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A weekly podcast helping you take back your life from the effects of unwanted sexual behavior and betrayal trauma.

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A weekly podcast helping you take back your life from the effects of unwanted sexual behavior and betrayal trauma.

    267 - Rebuilding & Restoring Lives

    267 - Rebuilding & Restoring Lives

    Part of the recovery journey is giving back. Sharing our story, leading Pure Desire groups, and even giving back financially. Today, we’re joined by two members of our advancement team, John Begeman and Rodney Wright. John and Rodney talk about the role generosity plays in the recovery process, how God is using donations to expand sexual health, and what major projects Pure Desire is working on.
    RESOURCES Full Episode Video (YouTube)
    Join Team 58
    Group Leader Training (Video Course)
    Sexual Integrity 101 (Video Course)
    How To Talk With Your Kids About Sex (Rodney's Book)
    Betrayal & Beyond (Women's Betrayal Resource)
    Seven Pillars Of Freedom (Men's Recovery Resource)

    • 54 min
    266 - Polygraphs & The Disclosure Process

    266 - Polygraphs & The Disclosure Process

    A common aspect of the full disclosure process is a polygraph. Polygraphs can carry a certain stigma with them. But what is a polygraph and what benefit does it offer a couple going through recovery and healing? Today, we’re joined by our Clinical Director, Tyler Chinchen. Tyler gives us an inside look at what a polygraph is, how it fits into the full disclosure process, and how it helps rebuild trust in a marriage.
    RESOURCES Full Episode Video (YouTube)
    Recovery Action Plan (Struggling Spouse)
    Recovery Action Plan (Betrayed Spouse)
    Full Disclosure Process Counseling

    • 45 min
    265 - Finding Your True Self w/ Marilyn Vancil

    265 - Finding Your True Self w/ Marilyn Vancil

    Each of us carries two types of “self.” Our authentic self—who God has made us to be. And our adapted self—the facade we’ve created to protect ourselves from pain and difficulty. On today’s episode, we talk to Marilyn Vancil, a spiritual director, coach, and author of Self To Lose, Self To Find. Marilyn talks us through how to identify which self we are living out of and what tools we can use to live out of who God made us to be.
    RESOURCES Full Episode Video (YouTube)
    Self To Lose, Self To Find (Marilyn's book)
    Beyond The Enneagram (Marilyn's book—coming October 18, 2022)
    Seven Pillars Of Freedom (Mens' Recovery Resource)
    Genesis Process (Recovery Resource)
    Relapse Prevention Tool (Three Circles)
    Should Christians Use The Enneagram? (Blog Post)
    OWN-UP Worksheet

    • 1 hr 9 min
    264 - Unmet Longings & Unhealthy Behaviors w/ Ben Bennett

    264 - Unmet Longings & Unhealthy Behaviors w/ Ben Bennett

    A switch gets flipped when we begin to understand why we do what we do (especially with our unwanted behaviors). This understanding isn’t gained easily, but when it is, it changes the whole game. On today’s episode, we’re joined by a friend of the show who is an author, speaker, and influencer to the next generation–Ben Bennett. Ben joins us to help us find the connection between our unmet longings and how they play out in our unhealthy behaviors. We also discuss how to meet these longings in healthy ways.

    • 1 hr 2 min
    263 - Myth Busters: Self-Care Is Selfish

    263 - Myth Busters: Self-Care Is Selfish

    Whether it’s been caught or taught, many of us believe self-care is selfish. We can so easily see and encourage it in others, but when it comes to our own self-care, we dismiss it as too “self-focused.”  Why do we believe this? Does this belief cause damage? How can we change this underlying belief? Today, we are joined by Traci Wright (Pure Desire Clinician and author) to explore the myth “self-care is selfish” and discuss how to improve our personal self-care.
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    • 53 min
    262 - Understanding Our Unwanted Behaviors w/ Jay Stringer

    262 - Understanding Our Unwanted Behaviors w/ Jay Stringer

    We all have some form of unwanted behavior in our life. Whether it's pornography, affairs, fantasy, or any other form of sexual brokenness, understanding where these behaviors come from is essential! If we want to break free from our unwanted behaviors, we must understand them. If we truly want to understand our unwanted behaviors, we must be curious. This requires honesty, courage, and hard work. On today's episode, Jay Stringer, author of Unwanted and featured speaker at this year's Pure Desire Summit, joins us to help us get to the root of our unwanted behaviors and gives us direction on what it means to understand them. He also gives us a sneak peek into what he'll be sharing at the Summit.
    RESOURCES Full Episode Video (YouTube)
    2022 Pure Desire Summit (Event)
    Unwanted (Jay's book)
    The Allender Center
    Heart of Man (Film)
    Jay's Website

    • 54 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
456 Ratings

456 Ratings

God's word! ,

My weekly (sometimes daily) therapy

Love Pure Desire and all that you do. Started listening about a year ago after my wife revealed her infidelity and secret life she had been hiding. This podcast along with Pure Desire counseling has been essential to our healing so thank you!

My one suggestion- the majority of references on the show are towards men as the offending spouse and women as the betrayed spouse (not always, but most) and I understand why that is, however it can detract from the true message when the example is exclusively men=betrayer and women=betrayed.

chrisallenward ,

So very appreaciative!

Hard to put in words what this podcast has meant for my life. Absolutely transformed my mentality on sexual addiction and true healing. PDM team, a HUGE thank you for your obedience in this. You are changing people lives, marriages and ministrys. May the Lord bless you tremendously and your families as you continue to do HIS work!

W. Wells ,

Amazing Resource for healing!

I’ve followed every episode! I absolutely love this podcast! It has really helped me gain traction in healing and my marriage as well as learning how to better lead groups.

And knowing that Trevor is a packers fan made it all the better! I’m in Michigan! Let’s make it to a game together! I’ll spot the car ride.

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