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Anna Goldstein is an NYU certified coach, entrepreneur, Huffington Post contributor, former nationally ranked tennis player and author. The Profit With Purpose show is an informative and uplifting podcast where Anna dives into lives of entrepreneurs, healers, and change-makers who are making money through living their purpose. The goal is to provide practical tips to inspire you to be profitable living your life’s purpose. As a student of psychology, new age thinking, meditation, mindfulness techniques and yoga, Anna weaves these spiritual principles into her show. Find out more at: annagoldstein.com

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Anna Goldstein is an NYU certified coach, entrepreneur, Huffington Post contributor, former nationally ranked tennis player and author. The Profit With Purpose show is an informative and uplifting podcast where Anna dives into lives of entrepreneurs, healers, and change-makers who are making money through living their purpose. The goal is to provide practical tips to inspire you to be profitable living your life’s purpose. As a student of psychology, new age thinking, meditation, mindfulness techniques and yoga, Anna weaves these spiritual principles into her show. Find out more at: annagoldstein.com

    #184: Sandy Forster: From Welfare to Millionaire

    #184: Sandy Forster: From Welfare to Millionaire

    Sandy Forster is an international speaker, bestselling author, renowned Prosperity Mentor, multi-award-winning Entrepreneur and a Wildly Wealthy Woman! She'll show you the exact steps she used to turn her own life around from welfare to millionaire. After discovering the Law of Attraction, she was able to turn her life around to become a money mindset mentor to women, and has since won many business awards including International Mentor of the Year as well as Australian Business of the Year and Entrepreneur of the Year.
    Listen in as she shares how she went from being $100,000 in debt and dependent on welfare to debt-free millionaire with a beachfront home on the Sunshine Coast.
    How did you go from living on welfare to where you are now?
    I have a life that I, once upon a time, absolutely only dreamed of. Right now, I live in a beautiful home on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. I have a business I adore. I run an international life coach training academy and I train people to be Law of Attraction coaches. I built this business out of absolutely nothing. I work with women and their mindset and help them really change how they think about and manifest money. I used to be $100,000 in debt and ended up on welfare. I attribute it all to discovering the Law of Attraction and taking action on that idea. When you combine mindset with practical steps, that’s where the magic happens.
    Why wasn’t anything working even after all the books, seminars, and workshops?
    I got married, had two children, and got divorced. I lost all of my assets, went $100,000 in debt, and became dependent on welfare. I saw a hypnotherapist and realized during my session that I had a passion for personal development. One day, I saw an ad which said “personal development, strong work ethic, make money”. I rang up the lady and discovered that the ad was for a network marketing company with a product based on the Law of Attraction. The company itself didn’t last, but discovering the Law of Attraction finally connected the dots for me. I had the idea for another business around the theme “Wildly Wealthy Women”, which would go on to become a training and support community on the mindset and practical steps toward being your own boss. In the first year, it made close to $2 million dollars. I went on to attend an Anthony Robbins seminar and discovered life coaching, which finally led to me launching my own life coach training academy.
    How do you use the Law of Attraction to improve your finances?
    You’ve got to take action. Step number one is to get your mindset in the right place—what I call a Millionaire Mindset. Step number two is to find a mentor. If you try to figure it all out on your own, you will waste time, energy, and so much money. Find someone who has already done what you want to do and is willing to guide and support you, even if you only start out listening to their podcast, reading their book, or attending their seminar. The final step is to take action. Stop wasting time getting your ducks in a row. Instead of “ready, aim, fire”, I go “ready… fire!”
    Can you describe the timeline between getting divorced to earning your first million dollars?
    What people need to understand is that there’s a lot of stuff that goes on behind the scenes until you actually get to the point where you’re a good manifester. You don’t discover the “secret” and change your life overnight. Depending on the person, it can be very quick or very slow. I was a very hard nut to crack. It was a good ten years between my divorce and becoming a millionaire. I discovered the Law of Attraction seven years after getting divorced. Three years later, I earned my first million. Just know that your newfound wealth will never stay unless you’ve got your mindset right and constantly kept in check.
    Do you think that most people get the Law

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    #183: Katie DePaola: Learning to Glow Through Dark Times

