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Just like it sounds! This podcast is random-ish inspired by life. Chatting w guests about Life, Love, Trending topics, Conspiracies, Ish we dream about, Ish we complain about. We also talk energy, Randomly.
Truth with a laugh. Available on Most podcast platforms.

Random Ish w Sonja Sonja Denyse

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Just like it sounds! This podcast is random-ish inspired by life. Chatting w guests about Life, Love, Trending topics, Conspiracies, Ish we dream about, Ish we complain about. We also talk energy, Randomly.
Truth with a laugh. Available on Most podcast platforms.

    He's Not gonna say I told you so but...

    He's Not gonna say I told you so but...

    Checking in with Andre he has been hard at work creating his swag capsules! Get yours today!

    We are bringing it back round to our last convo about the Cardi divorce, we were right! I saw the actual video of Offset dancing where she accidentally said his name. Basically, they told on themselves. I’m still giving her the benefit of the doubt, maybe she was just trying to call his bluff. BUT recall we didn’t know nuthin about Kylie’s pregnancy. So, you can have a private life as a celeb.

    Switching subjects, The Don. What are you doing? Why are you fighting this so much? Why are you still seeking money from your supporters? What the hell survey or ad did I sign up for that I am getting these emails? So, the Don thinks the Democrat’s rigged this whole thing with Covid to ensure a Biden Harris win. UGH. How about the people spoke up as a whole to go for change, rather than accept the BS.

    I am happy because this is what I wrote about in the books that era was there to get us to lean into what we want rather than argue who is right. Speaking of books why not talk up the book?

    Here are the chapters: Life Ain’t All peachy, Self-Love Choices, The problem is a Catalyst, It’s a way of Life, Sex and Manifesting and Zig and Zag through Life. Reading just a few excerpts from the chapters.

    Gotta read the book to get the How to apply in your life. Pre Order is available Now! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08MDYHZT2

    I tend to channel and write from experiences in my books. Life is not all peachy when you are a manifester, btw, we are all doing it. But there is a way of doing things to direct the energy flow and that is what the book is about. Not Steps. Self-love choices, we have been told the ego is bad, no it is not. Especially when you connect it with the Love of Self and Self Love.

    The problem is always the catalyst when it comes to manifesting. I am not talking about motivating to get things done. That is willpower I am teaching how to tune in.

    Sex and manifesting: there are serious nuggets here. A different perspective on what sex is for.

    Zig Zag thru life. This book is not just about theories, this is a practical application of how it shows up in real life and how you can Zig and Zag the BS that will come your way. BTW for all those who tried to make me feel crazy for this knowledge, telling me, I think too much and/or how do you know? Who are you? Why do you know these things? Because I do. Out of the mouths of fools. The CIA is backing a sista up. Get your Copy Today!! Thanks for listening! IG: @sonjadenyse @randomishwithsonja https://www.randomishwithsonja.com & @derells.style https://styleyourswag.com 

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    Election Time

    Election Time

    So, it’s election nite, before results come in officially, I just wanted to share a couple thoughts.

    I experienced the intimidation tactics at the poll, the guys driving by super-fast with the flags flying around the polls. I did look up info on can a person promote their candidate inside the polls beforehand. Of course, I ran into a guy with a mask on. No big deal, I told the volunteers, cuz I’m not having it anymore. Later, when I went to the store, talking with folks, it was mentioned that must have been you! I was told “ yea some guy came in here all upset that some black chic told on him and he was made to cover the mask at the polls today.” Yes, I did.

    I’m tired. I’m tired of certain people thinking they are the only ones who love this country, I’m tired of people who claim to love God, yet hold people down, making life more difficult for folks that are different than them. I adhere to the laws of nature, we are all family, not races. We are in a time of shifting so the dead ish will be brought to the surface.

