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The Psyche of Success helps individuals and businesses live more fully into their potential, achieve both success and fulfillment, and raise their standard of living. Through guest interviews and teaching, you will master the soul (psyche) of success and take your life and your business to the next level. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/psycheofsuccess/support

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The Psyche of Success helps individuals and businesses live more fully into their potential, achieve both success and fulfillment, and raise their standard of living. Through guest interviews and teaching, you will master the soul (psyche) of success and take your life and your business to the next level. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/psycheofsuccess/support

    Episode 13- Andrew Brandt, Local Best Selling Author

    Episode 13- Andrew Brandt, Local Best Selling Author

    On today’s episode of The Psyche of Success Podcast we will bring on local business owner / author Andrew Brandt. Andrew started writing books at an early age and that writing came naturally to him, since he grew up at the library. I hope you enjoy hearing Andrew’s story on this episode of the Psyche of Success!

    What you will hear during the episode

    The first stories that Andrew wrote as a kid.

    How summer reading programs helped keep the love for reading alive.

    How reading books helps feed your mind to become a better writer.

    Andrew’s definition of success.

    How you can turn books into a class.

    How one takes the steps to writing a book.

    The process Andrew goes through when writing his books.

    What keeps Andrew up at night.

    How Andrew embraced his first one star review?

    Does a five star review really matter?

    The love of being self published

    How Andrew uses writing as a coping method.

    Andrews plan for audiobooks.

    Why Andrew chose the Indie Genre.

    Parting advice from Andrew on chasing your passion.

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    Links mentioned in this episode

    Psyche of Success


    Jody Holland Books

    SMART ASS FOR YOUR BS (bit.ly/smartassbook) 

    Andrew Brandt Books

    In the Fog

    The Treehouse

    The Abduction of Sarah Phillips


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    Episode 12 - Jose Morales of Impact Apparel

    Episode 12 - Jose Morales of Impact Apparel

    Jose Morales - Impact Apparel

    Moved to Amarillo about a year ago, leaving Odessa and the oilfield.

    He started his business after 7 months of saving. IMPACT means leaving a legacy, having an impact in this world.

    Success is about learning, growing, and becoming better every day.

    Life is about the little improvements you make on a daily basis.

    Most people would rather argue about their limitations instead of accept that there are no limitations.

    Jose is continuously learning from as many people as he can.

    The person I look up to is the person I am becoming. When you look toward the future, you find the custom-made self you desire to become.

    When you are absolutely certain about who you are and where you’re going, the world around you conforms to you.

    You get to choose whether or not to listen to the negativity in your life.

    Jose is motivated by his desire to keep his passion in front of him.

    I consume content so I have more to offer the people around me.

    Jose’s advice is to just go for it. Don’t hesitate!

    The True Impact Podcast

    Chuy9909 Is his Instagram

    Also search Impact_Apparel


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    Episode 11 - Gabe Morgan, owner of Phone Medic of Amarillo

    Episode 11 - Gabe Morgan, owner of Phone Medic of Amarillo

    Gabe Morgan Show Notes Episode 11

    Gabe Morgan went to Caprock High School, started at AC, and discovered his passion for entrepreneurship.

    Some people are so poor, all they have is money. Success isn’t just about the dollars in the bank account. It is more of a perspective on your entire life.

    David Goggins is one of the authors / podcasters / and intensely driven leaders that has strongly influenced Gabe in his life.

    Gabe was separated from his birth mom at birth and was recently reconnected with her. Based on his experience of this, he wanted to create a better identity for himself and a better path for those who follow him in his bloodline.

    Gabe and I had a frank discussion about mental illness and finding a pathway to success despite restrictions.

    “When your blueprint doesn’t match your life, you are in pain.” Tony Robbins

    Money is the byproduct of living your life in the right way.

    Check out the book from Wallace Wattles - The Science of Getting Rich

    Advice for the listeners - “Miss a meal but never miss a good book.” Jim Rohn

    Take the time to read every single day. A book can literally change your life.

    You can get in touch with Gabe Morgan.

    Phone Medic of Amarillo

    Facebook: Phone Medic of Amarillo



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    Episode 10 - Kyle Sanders, The Servant Leader

    Episode 10 - Kyle Sanders, The Servant Leader

    Kyle Sanders Kyle_sanders1@yahoo.com

    Kyle has been in the Healthcare Leadership game for over 30 years.

    He has been developing the potential of people for years and is not in the arena of reaching out as a coach to companies that are needing assistance.

    He has specialized in building amazing cultures.

    Creating the right culture with great communication generates a greater speed of execution.

    “When the relationship is there, the performance follows. When the performance is there, the profitability follows.”

    How do you define success?

    You are in the right place that you are supposed to be in at that time and you are flourishing. This is the intersection of success and happiness.

    Who has been a mentor and what have you learned from them?

    Moody Chisholm has been a tremendous influence on Kyle’s life. He is a quality individual, who has a true heart for people. He started as a supervisor in the housekeeping department, giving him perspective.

    He has both faith and belief in others.

