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JIMMY CHUNGA IS ON RADIO RONIN! Radio Ronin is a slightly irreverent & politically incorrect look at current events, pop culture and the hosts' own daily misadventures starring Chunga, Chandler, Josh and Spencer! New episodes every Monday and Thursday! Watch Ronin TV now on YouTube!

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JIMMY CHUNGA IS ON RADIO RONIN! Radio Ronin is a slightly irreverent & politically incorrect look at current events, pop culture and the hosts' own daily misadventures starring Chunga, Chandler, Josh and Spencer! New episodes every Monday and Thursday! Watch Ronin TV now on YouTube!

    Chunga Is Ready For Halloween!!!

    Chunga Is Ready For Halloween!!!

    Chunga is still learning things about himself. For example, he can’t eat pizza late at night!!! Unless of course, he wants to puke everywhere … Maybe it's just because it was Dominos?! Spencer is officially “Dad Tired." To be honest, he never knew he could be this tired!

    While he was in Vegas, Chunga and Chandler convinced Josh to watch his first scary movie ... EVER ... and now he’s obsessed!!! Have you noticed there are Halloween ads and social media posts everywhere!?? Have you started with your Halloween preparations yet? What have you done?

    CHUNGA POLL: If you could collect one movie prop, what would it be!? Post your answers!!

    Scarlett Johansson just REALLY pissed off Disney!!!! Is her career over!?! PLUS, Spencer saw Jungle Cruise! He did he like it!? No … HE LOVED IT!!!! He said it was amazing! Listen NOW to hear more!!!!

    • 1 hr 41 min
    Spencer The Dad & Did Josh Survive Vegas?!

    Spencer The Dad & Did Josh Survive Vegas?!

    Spencer is a new dad and he makes his triumphant return to the Radio Ronin Show!!! He has a full update about how everyone is doing!!! Josh spent the weekend in Vegas with Chunga and Chandler!!! It was chaos!!! Absolute Chaos!!!!!

    Well, well, it’s official masks are coming back to Disneyland, Walt Disney World and Las Vegas ... Here we go again. Lots of you are asking Chunga and Chandler about the firestorm that broke out regarding the Vegas Golden Knights this week! They’ll tell you what they think about Marc-Andre Fleury being traded!!!

    Nobody is watching the Olympics. Why is that!?! Any ideas? Gymnast Simone Biles is at the center of a huge Olympic controversy. Chunga honestly has no idea what to think about it! What do YOU think about it!? Also, Suicide Squad is coming out soon and people are already FREAKING OUT about it!!! LISTEN NOW!!!!

    • 1 hr 49 min
    Chunga's Bad Nightmare...

    Chunga's Bad Nightmare...

    Josh is in Vegas and Gregg Paschal is on the show! YAY!!! Welcome back Panda!!
    Chunga had a rough night. He had a REALLY bad nightmare about Chandler that freaked him out! He’ll talk about how scary it was!
    Can someone PLEASE explain why we celebrated Pioneer Day on Friday when the 24th is on a Saturday!?! The Ronin are confused.
    Are you watching the Olympics? The guys love watching them! There’s nothing better than sitting on your butt, while watching and judging people far superior to you!
    CHUNGA POLL: What TV commercial do you REALLY hate!?? Post your answers below!!!
    Also, did you see the mysterious, official Luke Skywalker and Grogu picture that broke the internet!?? What does it mean!?? LISTEN NOW!??

    • 1 hr 34 min


    RADIO RONIN IS BACK!!!!!! Chunga, Chandler and Josh have returned from summer vacation and there’s a ton of stuff to talk about! First ... SPENCER IS A DAD!!!! He and Stephanie welcomed Baby Hazel into the world on July 15th!!! Because of this, he’ll be off the show, but just for a couple more episodes!

