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This podcast explores public health careers, epidemiology, and public health entrepreneurship. The episodes features conversations that encourage you to think creatively and use innovation, while also helping you see public health everywhere.

Public Health Epidemiology Conversations Dr. CH Huntley

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This podcast explores public health careers, epidemiology, and public health entrepreneurship. The episodes features conversations that encourage you to think creatively and use innovation, while also helping you see public health everywhere.

    The Interconnectedness of Public Health With Sandy-Asari Hogan, DrPH, MPH

    The Interconnectedness of Public Health With Sandy-Asari Hogan, DrPH, MPH

    Public health is irrevocably intertwined into every aspect of what we do in our daily lives, and everybody has a part to play in it. Our guest is an innovative public health leader with expertise in evaluation and social impact strategy.
    After her first appearance on this podcast five years ago, we are pleased to welcome back Dr. Sandy-Asari Hogan to share more of her journey with us today! Dr. Hogan is currently the Director of ORS Impact and is dedicated to raising the consciousness of the plight of marginalized populations by building bridges between evaluation, research, and practice that are culturally responsive and equitable.
    Along with her vast list of accomplishments and her background in public health, Dr. Hogan wears many hats—evaluator, health educator, and community builder. She combines her passion for community and public health by using creative mixed methods and collaborating across sectors and systems, all aimed at making meaningful and strategic social impacts.
    Join the conversation to hear more from Dr. Hogan about her journey into public health, where her heart and passion lie, and what her role at ORS Impact entails. We delve into why she believes public health is about social justice, the goal of public health, and how her understanding of epidemiology helps her serve her clients better.
    Don’t miss out on all this and much more, so tune in now.
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    Being A ‘Disruptor’ In Public Health, With Rebecca Desir, MPH

    Being A ‘Disruptor’ In Public Health, With Rebecca Desir, MPH

    Meet Rebecca Desir, an award-winning public health practitioner, the founder of the Black Health Commission, and the senior manager of community advocacy for AdventHealth in Florida. She joins us to tell us about her focus on the Black diaspora in her public health mission.
    Tuning in, you’ll hear all about Rebecca’s life as the daughter of Haitian immigrants, her career, her passion for the Black diaspora, and all the different things she is responsible for in her multitude of public health jobs. We delve into what the Black Health Commission is before Rebecca tells us about the Eagle Award she won recently.
    Lastly, Rebecca tells us how her knowledge of public health helps her impact her community. To hear all this and even be encouraged to keep an open mind when finding your way in this industry, press play now!
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    DrCHHuntley, Public Health Consulting

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    Ready For Something New?

    Ready For Something New?

    Dr. Huntley announces the launch of a new podcast called Public Health Entrepreneurs. This podcast will focus on topics related to public health entrepreneurship and will provide resources and support for public health entrepreneurs at all levels. The podcast has its own website and is available on all major podcast platforms. Dr. Huntley encourages listeners to share the podcast with their networks to help others discover this resource.
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    Health Equity And Developmental Disability Awareness

    Health Equity And Developmental Disability Awareness

    How are you leading and engaging in health equity and developmental disability awareness conversations with the communities you serve? March is Developmental Disability Awareness Month, and we brought this topic to a panel of professionals in our recent Public Health Roundtable discussion with Linda Gordon, M.D., MPH, and Ericka Horne, MPH, CHES.
    We share that conversation with you in this episode, where you’ll gain insight into the need to increase access to information, increase developmental disability screening, improve morbidity, and increase data gathering.
    We also touch on the importance of combating stigma and supporting the development of emergency preparedness plans that are inclusive of populations with developmental disabilities. The opportunities that public health professionals have to make an impact in these areas is also explored.
    For all this and more, tune in!
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    Proactive Caregiving, With Cynthia J. Hickman, PhD, MSN

    Proactive Caregiving, With Cynthia J. Hickman, PhD, MSN

    For a while now, Dr. Huntley has been looking for a way to share her story with you of when she took care of her ailing mother, but the subject has just been too daunting for her to confront alone. So in this episode, we welcome Dr. Cynthia J. Hickman back to the show as Dr. Huntley’s companion, and the pair walk us through their personal journeys of being caregivers for loved ones in need.
    Dr. Hickman is a registered nurse by trade and she’s added author, educator, speaker, and consultant to her impressive list of professional capabilities. When Dr. Hickman saw the undeniable correlation between public health and community health, she knew that she had to get involved in public health in order to address the health crises of her community. She shares about the health conditions and community demographics that are closest to her heart.
    We discuss the value of aging in place, why caregiving requires preemption and proactivity, how to find the balance between allowing independence and providing care, the stories behind Dr. Hickman’s two books, and why now is the perfect time to read them. 
    To end, Dr. Hickman shares some advice that resonates heavily with Dr. Huntley, and we discuss the business side of caregiving before learning how to connect with today’s guest.

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    Behind The Scenes With Podcasting Expert, Carli van Heerden

    Behind The Scenes With Podcasting Expert, Carli van Heerden

    Get ready for something different on this special episode of the Public Health Epidemiology Conversations! Dr. Huntley dives into a creative conversation that may feel like a bit of a brainstorming session, coming at you with a behind-the-scenes vibe.
    Joining Dr. Huntley on this episode is the founder and CEO of We Edit Podcasts, a full-service podcast production agency that has served as our editing team here on this podcast for the past several years. We are thrilled to welcome Carli van Heerden! Carli is also the host of her own new podcasting adventure, Business Beyond the Mic. Dr. Huntley hopes that this episode demonstrates the potential for creativity in public health. Tune in now for all this, and much more.
    Thanks for listening in!

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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
84 Ratings

84 Ratings

Dr. Joyee ,

Truly motivating!

I love Dr. Huntley and everything about this podcast. From the guest stories to the tools and tips, everything is applicable to my public health career. It has truly motivated me to continue to level up and build my skills in public health. The podcast also educates me on who is doing this work. I look forward to more each week!

Ericka Kay ,

Pioneering Public Health Conversations

Dr. Huntley has truly been a beacon of light in pioneering Public Health conversations. When I first started listening to her, I had absolutely NO idea of who and what I wanted to be in Public Health. Your podcast has encouraged me and helped transform my mindset and helped to remove the barriers that I placed on myself. Thank you for being open and transparent and not putting a limit on your guests and how others can learn from and with you. Highly recommended podcast. There isn’t an episode that I miss!

Angelfish212 ,

A rare find

It’s exciting to find a podcast focused on the broad and diverse field that is public health. Dr. Huntley is a champion for educating & empowering professionals & the public about this field . She’s inspiring & so is each guest .

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