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Tom Chick, Christien Murawski, and Kelly Wand talk a lot of stuff and nonsense

Quarter to Three Movie Podcast Tom Chick, Christien Murawski, Kelly Wand

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    • 4.6, 64 Ratings

Tom Chick, Christien Murawski, and Kelly Wand talk a lot of stuff and nonsense

Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5
64 Ratings
64 Ratings
Anteerror ,

They hate half of Americans

Constant disdain for republicans, BUT it is still a good podcast if you can tune that garbage out.

PaladinTom ,

Tries and Fails to be Funny

Ouch. Checked this out on friend's recommendation and couldn't even get through the first ten minutes.

Joke after joke after joke - many of which are juvenile or simply not funny take up way too much time. The rest of the podcast is seemingly the hosts crapping all over the movie they're "reviewing."

Poor audio quality as well.

NamHienNguyen ,

The worst

The main host, Tom, has the most annoying munchkin voice you'll ever hear. The other two hosts have droning monotone voices. They must be using antique microphones, because all their voices sound muffled and repeatedly fade in and out throughout the show. Each episode is also excessively long. They drone on and on, longer than most movies' runtimes.

These guys seem to think they're way funnier than they really are. They keep laughing at each other's lame jokes, but not aloud - they make constant snickering noises and make a quiet wheezing-style of laughing - and this goes on throughout entire episodes, which gets pretty obnoxious.

They have offensive misogynistic attitudes too and they're hypocrites about it. One moment, they'll adopt a white-knight mode and complain about a woman's outfit being too revealing in a movie, but then within the same episode they'll criticize all details of an actress's body and suggest that women aren't believable in action scenes. Terrible.

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