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Join Leonore Okwara, MPH as she brings awareness to public health issues in the African American Community.

Public Health Culture Leonore Okwara, MPH

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Join Leonore Okwara, MPH as she brings awareness to public health issues in the African American Community.

    52. Public Health Culture Podcast Finale

    52. Public Health Culture Podcast Finale

    This is it! The last episode of the Public Health Culture Podcast! In this episode, you will hear about my journey as a Podcaster and what led me to this decision. I also share other Public Health Podcasts that I enjoy.
    I started a nonprofit called, the Association of Black Researchers (ABR). The mission of the Association of Black Researchers is to cultivate, highlight, advance, and advocate for a multidisciplinary community of Black researchers through the following objectives:
    Increase knowledge in all areas of research. Amplify the voice of the Black Researcher. Improve research collaboration and networking. Increase professional development opportunities. Support Black researchers in leadership positions. Create a multidisciplinary community for Black Researchers. The Association of Black Researchers is committed to mentoring and equipping multidisciplinary researchers with professional development, scholarly experiences, and collaborative opportunities to advance in the field by providing the following services:
    Monthly professional development opportunities Quarterly networking sessions Quarterly journal and book clubs Annual Research Conference Monthly Newsletters and email blasts with internal and external opportunities Membership and Community Organization Directory You don't have to navigate the research journey alone. Join a community to help you through it! Membership will open in Fall 2021! Join the email list (www.blackresearchers.org) to stay updated with everything ABR.
    Connect with the Association of Black Researchers:
    Website: www.blackresearchers.org Instagram: www.instagram.com/blackresearchers Twitter: www.twitter.com/blkresearcher Other Public Health Podcasts:
    Working Mama Collective: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/working-mama-collective/id1548230816
    The Flow: https://www.bloodstreammedia.com/flow
    Not a Health Guru: https://www.listennotes.com/da/podcasts/not-a-health-guru-not-a-health-guru-Fh4PNkof830/
    The Public Health Millennial: https://thephmillennial.com/podcast/
    Public Health Epidemiology Careers: https://www.drchhuntley.com/podcast 

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    51. Black Health, Black Wealth

    51. Black Health, Black Wealth

    Dr. Zenobia Bryant has a PhD in Public Health with a concentration in Epidemiology from Walden University. She also has a BS degree in Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology from Emory University. Dr. Bryant is passionate about mental health, adolescent health, the health of young black women, financial health, and the barriers and structural racism that hinder fulfillment in these areas. 
    She is the founder and CEO of Black Health Black Wealth, LLC that envisions optimal wellness and true health equity for young black and brown women. Her organization disseminates mental health, public health, and financial health stories and information to black and brown women with the hope of giving voice to the issues they face, improving wellbeing, and empowering them. She believes that black mental health, black physical health, and black financial health is wealth! 
    Black Health Black Wealth also offers customized and expert consulting to nonprofit and for-profit organizations related to the following topics: 1) identifying gaps in the quality of care for minorities, 2) Black mental health care, 3) Black maternal health, 4) racial inequality, 5) diversity, equity, and inclusion, and 6) Black health equity. She specializes in helping organizations with literature reviews, survey development, data analysis, baseline analysis, reviewing and analyzing current programs and policies, developing strategies to improve current programs and policies, and presenting findings and opinions. 
    In This Episode We Cover:
    Her public health journey Why she started Black Health Black Wealth, LLC and how she came up with the name The services that Black Health Black Wealth offers and her goal of empowering organizations to achieve excellence by delivering programs, products, and services that eliminate health disparities and remove health inequities Her priority population of young black and brown women who are interested in connecting with their personal identity and straying from societal or religious labels Importance of self-care and self-advocacy Breaking generational cycles and curses Her “Rise-up” affirmations initiative that explores a new affirmation each month to help women truly overcome struggles and negativity Her upcoming book club, “Knowledge is Power” (happening on June 26th 11am-1pm EST), that will empower participants through discussion by identifying self-care, self-expression, and self-advocacy strategies. Registration includes: The book club pick mailed to your place of residence (continental US only) One 2-hour online Zoom session that consists of instruction, interactive discussion, workbook activities, feedback and Q+A A self-guided workbook to use in the Zoom session The option to attend a 30-minute bonus one-on-one session with Dr. Zenobia Bryant to share work and discuss any discoveries or progress following the book club discussion Register for the Book Club:
    Advice for Public Health Professionals:
    You are never finished learning. Always be willing to educate yourself, seek information, and explore new topics. Always keep your target community at the focus. Listen to their needs and wishes.
    www.blackhealthblackwealth.org  Book Club: https://blackhealthblackwealth.org/knowledge-is-power-book-club  Blog: https://blackhealthblackwealth.org/blog  Rise Up Affirmations: https://blackhealthblackwealth.org/rise-up-affirmations  Instagram: @blackhealthblackwealth

