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Process to Profitability: Tools and Strategies to Serve Your Clients and Grow Your Small Business is a weekly interview show featuring creative women who are growing their small businesses with a focus on serving their clients and customers well. We'll discuss tools, strategies, and processes that you can apply to your own business in a way that fits you. From online creative entrepreneurs to product creators, professionals creating their own way of working to those just starting out, we'll be digging into it all. Join us today!

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Process to Profitability: Tools and Strategies to Serve Your Clients and Grow Your Small Business is a weekly interview show featuring creative women who are growing their small businesses with a focus on serving their clients and customers well. We'll discuss tools, strategies, and processes that you can apply to your own business in a way that fits you. From online creative entrepreneurs to product creators, professionals creating their own way of working to those just starting out, we'll be digging into it all. Join us today!

    120 | 7 More Website Updates to Bring in Dreamy Clients

    120 | 7 More Website Updates to Bring in Dreamy Clients

    As we wrap up Season 2 of Process to Profitability, I’m going to share 7 more website updates you should make in order to bring in more dreamy clients. Some of these things we’ve discussed briefly in previous episodes, but today I’m diving into the details of why you need to make these updates and the best practices. I’m talking about SSL certificates, FAQ sections, designing for legibility, SEO, and making sure your website looks the way you think it does.
    Make sure to listen in this week and then set aside some time to go through your own website and check out each of these items.
    Topics Discussed:
    Make sure your website is secure with an SSL certificate Benefits: prevents hackers from stealing data that is shared with you, may help website load faster, builds trust with visitors Google is prioritizing secured sites On some browsers, an unsecured website will display a warning that it might not be safe When you have an SSL certificate, visitors are always redirected to https version of your website To turn on in Squarespace: Home > Settings > Advanced > SSL > Check Secure Include FAQs Answer the most important questions to build trust and prevent unnecessary emails Include them on your services or sales page To minimize space, try using an accordion menu Format text for legibility Left aligned, regular case is most legible and should be used for all paragraphs Paragraphs should be no more than 5 sentences Minimize centered text to headlines Break up text with bullet points, columns, and design elements Make sure your text is dark enough to read (Contrast Checker) Add a name and page description to each page Find the SEO section of each page and make sure the page name is correct and includes your brand name Update the page description with a short description of what visitors can expect. This should be in sentence form and include your keywords and phrases. Check your site on multiple browsers and devices To make sure everyone is seeing the same thing, check your website on different browsers and devices than your design on If you don’t have access to different devices, you can use a website like Screenfly or Responsive Test Tool to preview your website on different screen sizes Simplify your navigation Keep only the most important pages in your navigation Main menu navigation should include About, Services, Blog, Contact The footer navigation should include Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, and design attribution You can also have secondary navigation in the footer with your most important pages and social media Update your Contact form Keep it short and generic, so you aren’t limiting the types of inquiries you receive Include the most important question – how did you hear about us? Connect to a CRM like Dubsado to automatically respond with next steps Resources Discussed:
    WebAIM Contrast Checker Screenfly Responsive Test Tool Dubsado Action Steps:
    Visit your website as a visitor and see what it looks like and if you need to make any changes Google your brand and your name to see how your website ranks and what description displays Check your contact form to see if you need to update it and make sure it’s working correctly

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    119 | Using Instagram Stories to Promote Your Services with Abby Jiu and Lisa Ziesing

    119 | Using Instagram Stories to Promote Your Services with Abby Jiu and Lisa Ziesing

