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Podcast diving deep with guests in different sectors to uncover problems in the world yet to be solved. Building a community of problem solvers.

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Podcast diving deep with guests in different sectors to uncover problems in the world yet to be solved. Building a community of problem solvers.

    Russ Poldrack - Problems with the mind

    Russ Poldrack - Problems with the mind

    Russell "Russ" Alan Poldrack is an American psychologist and neuroscientist. He is a professor of Psychology at Stanford University. In this episode we talk to him about the progression of neuroscience and the problems in which it's conducted. We talk about the potential to cure diseases and advance computing and the problems that need to be solved to get there.

    If neuroscience or medicine is off interest to you, this is an episode you must listen to.
    Special Guest: Russell Poldrack.

    • 36 min
    Nan Li - the Money is Obvious, help Legacy Sectors

    Nan Li - the Money is Obvious, help Legacy Sectors

    Nan is the managing director at Obvious Ventures, a venture capital firm that brings #worldpositive entrepreneurs together to solve humanity's biggest problems. Nan holds a BSE in computer science from the University of Michigan and is also an adjunct lecturer of Applied Symbolic Systems in Venture Capital & Entrepreneurship at Stanford University.

    Today our interview with Nan focused on the work that he does for Obvious Ventures and is stocked with invaluable advice on where to get ideas for projects and how to turn those ideas into #worldpositive companies. Stay tuned for content about what "industrial IQ" and "legacy sectors" are, and how leveraging them can help you to develop a playbook for digitizing old businesses and having positive social impact.
    Special Guest: Nan Li.

    • 37 min
    Zavain Dar - Creating deep tech for a new era

    Zavain Dar - Creating deep tech for a new era

    Zav is one of the most "in" people in tech right now. Holding a Master's in Computer Science from Stanford, Zav is a partner at Lux Capital, which is a VC firm focused on investing in emerging tech from the most innovative sectors. At Lux, Zav's been drawn to companies that use AI and machine learning to make the experience of life better, and has led investments in entrepreneurs doing so in everything from neural nets to medicines for rare diseases, and from quantum computing and to tax preparation. Zav has also applied his knack for philosophy towards drafting Lux's theses on Genetics, Synthetic Biology, and Blockchain, which basically means he knows what to look for in emerging startups in those sectors.

    When we googled Zav and really understood the depth and breadth of his skillset, we knew we had to tailor our discussion with him towards the more philosophical, and strategic parts of his work. As we sat down with him in Lux Capital's nice Menlo Park office space and chugged down our free sparkling waters we realized that we needed to pry Zav open and really touch on the parts of his work that truly drive humanity forward. So stay tuned for a great conversation about how, what and where to look for the right ideas that have a lot of impact, the problems with investing in these big ideas, and how AI / machine learning, quantum computing, crypto and emerging technology will shape our very immediate future.
    Special Guest: Zavain Dar.

    • 39 min
    Jo Boaler - Math education needs a new formula

    Jo Boaler - Math education needs a new formula

    Jo Boaler is all about math. An author, educator and founder from Britain, Jo is currently a mathematics professor at Stanford's Graduate School of Education and an activist for math education reform. She leads youcubed, an organization aimed at promoting real and fun learning of math to children, which hearing about to us was incredibly interesting, given that we've both seen first-hand the failure of public systems to deliver a proper math education. Im sure most of you would agree that, whether or not you were "naturally" good at it, math was probably the least well-taught and most boring class in school. It can be really de-motivating to not actually get a math concept and then not have fun at all while failing at learning it. Jo was super insightful when it came to these very real, very widespread problems in education and has a stellar track record of improving results and attitudes around math to back up her insights.
    Special Guest: Jo Boaler.

    • 34 min
    Graham Weston - Building cities of the future

    Graham Weston - Building cities of the future

    Graham is an investor and entrepreneur and the former CEO of Rackspace, a San Antonio based cloud computing company. He is currently promoting the civic development of downtown San Antonio and is really passionate about fostering a healthy environment for cities of the future. He's been involved in past efforts to build a better San Antonio with SA2020, he started Geekdom, a coworking space for entrepreneurs, and is very enthusiastic about reorienting cities and the social lifestyle to fit the innovation of tech.

    This episode was a super super in depth conversation that really hit on tangible, large scale problems with society, cities, tech, building the future, and more. Tune in for a really intellectually stimulating episode.
    Special Guest: Graham Weston.

    • 48 min
    Mason Hartman - The future of education starts with children

    Mason Hartman - The future of education starts with children

    Education, learning, and the leaders of the future.

    The children of today will be the Elon Musks and Elizabeth Warrens of tomorrow—and yet, we still educate them within a flawed system.

    When it comes to learning and the psychology behind child development, Mason Hartman is at the forefront of thought leaders. Motivated by the vast potential of children to achieve greatness, Mason is incredibly passionate about spurring change within these systems so as to ensure a better future for us and for our children.

    Tune in to hear her thoughts on child learning and development, how to best change current systems of education, and to join us in supporting the solving of the very real, very profitable problems that plague education.
    Special Guest: Mason Hartman.

    • 46 min

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4.9 out of 5
26 Ratings

26 Ratings

66886564 ,

Super Interesting!

Just listened to the Jo Boaler podcast and thought it was fascinating! Has completely changed the way I think about learning. Great questions and great choice of topic.

odobberstein ,

Worth a listen!

Interesting series that has been created here! For two first time podcast makers this is amazing quality and provides opinions to topics I hadn’t thought about. Good job!!

EJstan18 ,

Unique content leaves me with new perspectives

Love the show and the unique questions and angle they go for

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