    He loves and serves others.
    He managed his interactions well with others.
    He created a solid speed of execution. You knew when to be serious and get things done for him. When you believe in your leader, you act as soon as he asks.
    He had great clarity as a leader.

    What keeps you up at night?

    I tend to be more stressed on the little things and more at peace with the true strategic directions in business.

    He worries out about doing the right things to be a great leader connected to other people’s relationships.

    What advice would you have the listeners?

    It is better to execute with depth and purpose than to try to take on too many things.

    You doo have to love the people you serve as a leader.

    Create intentional situation where you have the ability to connect.

    Everyone needs to have goals. Set goals that move the dial with your purpose.

    In order to accomplish the things that matter the most, you have to become good at saying no while relentlessly pursuing your goals.

    Brian Tracy - Eat That Frog (Book)


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    Episode 9: Matt Le - Allergic 2 Average

    Episode 9: Matt Le - Allergic 2 Average

    Matt Le Podcast Notes
    Matt Le is 27, born and raised in Amarillo. He is the founder of Allergic 2 Average. He strives to help people change their thinking so they can go beyond settling for good enough. His brand is a lifestyle brand with a message.
    He is working with school districts with a program he developed called, CREATE.
    Each person is created to create. When we live into our potential and create consistently, we find joy as well as success.
    Internal attribution is one of the most impactful shifts we can make in order to achieve what we desire. Internal attribution is about owning your choices, emotions, thoughts, and all that you do. External attribution is blaming things outside of us for where we are in life.
    One of his mentors is Dubb Alexander and how he overcame the struggles in his life, not allowing anything to hold him back.
    There is an extreme importance in our identity. When we do what we were made to do, we live into that identity.
    One of the great challenges we face is holding true to who we are in the face of what seems like a great opportunity.
    When we model a successful person, we model the beliefs of that person. When we change our beliefs, we are effectively changing our identities. This can be an internal battle because the subconscious fights to preserve identity. That is why it has to be so intentional.
    The science of mind shows that what you put into your mind determines what you get out of your reality.
    When you learn to believe and think in the same way as a successful person, you learn to embrace the habits of a successful person. To develop the right habits, write down everything that you do during the day and then assign a value to the things you do during the day. Some of the things will have no value and some will have great value. The things with the most value are the things you should do first. These are the habits of success. Pick 5 or fewer habits to do before everything else each and every day.
    Are we so busy that awe are not focused or are we so focused on the right things that we are successful but not overly busy?
    If you are interested in the #GSD Planner, you can find it at: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1633900568/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_m6ZiEbQ5QPVW9
    There is a period of time right after high school where people get caught up in other people’s lives and forget to manage their own life.
    Think about who you are and what you want to build so that you have something you love to pursue in life.
    Put the right things into your life so you get the right things back out of your time. It is about investing your time so that you get a return on investment. Don’t spend time. Invest it.
    Find more about Matt at; https://allergic2avg.com
    Allergic2avg is his handle on all social platforms.
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    Episode 8: Jon Fuller - Finding the Authentic You

    Episode 8: Jon Fuller - Finding the Authentic You

    Jon Fuller Podcast Episode

    This is a dual episode that is on RU Real as well as on Psyche of Success. This was recorded months back, but the conversation is as relevant today as ever.

    Jon Fuller

    In the beginning, success was just about the money. Now, success is about fulfilling my purpose. It is our job to find our gifts and talents and then to live into those things. We find success in different areas of our lives.

    Prayer is the key to pushing through the tough times. It is also the key to controlling your words. When we keep our cool, ask for God’s guidance, and then listen, we can make through even the toughest arguments.

    Jody Holland

    In the beginning, success was about chasing the things / stuff / money. I was miserable chasing the wrong thing.

    I am an author, speaker, and trainer. Success is about living into my authentic self.

    To push through tough times, it is me trying to get through the mental doubts that plague me. I step back and ensure I have a clear definition of me. When I am fully me, I am happy. When I help other people, I find joy.

    Jon Fuller

    What keeps Jon awake is not being able to live into his purpose and not being the man he needs to be for his family. He also stresses at times to ensure he does a great job at work.

    Jody Holland

    I worry that I am not doing enough. I always want people to feel they got tremendous value as well as tremendous entertainment when they meet with me, listen to me, or engage with me.

    Jon has a book on Amazon called DIY: Remodel Your Life. You can find it here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1633900479/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_jujiEb7SZS45M

    When we manage our day and what we allow into the day, we manage our success. Spend your time ensuring that you do what you are supposed to do each and every day.

    Faith, Family, Fun, Finance, Fitness are the 5 things that Jon teaches on for people to find the success they desire.

    You need to set goals for each of the areas of your life. You can’t stack all your goals into one single area.

    Jon Fuller - Best Advice

    Love God. Love People. Do what is best for everyone.

    Always consider that you reap what you sow.

    Jody Holland - Best Advice at the time…

    Nobody is stopping you. When you think about finding and achieving success, you have the choice to do what you want to do. The only excuse we have for not being where we want to be is that we have not chosen to move forward.

    For more information on Jon Fuller and his podcast as well as his books, check out: http://rureal.org


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