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    Black Poly Pride

    Black Poly Pride

    This week Chanee Jackson Kendall cofounder of Black Poly Pride drops by to tell us about their Black Poly History push for Black History Month as well as tell us all about Black Poly Pride and discuss other issues about being black and poly. Please check them out on whatever digital engagement works best for you and support them if you can.

    Website:  www.BlackPolyPride.com
    Twitter: @BlackPolyPride
     Facebook: www.Facebook.com/BlackPolyPride 
     Instagram: @BlackPolyPride 
     Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/BlackPolyPride

    • 32 min
    Tail Over Teakettle

    Tail Over Teakettle

    As Valentines approaches we discuss internet dating options, how to set up your profile to maximize matches, and why you probably don’t want to, as well as how to manage NRE for a safer more consistent ride at the beginning of those new relationships.

    • 1 hr 3 min
    Two Questions One Episode

    Two Questions One Episode

    This week we had two wonderful listener questions but they were both too long to be an intro and not long enough to be full episodes so we paired them together to get one full episode. What do you say when someone asks you to tell them if they are poly or not? For that matter how do you know you are poly? Thats the meat of the first half of the episode and for the second half we have a very specific case study of STI disclosure ethics.

    • 54 min
    Effort & Gratitude

    Effort & Gratitude

    In this episode we discuss, well basically every facet of effort and reviving effort, or gratitude. We look at why we might be resentful of how our effort is received, how receiving too much effort might be difficult, how it’s likely that everyone in the relationship is working much harder than you realize and much more. So join us for a deep dive and if you have any questions left over throw them up on the facebook page or send them in via email.

    • 1 hr 24 min
    Family Lies

    Family Lies

    In this episode we use the holidays as a framing device to do a pretty deep dive into when and how it is morally acceptable to lie. We hit the whole range from big potentially life saving lies down to little white lies and even if lies meant to improve the wonder of children like Santa Clause are really super helpful. We hope you are having a wonderful holiday with your families and we hope you enjoy.

    • 1 hr 8 min
    Professor Sex and STI's

    Professor Sex and STI's

    This week Angel Kalafatis-Russell aka Professor Sex of ProfessorSex.com joins us to discuss the ethics of STI testing, treatment, and disclosure. As well as best safe practices for safer sex and STi testing. This super long pre-holiday episode features our new sound software made possible by the generous donations of our listeners. Thank you so much all those who have donated.

    Professor Sex: https://professorsex.com
    PolyPages Guest Episode: https://anchor.fm/polypages/episodes/BONUS---Polyamory-as-Identity--Sexual-Orientation--or-Intimate-Practice-e9c5om
    Recommended Books Page: https://www.probablypoly.com/resources

    • 1 hr 42 min

Customer Reviews

Halogen171 ,

So happy

So glad I found you guys! You were recommended on a different poly podcast. Can’t wait to listen to them all. Ps his voice is bomb. 👍🏻

Missloralynn ,

A mindful and precise listen

This podcast is conscious and well researched. They put great effort into being correct and inclusive on all topics. The main host is well
spoken and is always willing to correct any information as needed. They are all involved in the community and put great effort in the finished product. Also, as far as editing style, the sound is clean and the pace consistent. Michael edits out dead air and unneeded transitions. The listener’s time is respected, and the pace is very satisfying.

Wndr ,

Entertaining and well thought out

Probably Poly has been really enjoyable to listen to. The host is very entertaining and knows his stuff. I've been learning some good info while laughing

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