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    50. Building Community Trust in Research: Strategies, challenges, and lessons learned from the field

    50. Building Community Trust in Research: Strategies, challenges, and lessons learned from the field

    Leonore Okwara, MPH is CEO and Founder of Public Health Research Consulting, and host of the Public Health Culture Podcast. She helps researchers meet the unique needs of the community and the funders in two ways: 1) hosting community engagement in research webinars and trainings to equip researchers with strategies on building community trust in research, and 2) providing program management trainings to help researchers manage their grant-funded research studies with ease.
    Joyee Washington, MS, MPH, CHES is CEO and Founder of Joyee Washington Consulting, LLC. She is a public health and education research consultant who works with communities, organizations, and institutions to help them conduct more effective research and build more impactful programs for sustainable solutions.
    We are collaborating to bring an opportunity to public health students, professionals, and researchers. We are calling this a Research Roundtable, "Building community trust in research: Strategies, challenges, and lessons learned from the field."
    In This Episode We Cover:
    Our own experiences and challenges working as community-engaged researchers How we build healthier communities, aim for prevention, strive for equity The importance of putting public health research into action Getting over your own ego as a researcher How it looks to overcome challenges as a community-engaged researcher How to equip the next researcher with tools to make their research impact a sustainable solution The importance of sustaining the positive impact of your research and how crucial sustainability is for the community The solution to building community trust in research and equipping the research community with the knowledge from other experienced researchers so that they can create more sustainable solutions in public health How to register for the Research Roundtable happening on May 27th at 7pm EST  The benefits of registering for the Research Roundtable: Receive a “toolbox” of research best practices so you don’t have to figure it out yourself, interactive discussion, convenience of virtual space, resource guide and worksheet, access to the recording, giveaways, and much more. Register for the Research Roundtable here.
    We are running a special of $37 until May 26th in honor of Lupus Awareness Month! If you don’t know, Joyee Washington has Lupus and shared her story on Instagram. Follow her to read her story!
    We’re on Clubhouse! Join our club PH Research in Action. We have two wonderful discussions planned for the month of May.
    Thursday, May 13th at 7pm EST, “The Community is not your fixer-upper” Thursday, May 20th at 7pm EST, “You got data. Now what?”  
    Advice for Public Health Professionals:
    Researchers, take a different perspective of your ego. You are not the community expert. 
    Leonore Okwara, MPH
    CEO and Founder of Public Health Research Consulting
    Website: www.publichealthresearchconsulting.com 
    Email: leonore@publichealthresearchconsulting.com
    Facebook: @publichealthRC
    Twitter: @publichealthRC
    Instagram: @publichealthculture @publichealthresearch
    LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/leonoreokwara 
    Joyee Washington, MS, MPH, CHES
    CEO and Founder of Joyee Washington Consulting, LLC
    Website: www.joyeewashington.com 
    Email: joyee@joyeewashington.com 
    Facebook: joyeewashingtonconsulting
    Instagram: @joyeewashington
    LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/joyee-washington

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    49. The S.O.U.L: Empowering and Developing Communities

    49. The S.O.U.L: Empowering and Developing Communities

    Tomorrow Bowen is a senior in undergrad in socio-behavioral health with a minor in Sociology. She just applied to grad school for an MPH. She’s a researcher at heart and runs a nonprofit The S.O.U.L and hosts the podcast, Not A Health Guru. She’s most passionate about housing and homelessness but also has a focus on food policy and environmental justice.
    In This Episode We Cover:
    Her public health journey so far and how she started out as a nursing major/working as CNA (certified nursing assistant) and she realized this wasn't what she wanted to do and made the shift to public health. Her passion in three areas: housing and homelessness, food policy, and environmental justice. Her personal story as to why her passion is housing and homelessness and how housing is such a big part of personal health. What her inspiration was to start a podcast, how she chooses what topics she covers, and how she organizes them. How she started her nonprofit, exploring the upstream reasons for homeless, and figuring out step-by-step how to work towards the mission. The ways in which she builds trust with the population she’s working with. Her current work looking at how COVID has affected nonprofits. All about her work with an EPA Superfund Site in Birmingham AL which is work very near-and-dear to her heart. How she works towards health equity.  
    Advice for Public Health Professionals:
    Tomorrow recommends thinking about what hits close to home for you, educating yourself on that issue and spreading information about that issue. Talking to other people in the field and networking are huge parts of addressing health equity. What you don’t know someone else does and vice versa. Get your hands dirty and get into the topic. Don’t wait until you have your degree or your podcast. If you are a person and you have a passion for something, there’s always a way to address it.
    LinkedIn: @tomorrow-r-bowen Instagram: @hai_morrow  Not A Health Guru
    Website:https://notahealthguru.wixsite.com/website Instagram: @notahealthguru_ Youtube: youtube.com/channel/UC9R580AeO4FBozYof2dR5MQ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/notahealthguru The podcast streams on Apple Podcasts, Anchor, Google Podcast, and via the website. The S.O.U.L (her nonprofit)
    Website: https://thesoultribe.wixsite.com/thesoultribe Instagram: @thesoul.tribe Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpJ4wCCFz_gH6RJC1TIYPEg

