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Enlightened Domestic Goddess Humoridian Revolutionary :)

MishtheDish @Mish_the_Dish

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Enlightened Domestic Goddess Humoridian Revolutionary :)

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5.0 out of 5
6 Ratings

6 Ratings

Andrew Jakeobs ,

Mish is The Shish

As much as I detest political correctness (for starters, it's more or less a fact that most of the best comedy and comics are either not politically correct or anti-political correctness), the fact that there are so few female podcasters is a!shame as all of the female podcasters that I'm a huge fan of (particularly Maryjane Green, Cleo, Sara Weinshenk, Lorry Plasterer Amieva, Rena Hundert and the currently MIA from podcasting Krista K) are absolutely terrific.

Comic Mish The Dish has just recently been added to that list as well. Her Ramble On podcast on the Inspired Disorder Collective Network consist of side-splittingly hilarious short monologues where Mish talks about whatever happens to be on her mind at that very moment. Her comedy is as abrasive as her heavy as a Black Sabbath guitar riff Boston accent. And it just so happens that Sabbath is my favorite heavy metal band of all time, so needless to say, I absolutely love it.

PostalPoet ,

Powerful Mish

The last two reviews capture the essence of Mish. Dive into the life of a young woman full of energy and giving of herself to her listeners by being as sincere as one can be. Even her insecure laugh after a bold statement is refreshing to the soul. Let her know what you think and you will see why everyone loves Mish The Dish.

Twitter: @Mish_The_Dish

BigJthewelder ,


I was walking around Boston one night around 3 am and found a lady chain smoking and talking to herself in her car. I asked her if she was ok? She replied "What, are you writing a book or something? then explain to me she was recording a podcast. I have been hooked ever since. I have listened to every episode. Keep up the great work Misha

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