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In-depth look into verses and themes of Quran.
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Quran Talk - God Alone, Quran Alone, Submission = True Islam QuranTalk

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In-depth look into verses and themes of Quran.
For full list of episodes go to www.qurantalk.co

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3.8 out of 5
49 Ratings

49 Ratings

HamSay1 ,

Quran is The Best Hadith

Amazing podcast about Quranic topics.

Quran, the Whole Quran, and Nothing But the Quran
[6:19] Say, "Whose testimony is the greatest?" Say, "GOD's. He is the witness between me and you that this Quran* has been inspired to me, to preach it to you and whomever it reaches. Indeed, you bear witness that there are other gods* beside GOD." Say, "I do not testify as you do; there is only one god, and I disown your idolatry."

why do I have to choose one ,

Great Podcast

I understand some negative reviews due to the Host's disdain for Hadith [Sayings of the Prophet (P.B.U.H=Peace be upon him) and Sunnah(Actions of the Prophet (P.B.U.H)]. As long as there is no contradiction to the Quran he's fine. He cites Quranic sources an makes logical sense. He isn't creating division or trying to convert people. He keeps with the idea that there is no compulsion in religion (You can't force someone when it comes to religion).

I have listened to about 6 episodes so far and they have been great. He cites his sources in the episode comments making it easy to verify what he says. You can tell that he researches each topic well.

Ultimately, in any kind of educational podcast, you are hoping for a positive change in your life by applying what you have learned. I can say this podcast has done that for me. I am thankful for the creator of this podcast and thankful to God for having come across this.

Edit: After reading a review from another listener that said episode 3 said the Shahada was false I listened to that episode. QuranTalk makes no such claim. He says there will be no intercession from the Prophet (PBUH) on the day of judgement. Some people believe that to be the case from "Sunnah" but we all know any Sunnah that contradicts the Quran isn't true. So I am not sure if the listener misunderstood.

samiam922 ,

Very Simple Test...

He does not not follow sunnah and hadith...ok, show me where in the Quran the explanation of how to pray. Don’t be fooled & don’t waste your time on this worthless podcast.

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