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The Queer Geek Cast is a podcast dedicated to discussing the LGBTQ+ side of geek culture and fandom.

Queer Geek Cast Queer Geek Cast

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The Queer Geek Cast is a podcast dedicated to discussing the LGBTQ+ side of geek culture and fandom.

    Episode 5: Games

    Episode 5: Games

    Geekiary editor Khai and Gender Terror admin Lucian teach me about queer representation and inclusion in gamer culture.

    • 57 min
    Episode 4: Fanfiction and Literature

    Episode 4: Fanfiction and Literature

    Summary: I have a chat with Geekiary co-admin Jamie about LGBTQ+ themes in both fanfiction and commercial literature, the evolution of the literature industry, and how the media we consume has impacted understanding our own sexualities.

    Relevant Links:
    “Seven Tears at High Tide” by CB Lee is a Bisexual Summer Romance for my Inner Teen

    I’m Sorry “The 100,” We Have to Break Up Now

    Book Review: The Pearl Thief

    #WeNeedDiverseBooks Wattpad Recommendations

    LGBTQ+ Book Recommendations

    Tillie Walden on Her Process, Coming Out, and Yuri on Ice

    • 59 min
    Episode 3: Bisexual Representation

    Episode 3: Bisexual Representation

    Summary: In this week’s episode I chat with Emma, the co-founder of Genre TV For All (http://genretvforall.com/), about bisexual characters in media. Specifically we look at canon relationships in genre TV, potential relationships in films, and fan and creator interaction.

    Relevant Links:
    Roundtable: Trans Representation in ‘Sense 8’

    #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend Asks for More Representation

    Lucasfilm Head Confirms Finn and Poe Romance?

    • 49 min
    Episode 2: Comics

    Episode 2: Comics

    Summary: Geekiary comic book experts Farid and Khai team up to educate me about the nuances of LGTBQ+ representation in comic books. We discuss Marvel, DC, Darkhorse, and beyond!

    Relevant Links:
    “America” Issue 1 – Hitler Gets Punched by a Queer Woman of Color! (http://thegeekiary.com/america-issue-1-marvel/41926)

    • 55 min
    Episode 1: Yuri on Ice

    Episode 1: Yuri on Ice

    We talk to Geekiary contributor and admin for the Gender Terror website (https://genderterror.com/), Lucian, about Yuri on Ice, queer themes in anime and manga, and relatability of the characters.

    Relevant Links:
    Good as Dead: How Yuri on Ice Saved My Life (http://thegeekiary.com/good-as-dead-how-yuri-on-ice-changed-my-life/42846)

    • 52 min

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