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The event that brings together the most and least heard voices in skateboarding.

Pushing Boarders Pushing Boarders

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The event that brings together the most and least heard voices in skateboarding.

    Stay Core Stay Poor

    Stay Core Stay Poor

    Let’s talk business: style + tricks ≠ money.

    There’s more to the industry than skating itself. This panel explores the power of the industry to shape skateboarding, from the sacred ‘core’ to corporate ‘invasion’, Olympic dreams, and much more.

    Panel: Nick Sharrat (The Palomino), Paul Shier (Adidas Skateboarding / Isle Skateboards), Kim Woozy (Mahfia TV), Josh Friedberg (USA Skateboarding), Claire Alleaume (Journalist)

    Chair: Kyle Beachy (Vent City)

    • 1 hr 35 min
    Tech Will Save Us

    Tech Will Save Us

    Nostalgic or progressive, VX or IG, or everything at once? This panel examines the role of technology and all things social, to create new skate gods and shine a light on unsung skaters across the globe.

    Panelists: Imke Leerink (Girls Shred), Briana King (Display Only), Hans Smits (World Of Skateboarding), Ted Schmitz (Vent City)

    Chair: Ted Barrow

    • 1 hr 39 min
    Bad Design is a Crime: Skate Friendly Cities

    Bad Design is a Crime: Skate Friendly Cities

    Whilst skaters all over the world fight to save their favourite spots from destruction, some cities are actively integrating skateboarding into public space. In this panel, pro skaters, architects and policy planners discuss the pros and cons of what happens when we try to make our cities more sustainably ‘skate-friendly’.

    Panel: Leo Valls, Kristin Ebeling, Dr. Karin Book (University of Malmö), Fredrik Angner (White Arkitekter)

    Chairs: Prof. Ocean Howell & Gustav Eden (Skate Malmö)

    • 1 hr 41 min
    The Revolution Will Not Be Patronised

    The Revolution Will Not Be Patronised

    How do we break the male gaze, and, in the wake of some of the most interesting evolutions in skating for womxn, ensure equal opportunities for everyone? Ultimately, how do we create and support the revolution?

    Panel: Candy Jacobs, Kristin Ebeling (Skate Like A Girl), Mimi Knoop (Women’s Skate Alliance), Amber Edmondson (Women Skate the World), Kava Garcia Vasquez (Meninanda)

    Chair: Lucy Adams (Pro Skater / Skateboard England)

    • 1 hr 40 min
    Sacred Spots: Defining Heritage in Skate Culture

    Sacred Spots: Defining Heritage in Skate Culture

    Drawing from the cases of two iconic skate spots - Love Park in Philadelphia and Southbank in London - this panel explores why certain spaces generate a heightened sense of importance amongst skaters and how this cultural significance can be translated into preservation.

    Panel: Stuart Maclure (Long Live Southbank), Brian Panebianco (Sabotage Crew), Dr. Pollyana Ruiz (University of Sussex), Dr. Paul O’ Connor (University of Hong Kong)

    Chairs: Gustav Eden (Skate Malmö) & Betsy Gordon (Smithsonian Institution)

    • 1 hr 45 min
    Rage Against the Gaze: Prejudice and Allyship in Skateboarding

    Rage Against the Gaze: Prejudice and Allyship in Skateboarding

    In a culture dominated by the masculine and the straight, industry insiders discuss their diverse experiences with identity within skateboarding and uncover the true prejudices at play. How can we all be better allies?

    Panel: Lacey Baker, Yann Horowitz, Mark Nickels, Briana King (Display Only)

    Chairs: Sam McGuire & Tobias Coughlin-Bogue (SKATEISM)

    • 1 hr 29 min

Customer Reviews

Southside Skatepark ,

Incredibly Educational

You do not have to be a Skateborder to listen and learn!

Having been a Skateborder since 1986, filming skateboarding and documenting my friends since 1988, and now running Southside Skatepark est. 1994 since 2007 these panels discussions shed light on the changing environment of which I’ve unknowingly dedicated my life. These have shed a lot of light on a variety of individuals skateboarding experience that I could never know or understand as the skateboarding experience is so individualistic. These help me prepare myself and those that I work with to be the best we can be in preparation to host any and all types of skateboarders at our facility in Houston, Texas. I am committed and even further committed the more I learn about other’s experience to continue to attempt to make everyone feel welcome and embraced by our skateboarding scene here in Houston by providing a landing pad for travelers and new comers at Southside. Anyway, thank you guys so much for pushing our culture forward.

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