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The Story of Keli Lane and the murder of baby Tegan Lane.Http://www.problemchildpodcast.com

Problem Child - The story of Keli Lane and the murder of baby Tegan Wicked Crime Podcast

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The Story of Keli Lane and the murder of baby Tegan Lane.Http://www.problemchildpodcast.com

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4.5 out of 5
71 Ratings

71 Ratings

angelboy1977 ,

For Australians, by Australians 🇦🇺

Well done for a home made podcast! Sound/production quality could be better, but that doesn't take away from the storytelling. The narrative is thoughtfully spaced out among the episodes, and the host goes into a lot of good detail without going on and on endlessly. I've never heard of Keli Lane in America, so everything about this case was new to me. The host lays it all out perfectly so it's easy to follow and quite entertaining. Actually, I thought the baby was a boy until like the 5th episode, but that's because I didn't know Tegan is a girl's name. It must be a cool Australian thing! 🤣

The only thing I didn't care for was one part when the host got a bit preachy about motherhood, adoptions, the legal system, etc. trying to make a point too obvious to bother saying out loud: the lady was a bad mom! Got it! No need to get to caught up hashing out the discourse (a little secret: Americans don't care!😉) because this podcast is well researched and unique enough to be profound simply by delivering the material.

Good true crime!

Suppercatscratch747 ,

Good Foundation

It’s got a lot going for it, the host is strong, clear and has a good speaking voice. The subject and real life characters are hard to believe. As far as room to grow the script is often repetitive. Stating the same facts in detail so editing it down and a little polishing. I had to skip most of few episodes due to sound quality. Work that out and it’s sunny days ahead. I plan listening 😀🌈❤️

Ajbuda ,

Well done, but what’s the point

So this seems well done, but I don’t see the point. I don’t see a mystery. No one should have sympathy for this woman. She was just a socially powerful and rich girl who used late term abortions a contraceptive. Didn’t tell the fathers of the child (should be a crime in my book). Drank and continues with laborious activities while pregnant. Slut-ed around on every man she dated and probably didn’t know who the father was for sure on a couple of the kids. Hopefully I see the point of this sometime, because it is well done, and I have been enjoying the Aussie Truecrime podcasts.

Also, where do they get this info that it is best for the bio parents to be involved/in touch with the adopted kid. As an adopted kid, this would have messed with me in soooo many ways not to mention affected my relationships with my real(adopted) parents. I’d love to hear where they get this ‘it’s better for the adopted kid for the bio parents to be involved from’. Is that seriously how it is in Australia?!

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