    #183: Katie DePaola: Learning to Glow Through Dark Times

    Katie DePaola is the CEO and Founder of Inner Glow Circle, a successful training company for coaches and entrepreneurs, and has also authored the book, “At Least You Look Good“, which tells the story of Katie’s inspiring comeback after multiple life obstacles that came by. Having survived experiences that almost had her life done, Katie has emerged even stronger and more mindful than she’s ever been before. Exactly one hundred days after opening her business, her brother died from an accidental overdose. Also a Lyme Disease survivor, she built her business from her bathtub, taking the company from a self-funded startup to a million-dollar business. Through certification programs, memberships, and online courses, Katie has taught thousands of women how to “glow through what they go through.”
    In a moving conversation today, we explore through her eyes the opportunities that birth from struggling scenarios and learn to revive our thinking to grab the learning out of any situation. If you wonder why life’s been hard on you, and feel like you cannot get up from where you’ve fallen, and want to assemble your broken pieces again.
    Katie shares her experience writing the book, learning to know herself better spiritually and as a human. [0:58] She gives us a reality check moment and asks us to follow what we desire, also revealing what she’d decided her book to be titled previously. [11:00] Know where the name of the book came from. [15:09] Key takeaway- Know the 5 life principles that she’s addressed in the book and why she keeps them: [18:09] Life gets better and better Take giving up off of the table Ask what’s possible and not what’s probable It’s this or something better always What’s meant for me can’t miss me Katie talks about healing and pain and why it’s important to understand that hard times don’t last forever. [20:10] How she still finds her brother close even today. [33:05] Katie talks of something in her life that’s taken years to materialize. [46:37] Understanding the energy of the universe and how you find your purpose in life. [50:56] Find her book on the platforms mentioned. [51:02] Katie’s advice for you- Think always, “How could this be an opportunity?” [51:45] Relevant Links:
    Katie’s book: https://www.amazon.com/At-Least-You-Look-Good-ebook/dp/B08NL9Q8NB
    Katie on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/katiedepaola/
    Katie’s Website: https://www.innerglowcircle.com/katie/

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    #182: Anna Goldstein: Life Update

    #182: Anna Goldstein: Life Update

    Life update: we're moving temporarily to Florida. 

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    #181: Jason Harris: The Art of Soulful Persuasion

    #181: Jason Harris: The Art of Soulful Persuasion

    Jason Harris is Co-Founder and CEO of Mekanism, an award-winning creative advertising agency. Jason is the author of The Soulful Art of Persuasion that highlights the 11 habits you need to become more authentically or soulfully persuasive. He proves that persuasion is not a dirty word, but the most positive, productive, and ethical way of changing peoples’ minds through the cultivation of character building habits.
    Become a person with more fulfilling experiences and more authentic personal relationships! Tune in to this episode to learn the power of positivity and persuasion, collaboration, storytelling, building lasting relationships, and actionable habits that you can implement to become a master influencer. 
    Why did you write The Soulful Art of Persuasion? What was the inspiration behind it?
    He’s an avid reader, listener of podcasts, and loves reading business books. As an entrepreneur, he’s figuring out how other people approach business and sales, so he consumes that type of content. It dawned on him that there’s something different about the way he approaches business and the principals he follows compared to everyone else’s approach. He saw transactional, short-term methods of building a business rather than relationship and long-term focused methods. He had a different angle and a different thing to say in the business book atmosphere. To Jason, the idea of being a soulful persuader and influencer is being an influencer in your personal and professional sphere.
    What are the core principals of your book and how did you develop these principals?
    Jason worked at a lot of different companies before starting his own and he felt like he didn’t respond well to a lot of the company cultures he was experiencing. There wasn’t much of a space where people could feel truly themselves and be original, so he learned a lot of what he wanted to create and the ways he wanted to work from seeing what other people were doing, both positive and negative. He kept a journal of these ideas and beliefs until he developed the four core beliefs that he follows to this day. The four principals are: be original, be generous, be empathetic, and be soulful. His inspiration also came from books he was reading, the way people made him feel, and seeing success growing from long-term relationships.
    How did you decide that those four, out of all the principals we could live by, were essential?
    The 11 habits he mentions in the book fall under these categories. Being soulful came last to him, but the other three came from a balance of business, how he wants to pursue his life, and the type of person he wants to be. Some of the habits came naturally to him and some he had to practice and develop over time.
    What’s an example of something that was not natural for you?
    Jason isn’t a naturally generous person. He says he was born on the more self-absorbed and slightly selfish side. Through work and growing up and his experiences, he realized that it’s a characteristic that’s really important.
    When working with big brands, how do you tell a story that can build a sense of trust, but that is also not transactional?
    You can’t always do that. They’ll send you a brief of what to talk about and then you come up with the creative work off of that brief. You have to absorb what they’re saying and what they want to accomplish, then crack the creative and spit it back to them with ideas that position the brand in a way that you feel is right. It’s always a dance with what you feel the audience will respond to and what the brand thinks they will respond to. He tries to embody the principals of being original and knowing the audience.
    Do you think the art of storytelling in a way that connects with the person or brand applies to long-term relationships?
    Definitely, 100%. When he talks about relationships, there are personal an

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    #180: Jenny Fenig: Dealing with Loss and Discovering Magic

