How to Package Yourself for Success

    Marketing should be exciting, but many entrepreneurs cringe at the thought of ‘marketing’ their services. The two main reasons that service professionals say they hate marketing and selling is because they:

    - try to market without having a clear vision of their service offering and target market;

    - believe that self-promotion is pushy and self-centered.

    This program will help take the fear and stress out of marketing, making it a fun and exciting part of your practice. It is designed for both the new and seasoned entrepreneur, who wants to fill their practice and earn multiple streams of income.

    In this program you will learn:

    - How a 360 Marketing Strategy is the key to a successful and thriving practice

    - Why developing multiple product offerings and packages builds credibility and increases your client base

    - How to leverage your service packages to acquire new clients

    - The best practices used by global corporations can be easily scaled and used effectively in small business with great results

    - Why it is important to love your work and why that gives you a competitive advantage

    - New ways to look at your target market so you can anticipate their needs

    - Why a good reputation is like money in the bank

    - and so much more!

    How to Have Fun, Play Large, and Retire Smiling

    How to Have Fun, Play Large, and Retire Smiling

    If you've ever worried about earning enough to pay your bills, had dreams of writing a book or similar accomplishment and held yourself back, or wondered how you'll ever retire on your current income, this seminar is for you!

    In this program you'll learn:

    - How David and Jeff went from struggling practices to leaders in their field in just a few years

    - How having fun and making money can go together like peanut butter and jelly

    - How to amaze yourself by accomplishing things you never thought possible

    - How to go beyond success and make a true difference in the world

    - How to open your own doors and find the opportunities and resources you need for success

    - How to leverage your time to work less and get more done (while your friends ask "When do you sleep!?"

    - Plus much more…

    Getting Paid What You're Worth

    Getting Paid What You're Worth

    With David Steele and Jeff Herring, this program covers-

    - How to set your fees
    - Effective fee payment policies
    - How to prove to skeptics you're worth your full fee
    - How to respond to "I can't afford it right now"
    - One thing you should NEVER do to get paid what you're worth
    - Two things you should ALWAYS do to get paid what you're worth
    - How credit cards can boost your bottom line
    - When to negotiate, discount, or use a sliding scale
    - How offering pro bono services can create referrals and full fee clients
    - Effective alternatives to the complimentary session/free initial consultation

Customer Reviews

4.0 out of 5
5 Ratings

5 Ratings

Pagan Scum ,

Some good tips, some bad tips so far

Okay so you have at least one interviewee who "hates research" and recommends "just making it up". I think it's a bummer that good marketing seems to have to include bad ethics. I hope everyhting is going just too well for you to bother with the podcast since it hasn't been updated since 2008. Thanks for putting this together.

LornaLi ,

Good resource but..

Hope this will be updated with more episodes!

RIDivorceLawyer ,

Good Podcast, several excellent segments, yet . . .

I have listened to this podcast series countless times over the years because of the value it brings. Regrettably a few of the podcast segments have poor audio and are not as useful because they can't really be tolerated due to the poor sound quality. I am perhaps the most disappointed because David and Jeff discontinued this valuable podcast back in 2008. Several of the podcast segments emphasize consistency and diligence in your marketing and the ease with which podcasts can be created, yet their podcasting ended without so much as an explanation to their dedicated listeners.

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