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HVAC/R products discussed openly and honestly by reps, manufacturers, contractors and technicians from across the industry

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HVAC/R products discussed openly and honestly by reps, manufacturers, contractors and technicians from across the industry

    Episode 9 - ProFit Quick Connect from Rectorseal

    Episode 9 - ProFit Quick Connect from Rectorseal

    Guest: Brian Ilagan from Rectorseal
    Rectorseal reviews the new non flaring and non brazing line set install solution ProFit Quick Connect.
    This product reduces the need for a flame or torch on site
    Review of the rigorous testing on the product prior to bringing to market
    Its applications and its limitations regarding refrigerant and types of systems
    Install procedures
    Objections technicians may have in adopting this product
    For more information or need to find distribution, reach out to sal@productsbypros.com or Brian Ilagan directly brian.ilagan@rectorseal.com

    • 14 min
    Episode 8 - Manometers

    Episode 8 - Manometers

    What is a manometer?
    How is manometer different from other pressure gauges?
    How a can a manometer measure air flow?
    Does a mono meter measure direct pressure ?
    How does a manometer compare to a micron gauge when measuring pressure?
    Should most techs have a manometer
    How can a manometer be used with a gas furnace ?
    How is a manometer used in home performance ?
    Are most manometers standard ?
    When should I buy I higher grade, precise manometer?
    Additional applications of a manometer in the field

    • 16 min
    Episode 7 - Micron Gauges

    Episode 7 - Micron Gauges

    Guest: Bryan Orr What should technicians looks at when deciding on a micron gauge Why should a tech even use a micron gauge What role does fear or pain play in the use of micron gauges What type of technicians don’t care about proper vacuum or micron gauges What is the cost of adoption for high end tools What are the pressures techs deal with How can techs save time and relieve pressures Proper evacuation What are the incentives for techs to do things properly What role does integrity play when it comes to business owners doing things properly What micron gauge from Accutools would you suggest for technicians Why do you consider Accutools micron gauges reliable Looking to learn more ? https://www.hvacrschool.com/evac/ want to have supplied near carry Accutools ?reach out to sal@productsbypros.com

    • 28 min
    Episode 6 - Solderweld Alloys

    Episode 6 - Solderweld Alloys

    Guest: Lance Robinson 
    What separates solderweld alloys from other alloy companies 
    Why techs should even care about solderweld alloys
    What kits does solderweld have 
    What happens when a manufacturer listens to technicians 
    Want to support in getting wholesalers to carry solderweld 
    Reach out to sal@productsbypros.com

    • 18 min
    Episode 5 - Solderweld and Rectorseal on HotBlock

    Episode 5 - Solderweld and Rectorseal on HotBlock

    Guest Lance Robinson from Solderweld
    Guest David Cyrus from Rectorseal 
    Why solderweld partnered with solderweld on hotblock 
    How does safety apply when it comes to hotblock 
    Why is a wet rag not enough 
    Why you don’t have to keep buying the product
    Why does hotblock come dry and crumbly
    How can a tech get hotblock near them
    Need help getting solderweld at a wholesaler near you ? Reach out to sal@productsbypros.com

    • 17 min
    Episode 4 - Inside a wholesaler

    Episode 4 - Inside a wholesaler

    • 52 min

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A peak behind the curtains!

A great peak behind the curtain on the HVAC industry all while getting the word out on great products.

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Valuable info for HVAC pros

Practical advice on products for techs... by techs!

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Thanks sal for helping us hvac guys and working with mr. orr

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