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Psychology enthusiasts from around the world meet up monthly for a lively skype conversation about an important psych book. Emphasis on how these ideas are relevant in our own lives.

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Psychology enthusiasts from around the world meet up monthly for a lively skype conversation about an important psych book. Emphasis on how these ideas are relevant in our own lives.

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3.8 out of 5
24 Ratings

24 Ratings

glyde85 ,

Love the Concept and Earnestness, but That Audio...

By phone my wife reads to me from books by Thomas Szasz and Meyer/Briggs, among others, during my long commute home. On the way into work I generally listen to podcasts and was very pleased to discover the Psychology Book Club. Being able to hear laypersons and/or subject matter experts (depending on the book discussed), give their thoughts is a welcome supplement to our reading.

I appreciate the earnestness of the participants, their willingness to admit when a particular topic or writing style is a bit beyond their grasp, and that some are vulnerable enough to share their own difficult experiences when it will help the listener put a particular aspect of the book into perspective.

HOWEVER, the audio is so bad. at least in the three podcasts I've listened to so far, that I simply cannot get through all of them. An echo is distracting, and a participant sounding like he's calling from a tunnel is challenging, but having a caller on a Voice Activated speakerphone is intolerable. I was really looking forward to "Gifts Differing: Understanding Personality Type" but had to shut it off very shortly into the discussion.

I realize there is a limited amount of control for the organizers, with so many different types of technology involved when people are calling in from around the country, but I'd strongly recommend no speakerphones and other guidelines that must be followed for the vocal integrity of the podcasts.

The topics are well worth the time and you guys do a great job choosing a variety of focal points under the psychology umbrella to discuss, but if the listener's cannot get through the call, or have to focus that hard to pick up what it being said, we've lost the freedom to internally expound on what is being said. The relative discomfort of wearing a headset or holding the phone to one's ear for an hour is a small price to pay to create something worthwhile and beneficial for your subscribers.

Thanks for your combined efforts and this forum for feedback.

rpotter1000 ,

Like, It's Almost, Like, Good Discussion, I Think. You Think?

I only listened to one episode (Nonviolent Communication), so I'm not the best reviewer for judging the whole series.
Like most people, I have annoying verbal tics, including saying "like" too much. But this podcast was almost unbearable with all of its "like, I don't know, like, does that make sense?" filler speech. I'd say it's like listening to a really bad intro college student discussion, but the actual content of what they are saying is better than that. It was just very difficult for me to focus on and enjoy that content because of the excessive "likes" and such. If that doesn't bother you, maybe the podcast will be fine for you. I find myself, like, totally, um, like, sort of, I don't know, like irritated? after listening, and, like, tense and annoyed, maybe?

RomanBuffalo ,

Bad content with even bad presentation

Choose people with questionable knowledge of the field: a person whose achievement is that he doesn't put his children in schools, another who is a life coach by studying some psychology on her own, make them do a presentation, half of which is "yes, yes, yeah, I think, yes" and you get a poor podcast like this. Listen to the podcast on the Nobel Prize laureate Daniel Kahneman and it will make you cringe. Does one presenter claim that D.K is a "dick" and claim Daniel "anti-woman" because he has written something about "Robyn Dawes" that is inconsistent with what the presenter heard about RD in some presentation?!!!!!

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