    No matter what happens, we have work to do as Americans and Humans, we now KNOW there are a-holes just waiting to follow someone’s command rather than think. I love this country and all of our rights, we have been told we have justice but we know that needs to be worked on. My tussle or circumstances with the court system right now tells me so. Guilty until proven innocent, when it states innocent until proven guilty. Even if Biden wins, its just the battle in the war. These are wrong words it will be a step towards our expansion but we are far from done. Whoever is in the office should not determine how we act in this free world. It’s time for a change. According to the Laws of the Universe and Michael Jackson, be the change you want to see in the world.

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    We are NOT the little elephant anymore

    We are NOT the little elephant anymore

    Hello, Hello, Hello, Sorry for the break, ya girl has been going through some ish!!!!!! My issue along with a post I saw and what happened today has me ready to speak. The whole world is changing hopefully for the better, or at least for those of us who have been doing the inner work. It’s time for us to stop accepting old patterns of thought that hurt us as a whole. Today I’m talking about women, specifically black women. I am so tired of the stereotype of the angry black woman. ALL women get it, when you know what you want and go for it, you can get labeled as a bitch or aggressive, rather than assertive or knowing your vision.

    I saw a post online of some young men saying their preference in dating, now if you have listened before or if you know me then you know I am down with the swirl. That is not the issue, it’s the reason these men gave for not wanting to date black women. Take listen from their own mouths. Now to keep it real, I have thought a similar thought about black men, they don’t know how to date, or they don’t know how to treat women so I use to date other nationalities. I realized that was ignorant and I stopped years ago just dating white guys. The issue I have is WE ALL have been brainwashed. We now know there is systematic racism but are black and brown people aware of the self-hate that has been fed to us so sneaky and sly, that you don’t always catch it. I’ve been watching Martin lately, and even that classic show is playing into the stereotypes, not intentionally. Light skinned girl Gina has the man, Pam the dark-skinned honey has an attitude and no manz. 

    We have work to do!!! This is a law (the law of species) that should no longer be up for debate. Who is arguing with gravity? I sometimes think I can fly but I still know there is gravity. We are humans all here together, well some of y’all may be robots, or AI, or clones lol. BUT we must and by we, I mean my white sisters and my brotha’s need to come together. White women because you already know how men can be, hello DaVinci Code. Brothers because you all may be a victim of having assumptions and those assumptions make you act a certain way, and then women react a certain way. I AM ALL IN FOR THE SWIRL!!! I love seeing international couples, I just think it is high time this issue is also addressed.

    We ALL have been brainwashed and it’s time to stop. There will never be full peace on earth, not looking for that. BUT it’s clear that some people have a misunderstanding and that became a disease that filled the earth. We all want the same thing: Place to live, food to eat, clothes to wear and find out what life is stored in us regardless of age, nationality, or $$. There are little things “They” have done that program you without you knowing it. It’s time to implement solutions= Different commercials, shows, networks, opportunities. White women taking up the fight. And Black men date who you want, but know if you have been sipping the kool-aide and stop! That goes for us too. It’s time to LOVE Ourselves. All of us, NOT just the outer trimmings.

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    Damn it they got to me!

    Damn it they got to me!

    Checking in with Andre, it’s been so long since we recorded! We’re getting used to the new normal, are we okay with expressing happiness now? Some folks are still uber cautious and we should be careful, but are we getting programmed to be apart?

    Are we getting programmed into fear? I saw a few hundred people in the mall and I was not feeling being there, I normally really only like crowds when I’m behind the booth or on a stage, BUT I felt like I had been programmed.

    So many issues are being brought to our attention and then just disappear… Is there a sinister plot going on? Is there a conspiracy going on? This is the time to exercise our faith and keep our human rights!!!

    There seems to be a spiritual fight going on for what is right and wrong in the world. Speaking of the World, how is the rest of the World dealing with covid? A neighbor told me we may have it better than we think.