    So … Garth Brooks. WAS THERE ANYONE WHO DIDN’T GO!?!? Chunga and Chandler have tons of Disney news and they’re posting new episodes of RoninTV EVERY DAY! Go check them out on YouTube!! Chunga’s old friend John Mayer has released a brand new album!!! It’s getting a ton of buzz. Have you heard it?

    Josh is headed to Las Vegas to hang with Chunga and Chandler for a few days ... AND it's looking more and more like the Oakland A’s are moving to Vegas! Will YOU be an A’s fan if they do!?! LISTEN NOW!!!!!

    • 1 hr 43 min
    Is Everyone On Vacation?!

    Is Everyone On Vacation?!

    It’s time for the Radio Ronin Monday SUPER SHOW!!! It’s a big one!!! ALSO ... the Butterscotch Panda Gregg Paschall is here!!! He’s very excited because he just booked his flight to Greece! Gregg will be spending time in a town with a VERY uncomfortable name!! JOSH!!! STOP SAYING THE NAME!!!

    Chunga and Chandler are headed to Southern California and Disneyland!! If you see them, be sure to say HI!!! They’d love to talk to you!! Speaking of SoCal, Chunga has some new information about the fate of the Queen Mary!!!

    Spencer has found a new list! This one's about favorite LOCAL foods around the country! CHUNGA POLL: What is your favorite LOCAL restaurant!? Post your answers below!! The second of three “Fear Street” movies have been released! Have you seen it yet!?? PLUS it's time for Headline D&D!!! LISTEN NOW!

    • 2 hr 3 min
    Chunga and Chandler Watch Marvel Movies!!!

    Chunga and Chandler Watch Marvel Movies!!!

    How was your 4th of July!?? Chunga and Chandler had BIG PLANS to go to The Strip! One problem … VEGAS GOES NUTS on the 4th of July!! There were so many people, they couldn’t even get close! Hey Patreon Fam!!! Go check the Patreon page!! DO IT!!! Shark Week is next week!!! Josh is already planning his schedule!!!

    Spencer is one of “those guys” ya know? Those guys who back into every parking spot!!! They’re making a sequel to "Night of the Living Dead" with the original cast!!! Have you watched Fear Street 1994 yet?? Chunga and Chandler loved it ... BUT ... there's an issue — a major issue. PLUS there's tons of Disneyland news! LISTEN NOW!!!!!!

    • 1 hr 40 min

Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5
183 Ratings

183 Ratings

theendlistener ,


Best podcast around. I like the changes that occurred with the show. Unlike others, I don’t miss Kenny.

Foodcritic220 ,

The show has never been better!

I've been with this show since the very first episode. I've seen the ups and downs of the show, seen co-hosts come and go, and experienced frustration at times with irregular timing of episodes and with some of the co-hosts on the show. I stayed because of Chunga. I've listened to him since the radio days and was extremely angry when he went off the air but so happy when he started the podcast! Chunga not only has the ability to make me laugh but he also is brilliant in the way he explains issues that are important to him and in the way he looks at the world. His son Chandler is on the show and it's been so cool to see Chandler figure out who he is and what he wants to do with his life over the last few years. You can tell the great attitude and intelligence Chandler posseses. Those two have been the anchors of the show since the beginning but as I said the other co-hosts have been an issue until a little over a year ago when Spencer and Josher came onto the show. Spencer has a brilliant mind and the ability to organize a lot of the chaos that goes into a podcast and has improved that portion of the show dramatically. He has a great sense of humor and brings a different level of geekdom to the show that I truly enjoy! Josher has no filter and I truly admire that. He doesn't lie about who he is but puts himself out there which is terrifying to do and I believe the world would be a better place if more people were like him. He has an incredible sense of humor and often makes me laugh out loud.
These four together each come from very different backgrounds and have different ways of approaching the world and different topics. It makes for a fascinating podcast that is funny, thought provoking and intriguing. Everyone can find something to love about every episode they do! I never miss an episode and I plan to keep listening always!

Hi6mTurtle ,



It used to be great.

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