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    48. Sisters in Public Health: Connecting and Empowering Women

    48. Sisters in Public Health: Connecting and Empowering Women

    Angela N. Frazier, MPH is the Founder of Sisters in Public Health® , speaker, mental health advocate, and author of A Kids Book About™ Suicide.” A Portland native, Angela earned her Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences and Communication from Portland State University.  She earned her MPH in Community Health from UT Health School of Public Health, and currently lives in Houston TX. She started a nonprofit called Sisters in Public Health to connect and empower all women in Public Health and to support the next generation of public health professionals.  
    After losing her mom to suicide in 2016, she opened the Tami Best Emergency Shelter for survivors of domestic violence in honor of her mother. She currently serves on two boards: Ashley Jadine Foundation working to prevent suicide among teens and Bradley Angle working to create communities free of domestic violence.
    In This Episode We Cover:
    How her life experiences and her passion for mental health has fueled her life and career. The most important thing needed to build trust. Her experience with grant writing. All about Sisters in Public Health: how it started, how it is growing, and their current scholarship and leadership opportunities How to best engage a group virtually How her work moves the needle towards health equity and inclusivity. Her role with Bradley Angle and her creation of the Tami Best Emergency Shelter, a domestic violence shelter in Portland OR. Her book, “A Kids Book About Suicide” - written for kids who have suicidal ideation and also for kids who have lost someone to suicide.  Oprah listed the “A Kids Book About” Series on her favorites 2020 list. Angela’s book is currently available for pre-order and will be released in Spring.  
    Advice for Public Health Professionals:
    Start before you are ready! No great thought should sit in your Google drive!
    Connect & Donate:
    Web: https://sistersinpublichealth.org/ https://angelanicolefrazier.com/ https://bradleyangle.org/ Instagram: @angelanicole_f & @sistersinpublichealth Facebook Group: Sisters in Public Health  Apply for the Sisters in Public Health Scholarship: https://sistersinpublichealth.org/scholarship Pre-Order her “A Kids Book About Suicide” 

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    47. Fit for Life: How to Stay Active, Find Support, and Prevent Disease

    47. Fit for Life: How to Stay Active, Find Support, and Prevent Disease

    Kristie Hicks, MPH, CHES, CPT is a public health professional with experience in chronic disease management, health and nutrition education, and fitness. She’s the founder of Brown Girls Get Fit, a health and wellness organization for women of color and Better Balanced Health which offers online fitness training and wellness coaching services. She is the author of a peer-reviewed North Carolina Medical Journal article featuring her childhood obesity research. She is a National Diabetes Prevention Program Lifestyle Coach, Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES), and an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. She is passionate about educating individuals about personal fitness, chronic disease prevention, wellness, and healthy behavior change.
    In This Episode We Cover:
    Her research on childhood obesity and how she showed correlations between health education in adolescent curriculum and health changes. The ways in which she engages people in healthier lifestyles.  Her passion about chronic disease prevention and how knowledge does not always equal behavior change. Her belief that showing people workouts is key to helping to engage in fitness. How Brown Girls Get Fit started as a hobby that she shared on social media and how it organically grew into what it is today.  Her inspiration for Better Balanced Health. Hint: it has to do with the pandemic and her work with the Diabetes Prevention Program. Her inspiration for her five pillars of health for Better Balanced Health.  The questions she asks her clients and how she creates individualized action plans using a whole person approach.  The ways she is working towards achieving health equity. Advice for Public Health Professionals:
    Kristie highly recommends that everyone be open to volunteering in their field of interest.  It is extremely important to be open to volunteering and giving of your time. There are benefits including connecting with community organizations, nonprofits, etc. 
    Web: https://www.browngirlsgetfit.org/ &  https://www.betterbalancedhealth.com/  Instagram: @browngirlsgetfit, @betterbalancedhealth Facebook: @browngirlsgetfit

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5.0 out of 5
16 Ratings

16 Ratings

SunflowerQween95 ,

Great source of information

Recently certified as a CHW and looking for ways to put myself out there and pursue this career. Very thankful for this podcast so much information and advice. Thank you!! Also cute name - my name is Leonor too ☺️

Therapist Tierra ,

Sooooo Informative!!!!

This podcast has opened my eyes to the needs that are right in my backyard!! This podcast inspires me to do stateside missions work especially within my own community!

Gabriel619619 ,

A much needed Podcast

What a great podcast on topics that relate to the community. Keep up the great work!

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