    Cardi B, so everyone was talking about her divorce we weigh in as well why not?? Is it a stunt just to be talked about? Is it real? Marriage vs Dating, when you marry someone you know who they are, or you at least should know who they are. When taking vows are couples giving up too quickly? If you are wanting to see a change in a person, doesn’t that take real-time or are people just looking for behavior modification? We touch on her chat with Joe Biden, should more non-expected people speak more on politics? Since Obama, are politicians trying to be more “relatable?” Are we racist in the vote? Does being black mean you’re automatically a Democrat? The Republican party WAS ALL BLACK. People are assuming young people will all vote Democrat- I am registered as a Democrat, but to automatically assume I am isn’t that racist?

    Dream time!! Our show is getting a new platform yay! Just wondering will entertainment go back to auditions and giving people a chance? Social media is not entertainment!!! I miss scripted TV, rom coms and silly shows, bring back our imagination!!!! Social media fame vs paying dues and talent. Social media is beneficial but can be too instant. Never doubt hard work Lizzo, Alicia Keys really playing instruments vs machine learning we still like to see human talent. Inspiration vs doing what is popular. Our new platform coming I want to do it well, create a show I would watch because I love TV vs doing what I think would generate a lot of watchers. Looking forward to the future which is right now.

    IG: @randomishwithsonja @sonjadenyse @derells.style

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    The Signs of the Times

    The Signs of the Times

    I couldn’t stay away!!! We’re on hiatus as we prep for this new platform the show will be on. Coming soon this fall!
    BUT, with so much going on I had to chime in with my two cents!
    With voting season right around the corner, This is turning out to be a very important election. I’m getting emails from the GOP, always good to know what both sides are doing. Have you Heard the rumors that Trump is the only person who can stop the New World Order from happening. WTF!?!

    In some other WTF news Cardi B has filed for divorce, are we finally getting tired of the worldwide accepted notion that men are just going to cheat? Women are supposed to deal with it. I really believe it takes a special person to be in a monogamous relationship. Is it possible that women can turn the tide on bringing monogamy back? Or is she just trying to not get her bluff called on? 

    Is it the D that makes women stay? There is a picture of Fabulous the rapper floating around that will make you think so. 😂

    I have reasons you should re think being with a big big man Imjustsayin!!!

    Next time we’ll check in with Andre!! Be sure to check out the old episodes of random-ish as we get ready for the next l

    Never stop dreaming!!!
    IG: @randomishwithsonja

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    So what had happened was...

    So what had happened was...

    Introducing our newest family member…Andre!
    Today's episode is all about breaking the ice, us getting to know each other better… Drinks anyone?!?!? It was crazy hot in my lil living room with no air while we were recording. I happened to be wearing a long ponytail, I had gotten so many compliments earlier that day I needed an impromptu photo shoot when I was out at a fast food place and sent those pics to some dudes. Feeling myself. We all are now getting some long ponytails because it makes you feel like a goddess!!
    We share what we did for the 4th..do we celebrate or Nah? What is with everyone moving to the Carolina’s??? Them laws will have you moving BACK up North!!
    Back to the hair really I’m am about to let my hair grow just so I can get a natural 24’ in pony. We seem to be a lil obsessed with long hair, so long we can trip on it, it wouldn’t be embarrassing to trip on long hair, but it would be funny. So, we are putting our pride to the side and sharing some of our most embarrassing moments; mine involves a subway, too much time, and unfortunate timing, Shanel’s story involves the body, a man and privacy invasion. Andre’s story involves glass, a crowd, and starbux. Sorry, you gotta listen for this tea!!  Then I wrap it up with another two for one embarrassing story that leads into the next topic. I have lived some crazy ish...
    We also chat up the fact that women peak sexually later than men, so maybe nature is saying that older women should date younger men too! I saw a dating app for cougars, so it must be a thing. May December relationships, we talk about dating older men with heart issues, it can be beneficial?
    I ask everyone's opinion about the statues being removed, I have a suggested solution. Fine you want to keep around the history I can respect that, but keep them in a museum. The way of doing things is changing keep up.

    Thanks for Listening!!
    Instagram @randomishwithsonja

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