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Just like it sounds! This podcast is random-ish inspired by life. Chatting w guests about Life, Love, Trending topics, Conspiracies, Ish we dream about, Ish we complain about. We also talk energy, Randomly.
Truth with a laugh. Available on Most podcast platforms.

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Just like it sounds! This podcast is random-ish inspired by life. Chatting w guests about Life, Love, Trending topics, Conspiracies, Ish we dream about, Ish we complain about. We also talk energy, Randomly.
Truth with a laugh. Available on Most podcast platforms.

    Damn it they got to me!

    Damn it they got to me!

    Checking in with Andre, it’s been so long since we recorded! We’re getting used to the new normal, are we okay with expressing happiness now? Some folks are still uber cautious and we should be careful, but are we getting programmed to be apart?

    Are we getting programmed into fear? I saw a few hundred people in the mall and I was not feeling being there, I normally really only like crowds when I’m behind the booth or on a stage, BUT I felt like I had been programmed.

    So many issues are being brought to our attention and then just disappear… Is there a sinister plot going on? Is there a conspiracy going on? This is the time to exercise our faith and keep our human rights!!!

    There seems to be a spiritual fight going on for what is right and wrong in the world. Speaking of the World, how is the rest of the World dealing with covid? A neighbor told me we may have it better than we think.

    Cardi B, so everyone was talking about her divorce we weigh in as well why not?? Is it a stunt just to be talked about? Is it real? Marriage vs Dating, when you marry someone you know who they are, or you at least should know who they are. When taking vows are couples giving up too quickly? If you are wanting to see a change in a person, doesn’t that take real-time or are people just looking for behavior modification? We touch on her chat with Joe Biden, should more non-expected people speak more on politics? Since Obama, are politicians trying to be more “relatable?” Are we racist in the vote? Does being black mean you’re automatically a Democrat? The Republican party WAS ALL BLACK. People are assuming young people will all vote Democrat- I am registered as a Democrat, but to automatically assume I am isn’t that racist?

    Dream time!! Our show is getting a new platform yay! Just wondering will entertainment go back to auditions and giving people a chance? Social media is not entertainment!!! I miss scripted TV, rom coms and silly shows, bring back our imagination!!!! Social media fame vs paying dues and talent. Social media is beneficial but can be too instant. Never doubt hard work Lizzo, Alicia Keys really playing instruments vs machine learning we still like to see human talent. Inspiration vs doing what is popular. Our new platform coming I want to do it well, create a show I would watch because I love TV vs doing what I think would generate a lot of watchers. Looking forward to the future which is right now.

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    The Signs of the Times

    The Signs of the Times

    I couldn’t stay away!!! We’re on hiatus as we prep for this new platform the show will be on. Coming soon this fall!
    BUT, with so much going on I had to chime in with my two cents!
    With voting season right around the corner, This is turning out to be a very important election. I’m getting emails from the GOP, always good to know what both sides are doing. Have you Heard the rumors that Trump is the only person who can stop the New World Order from happening. WTF!?!

    In some other WTF news Cardi B has filed for divorce, are we finally getting tired of the worldwide accepted notion that men are just going to cheat? Women are supposed to deal with it. I really believe it takes a special person to be in a monogamous relationship. Is it possible that women can turn the tide on bringing monogamy back? Or is she just trying to not get her bluff called on? 

    Is it the D that makes women stay? There is a picture of Fabulous the rapper floating around that will make you think so. 😂

    I have reasons you should re think being with a big big man Imjustsayin!!!

    Next time we’ll check in with Andre!! Be sure to check out the old episodes of random-ish as we get ready for the next l

    Never stop dreaming!!!
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    So what had happened was...

    So what had happened was...