    Today I’m talking about using Instagram Stories to promote your services with Abby Jiu and Lisa Ziesing of Abby Jiu Photography. I’m really excited about this episode because I have been watching their Instagram Stories and I love their approach. We are talking all about how they got started with Instagram Stories and tips about showing up in front of the camera and figuring out the content you should be sharing. We also talk about getting more engagement on their Stories and how they are engaging with both clients and those in the wedding industry all in one place.
    Topics Discussed:
    Why Abby and Lisa decided to make Instagram Stories part of their social media plan Tips for getting over the feat of showing up on camera The kinds of content you should be sharing Balancing personal, behind-the-scenes, and other content Creating Stories that resonate with your dream clients Getting more engagement on Stories The importance of showing your face The results Abby and Lisa have seen from using Instagram Stories Resources Discussed:
    Bandolier Later Over Apple Watch Action Steps:
    Find 3-5 themes you can talk about consistently and relate back to your brand Make a plan of what you will share and show up consistently Find someone to hold yourself accountable Connect with Abby and Lisa:
    Abby Jiu has had a passion for gorgeous imagery and creating art since before she can remember. But in 2009, she picked up a camera and hasn’t put it down since. Her style is the best of both worlds, using film and digital cameras alike to catch the stolen glances, fits of laughter, and heartfelt emotions sprinkled among the ever-important beautiful details that make each wedding day unique. She loves having the opportunity to get to know her brides and grooms and uses these relationships and her decade-plus of experience to capture precious memories in an intentional way. When she’s not behind the camera, Abby fills her time with her supportive husband Jamey, their lovable bulldog Penelope, and sweet son Cooper—who like her is always taking in the world around him. Abby loves D.C. but also revels in traveling abroad, finds relaxation in the form of eating something sweet while watching TV on the couch, and has a great appreciation for interior design and fashion.
    Lisa Ziesing has loved wedding photography long before she became the one creating it. She has been shooting film since her high school days on the yearbook staff and hasn’t stopped since. She’s in love with the details, getting to know the couple’s story, and getting challenged to take her work to new heights by the people she gets to collaborate with. When it isn’t wedding day, Lisa is most likely taking her high-energy Brittany pup Peaches for another walk, being an amateur food critic with her boyfriend Alex as they debate the merits of various Neapolitan pizza spots around town, and tending to the ever-growing collection of plants taking over her living room.
    Established in 2009, Abby Jiu Photography began with just Abby behind the lens. Five years later, Lisa joined her, expanding the team and the scope of weddings and events they cover. Over the years, Abby and Lisa have jointly documented dozens of weddings and traveled together for destination jobs as near as New York City and as far as Ireland and Portugal. They also spend plenty of time together in their stylish Northern Virginia office. And even though they shoot individually too, the bond they’ve formed is undeniable.
    This foundation makes them solid partners in business but also great friends. Perhaps it’s in the astrological cards—Abby’s a Scorpio and Lisa’s a Cancer—or maybe it’s just that they can anticipate each other’s needs seamlessly, work off each other’s energy, and share a passion for film photography and documenting special moments. Not to mention, they are both always u

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    118 | How Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs Can Sell Without Compromising Empathy and Integrity with Heather Dominick

    118 | How Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs Can Sell Without Compromising Empathy and Integrity with Heather Dominick

    Today I’m talking with Heather Dominick about How Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs can sell without compromising empathy and integrity. We talk about what it means to be a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur and how Heather found out she was one. We also about the challenges that face HSEs when it comes to selling and ways that you can look at selling differently and make it more about serving your potential clients. We also talk about common coping mechanisms and the Coping Cycle so that you can understand how this part of who you are can be a benefit to you and your business.
    Topics Discussed:
    What it means to be a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur How Heather discovered her Highly Sensitive nature Common HSE traits you may recognize in yourself The challenges HSEs face when selling How selling looks different as an HSE The first step to great sales conversations Common coping mechanisms of HSEs and the Coping Cycle Resources Discussed:
    Elaine Aron HSE Quiz Actions Steps:
    Take the HSE quiz to see if you are a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur Learn how to work with your HSE nature Begin seeing your HSE nature as an asset in business Connect with Heather:
    Heather Dominick is a woman who is impressively successful and highly spiritual. A former high school drama teacher who collaborated with none other than Bette Midler. A graduate of NYU where she received her first coach training. Heather is the winner of the 2015 Best of Manhattan Coaching Award and creator of the 2014 Stevie Award-winning virtual event A Course In Business Miracles®: 21-Day Discovery Series that attracted close to 6,000 official registrants from all around the world including: Iceland, Nigeria, Russia, Asia, South America, Australia, Europe and the U.S. 
    She has appeared on Lifetime Television and has been published in numerous books including Stepping Stones to Success alongside Deepak Chopra.
    An exceptional facilitator and teacher Heather is known for creating a safe, sacred community for true transformation whether she is teaching a Business Miracles® Class, delivering training online or in-person or mentoring members of her Business Miracles Community in her various Mentoring Programs. She has helped thousands of HSE®s release life-long limiting beliefs, overcome fears and learn how to build their business in a way that actually feels so good that they can’t help but create solid, sustainable, high-level financial success.
    Heather is also the founder and leader of the Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur® movement.
    HSE Quiz Website Facebook

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    117 | Building an Authentic Brand with Genecia Alluora