    #180: Jenny Fenig: Dealing with Loss and Discovering Magic

    Jenny Fenig is the creator of the Get Gutsy movement, is a coach to spiritual women on a mission. Jenny’s mission is simple: help you touch more lives with your message and cash in on your calling.® After a successful (and stressful!) corporate career managing public relations campaigns for the biggest brands in the world and then producing premium business conferences, she realized she was far too much of a rebel to be employed by someone else. Freedom is her top value. After a successful corporate career in New York City, Jenny quit her 6-figure job to do what she was put on this planet to do: coach gutsy leaders to rise to their next level.  She does this by empowering you to tune in, do less + make more.
    The death of her 12-year-old sister Julie taught her not to stress about stuff that doesn’t matter. Surviving her death as a 16-year-old high school girl made her who she is today.
    In this episode, we talk about how to connect with nature and why it’s important, how to do more in less time, how death can be a catalyst to create more meaning and so much more. Listen up with an open heart and mind.
    It appears that missions have been a big part of your life. What would you say your mission is now?
    Jenny’s mission is to remind women that they are magic makers and to reclaim the word “magic”. Magic is working with nature and the seasons to create something beautiful and sustainable and that helps make the world better. We do that so gloriously. We are designed that way. It’s such a trip!
    When we rely on technology exclusively to fill us, then it’s really easy to disconnect from what’s really going on. So her mission is to remind women that they have wonderful gifts, talents and creations inside of them to bring forth and bring language and context to. They can put them into a very intelligent container, price them, sell them, and receive abundance for doing so… what a wonderful thing, that we can do this from home and on our own schedule! We have the tools to be able to create this magic and create whatever life we want.
    Would you say that magic has an element of creation?
    What if we’re not feeling the magic?
    Be you. Know that when it’s time, transformation is beautiful. The butterfly doesn’t start out as a butterfly, it starts out as a caterpillar. The caterpillar just rocks the caterpillar life and when it’s time, boom! The cocoon starts being created, but then the cocoon has to get really tight and that’s also uncomfortable. These transitions are very uncomfortable and sometimes we want to rush through them, but nature never rushes. So can we get our cues from nature and say when the time is really right? Can we trust the timetable and know that it’s working and that we’re on the right path?
    We’re all trained for instant gratification. We need all these conveniences and we think that can be applied to everything, but it’s just not the way that it works. We have to come to a place where we are so deeply connected to our intuition, our own inner knowing, that we know it’s working and it’s working because we are still showing up and doing the work. Making it easier doesn’t mean you’re checked out and not doing the stuff that you know you need to.
    Children are often more connected to magic and at some point, it seems we get cut off. When did you reconnect with magic?
    Space camp was a reconnection to the magic and Jenny would do things where she felt like she was in her genius. Being around people who are like her. Jenny moved to NYC after graduating and worked for a public relations agency. That’s what she thought she was meant to do. She was disconnected, she wasn’t treating her body well, she was drinking too much, and she realized it wasn’t working for her anymore. Jenny realized she was running from her feelings, the grief from when her sister di

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    #179: Kelly Lynn Adams: Burnout, Working with Imperfections, & Taking Action

    #179: Kelly Lynn Adams: Burnout, Working with Imperfections, & Taking Action

    How to work with imperfections and get into action. 
    [02:15] Kelly’s first job was on wall street and investment banking
    [03:35] How to use your experience from being in the fashion world now in the coaching world and in your business
    [06:37] The way challenges can help you with your resiliency and your discipline
    [09:03] Confidence, in essence, is being more focused on what you can do versus what you can't do
    [13:23] The key is taking that step, eat, like feeling uncomfortable. In the feeling comfortable in the uncomfortable
    [15:45] Know that there's always going to be a leap that you take to that you question yourself
    [16:28] That's how people relate, when you're vulnerable and you mess things up and not saying mess things up purposely
    [18:13] Health is so important, we need to pay attention to auto-immune kind of things going on
    [19:12] At the end, you're done when you're on your death bed
    [37:09] How slowing down helped Kelly become more grateful
    [38:58] There's a lot of like this chasing energy, being grateful for what you have versus when things hit the fan.
    [41:24] Ask yourself what are really my priorities right now?
    [42:29] Having respect for like the growth process
    “We're chasing this moment and it comes for a moment, but then there's another moment after that and it fades. So then you're left with what is, so the more that you can condition yourself to inhabit good feelings, then the more you're going to feel good.”
    “Like we want the external validation or we want to, we want to feel accomplishment or we want to feel perfect or like all of that.”
    “Nothing's an overnight success and it's just doing the action day in and day out. And it's not always going to feel sexy. It's not always going to feel glamorous, but you will feel in flow.”

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5.0 out of 5
42 Ratings

42 Ratings

marzulloassociates ,

Incredible show!

Anna’s show is a breath of fresh air. Inspiring stories and passion-driven advice that everyone needs to hear. Highly recommend!

Clarisse Gomez ,

Awesome Podcast!!!

Anna, host of the Profit with Purpose podcast, highlights all aspects of health & fitness and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!

APat11 ,

Anna is such a beautiful soul!

I had the pleasure of not only listening to all these gems of info Anna has brought through her amazing interviews, but to actually being interviewed by her was an even greater experience. Being on both the listener side and working directly with her has allowed me to truly experience her gifts. This was honestly my first podcast ever and I must say because of Anna it won’t be my last. Anna knows just how to guide the conversation to bring the listener valuable information while allowing the interviewee a comfortable and open platform to freely express themselves and share their expertise and point of view. Her questions are well thought out and will captivate and draw in any audience.
Anna, thank you for creating a warm space where many different topics and people can come together and share their experiences in this space we call life. I am glad that I had my first public experience of sharing my life with a soul like you. Keep Shining! Love and Light.

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