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6 Ratings

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Process Theology podcast by Rabbi Brad Artson

This is the clearest presentation of Process & Emergent Theology / Philosophy that I have found. Rabbi Brad Artson presents the topic clearly, concisely, and in applicable ("real-world") terms. His use of light-hearted wit makes an intense, and potentially droll, academic topic engaging and memorable. If you read, or listen, to only ONE presentation on Process Theology, listen to the third podcast, "An Old / New Theology of Wholeness".

As a Christian who has sought a greater understanding of my faith through study of the common foundation of early Christianity and Rabbinic Judaism, I enjoyed "sitting in" on several of the podcasts presented in the traditional style of Rabbinic study. As I listened to Rabbi Artson's presentations, I heard the words of Jesus of Nazareth and of Paul of Tarsus instructing us to demonstrate the presence of G-d by acts of faith (not by just keeping "the Letter-of-the-Law").

As I listen to these podcasts, in the light of the "Historical Jesus Studies" of the last two decades [J.D.Crossin, Marcus Borg, and others], I can't help but think: Is this Process Theology stuff what Jesus was getting at when he said, "The Reign-of-God is within/among you!"

To paraphrase R. Artson's comment on the Torah in one of these podcasts: Christians ALSO get it wrong when they think that the Word-of-God is "just a book", or to further stretch the metaphor: that the Logos is "just" a person.

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