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Basic probability. Should have a reasonable grounding in basic algebra before watching.

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Basic probability. Should have a reasonable grounding in basic algebra before watching.

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3.8 out of 5
25 Ratings

25 Ratings

Karthikbmk12 ,


Understood the real underneath concept of probability.

MuteThis ,

Poorly Produced, Unplanned & Incomplete

The instructor appears to be winging it without a lesson plan, introduces concepts without explaining why and doesn't really do anything but scratch the surface.

The videos are an image of what appears to be a digital blackboard with a mouse cursor drawing all content (probably a stylus but what ev). This is laborious and time consuming which is bad because for some reason, the lessons tend to cut-off at the ten minute mark. Yep, mid-discussion, oh look at the timer, gotta go.

The instructor in one lesson is drawing a six-by-six table for dice probability and comments something like "I'll try the fill tool, that might be cool". Would it be ok to stick to content please?? If you want to "play with your new toy", please do so before recording your video for public release. Also, with the seemingly arbitrary time limit, why not simply use slides prepared in advance leaving lecture time to hashing out the details?

In that same lesson, p(8) = 5/6 = p(6). Really? Really?!?! Yes it was a typo, he meant 5/36, but he didn't notice and just read it back and moved on.

This is math, people (maybe just me) need to be able to reconcile concept to content and that just doesn't add up or make sense.

Question, you chance of making the game tying (spelling of that word pondered during video) free throw is 0.008. In order to obtain the probability you did 1 - 0.008. Why? Instruction/explanation would be nice.

I apologize for being such a negative nelly, but the instructional value of this course is suspect IMO and I wanted to point out why I thought so rather than just providing a poor rating.

Princebrek ,



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