    117 | Building an Authentic Brand with Genecia Alluora

    Today I’m talking with Genecia Alluora about building an authentic brand online. We talk about how she built her business and brand online and some of the challenges she faced. She gives us an exercise that we can use to make sure that our brand is authentic and then we talk about building a support system full of people that align with your values and the vision you have for your business.
    Topics Discussed:
    Why having a brand means and why it’s more than just a logo Creating a personal and authentic brand The challenges Genecia faced when starting her online business An exercise you can use to make sure that you’re showing up authentically online Tips for building a support system and finding a mentor The importance of building a community that supports you Action Steps:
    Look at your social media and your messaging to make sure they are in sync with who you are Do the authentic brand exercise discussed in the podcast Find yourself a community you can rely on Connect with Genecia:
    Genecia Alluora is former Miss Singapore and Southeast Asia Woman of Excellence 2010. She is the Founder of Soul Rich Woman, the #1 female entrepreneur network in Southeast Asia that connects more than 12,000 women across the region, with presence in 7 countries including Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia. The Soul Rich Woman network helps women build their brand and online reputation for more customers, confidence, and credibility — while making a positive impact in the world. Prior to this, she was an owner of a cafe retail chain with a presence in 3 countries and successfully exited to a public listed company. Profiled in CNBC and China Daily, Genecia is also an expert public speaker and has spoken in recent major events, including the RISE Conference in Hong Kong, Success Conference and Expo Asia 2018 in Hanoi, and National Achievers’ Congress in Manila.
    Website 7 Steps to Delegate 80% of Your To-Do List

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    116 | How to Stay Focused with Jodi Graham

    116 | How to Stay Focused with Jodi Graham

    Today I’m talking about how to stay focused with Jodi Graham. We dive into different ways that you can stay focused on your business to make sure that you’re moving forward. We start by talking about why staying focused is so important and the different ways that we can make sure we’re doing that in our business. We talk about tracking our progress, keeping our tasks specific, making sure everything we’re doing is important to our business, and brain dumping. Jodi talks about what a braindump is, how it can help us, and how we can do it. She also gives some recommendations for tools you can test to see if they will work for you and talks about letting go of tasks that we find out aren’t important. You can get here free Daily Planner download at http://my.jodigraham.com/daily-planner-freebie.
    Topics Discussed:
    Why it’s important to stay focused How tracking your progress can help you stay on task The importance of being specific in the tasks you’re working on Making sure that each item on your to-do list is important Using a braindump to help you stay focused Tools Jodi recommends to her clients Letting go of tasks that aren’t important to your business Resources Discussed:
    Google Sheets Evernote Asana Trello Scribblar Whiteboard Fox Calmly Writer Action Steps:
    Set aside 15 minutes to do a braindump Review everything on your to-do list and ask yourself why you're working on it and some other why questions Create a space to track your progress Connect with Jodi:
    Jodi is the health food-obsessed, woo-woo loving, bookworm Productivity Coach who’s hooked on getting things done. She works with online side-hustlers who feel like they're missing out on biz income and growth because of shiny object syndrome, getting them focused on growing their biz quicker. You can get here free Daily Planner download at http://my.jodigraham.com/daily-planner-freebie.
    Website Instagram Facebook

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    115 | How I’m (Not) Doing It All

    115 | How I’m (Not) Doing It All

    Being a mom and a business owner isn’t easy. Right now, we’ve chosen to keep our baby at home, which means that I’m constantly bouncing back and forth between work and motherhood. It hasn’t been easy – I’ve struggled with accepting that I can’t do it all.
    Today I’m sharing how I’ve come to (almost) be okay with the fact that things aren’t going to look the way I hope they will and how I’m setting my priorities for both my business and my family. I’m also going to give you a glimpse into what my schedule looks like in this season of life and how asking for help has made running a business while raising a 6-month-old so much easier.
    Topics Discussed:
    Why it was a struggle for me to let go of doing it all The most important conversation my husband and I have had since becoming parents (deciding on our priorities) How I’m balancing time in my business and time with my son right now (working during naps – Little Z Sleep, setting aside time to engage with Daniel – Storytime, sensory activities) Asking for help (sending Daniel to friends when I need to record, having my social media manager and podcast editor on my team) What my schedule looks like in this season The decisions we’re making moving forward as a family (technology) Resources I’m loving as a mom Resources Discussed:
    Little Z Sleep CanDo Kiddo Rachael Jamison Caity Dougherty The Tech-Wise Family by Andy Crouch Feeding Littles hope&plum Facebook Community Action Steps:
    Make a list of the most important business and personal tasks Find some friends or family members who can watch your kids for a few hours here and there when you need some concentrated work time (or you need to take an uninterrupted shower) Set aside some time to do something that fuels you

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4.9 out of 5
18 Ratings

18 Ratings

Sssooooo Venturian fan ,

Process and Profitability delivers!

The amount of qualitative content that Samantha delivers is wonderful. She is what the industry needed! Someone that can get the process into a format that is easy to understand and quick to apply! After all, most of us have a business to run. Samantha shows us how to improve on what we have.

ReeRee1022 ,

Helpful, actionable contact for women entrepreneurs!

Whether Samantha is solo or has a knowledgeable guest interview, there are always multiple actionable takeaways in each episode.

Wendy Breakstone ,

Smart, Actionable Advice!

Samantha brings the great advice to her podcast - especially if you're a new or growing service-based pro. You going to get real-world, non-fluffy actions on every podcast. I'm always excited for Thursdays when her new episode hits!

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