    Introducing our newest family member…Andre!
    Today's episode is all about breaking the ice, us getting to know each other better… Drinks anyone?!?!? It was crazy hot in my lil living room with no air while we were recording. I happened to be wearing a long ponytail, I had gotten so many compliments earlier that day I needed an impromptu photo shoot when I was out at a fast food place and sent those pics to some dudes. Feeling myself. We all are now getting some long ponytails because it makes you feel like a goddess!!
    We share what we did for the 4th..do we celebrate or Nah? What is with everyone moving to the Carolina’s??? Them laws will have you moving BACK up North!!
    Back to the hair really I’m am about to let my hair grow just so I can get a natural 24’ in pony. We seem to be a lil obsessed with long hair, so long we can trip on it, it wouldn’t be embarrassing to trip on long hair, but it would be funny. So, we are putting our pride to the side and sharing some of our most embarrassing moments; mine involves a subway, too much time, and unfortunate timing, Shanel’s story involves the body, a man and privacy invasion. Andre’s story involves glass, a crowd, and starbux. Sorry, you gotta listen for this tea!!  Then I wrap it up with another two for one embarrassing story that leads into the next topic. I have lived some crazy ish...
    We also chat up the fact that women peak sexually later than men, so maybe nature is saying that older women should date younger men too! I saw a dating app for cougars, so it must be a thing. May December relationships, we talk about dating older men with heart issues, it can be beneficial?
    I ask everyone's opinion about the statues being removed, I have a suggested solution. Fine you want to keep around the history I can respect that, but keep them in a museum. The way of doing things is changing keep up.

    Thanks for Listening!!
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    Random Ish w Sonja (Trailer)

    Random Ish w Sonja (Trailer)

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    So this is what happened with that let me see your face guy...

    So this is what happened with that let me see your face guy...

    We made it to the end of June!!
    Even though social media is slowing down on BLM still make calls to the reps of Kentucky to punish the cops for not making sure they were at the correct address when they shot Brianna Taylor. The number is 502-595-2300.
    On a lighter note
    I have some hot ass tea for you! The let me see your face guy…new developments have happened and I’m sharing with y’all!!! As folks are saying get in here friend~ oooooooooooohhhhh!!!
    The Tea The Tea The Tea!!
    Also, we’ve been talking dating apps I did sign up for one… research time! I mean even during the pre rona time I hardly go anywhere, If Mr. right knocked on my door I’d ignore him. Commit, or not to commit that is the question. We have some ideas on relationships, single, mingle or monogamous.
    Rona Dating is this causing exes to get back????  Cuz we all see that Koko and Trist have been quarantining together, Plus her BDAY just passed so did mine!!! Nobody wants to really go out, we chat up what we would do for our bday if we had Kardashian money. Fantasy Time!!! I have a wish for Khloe, in case she did get a lil Bday D. Girl I hope you handle that n**^ & here are a few ideas that you need to do to him, we’re just saying, to keep him in his place while he has to make it up to you. Heels, wax, a lil DOM and more. Put it on him girl make him lick your shoe. We love you girl!
    So we wanted to watch the BET awards to talk about the performances, scheduled a recording started to watch to see it was Daddy’s lil girls by Tyler Perry. C’mon!!! Anyway, folks are mad about Beyonce.. Beyonce has the spell check as I wrote this two times that I have spelled her name wrong because it’s really Beyoncé, which I don’t know How to get that accent there without a right-click. She doesn’t need an award. She’s a legend. We gotta give props to new folks too, are we too sensitive or just getting bored and wanna fight?
    I feel like this whole rona season got us all changing… is it good is it bad?  This time is showing me you better shoot your shot whatever it is. Unless you are spoken for! We go in one more time on how you need to act, I am not trying to be a hypocrite, I have been the dj at some interesting places/parties, I’ve dated more than one person at a time so I’mma tell you how to approach us. Be open from the jump, everything and everyone is out there, we’re sure you’ll find someone who is down with your situation. Is dating the older guy the way to go? But what about the stamina and spontaneity of the younger guys? Our age ranges we’d be cool with the ’30s are the new teens, 40’s the new 20’s, and the sexy 60’s. There is a cougar dating app, breaking down how we definitely want to be fit and with it, as we age, I’ve heard about those senior living apartments! We are gonna have fun when we get old, look at Betty White, we bet she still gets it in every now and again.

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    Lost episode of Random Ish_ Quarantine smoney

    Lost episode of Random Ish_ Quarantine smoney

    In the middle of the quarantine I recorded some thoughts on how the world went off on Justin Timberlake about the 24 hr parenting in his big ol' 2nd house, nobody felt for him. 24 hr parenting in a mansion is way different than a 1000 sq ft place the mommy mommy mommy look at me is no joke. Bet he wouldn’t say that now! Also, I may be wrong but I thought Ellen’s comment was funny, how are comics gonna do their job if we’re so sensitive?I get it it’s real out here but we need laughter. I don’t know about you but I wasn’t ready…I only had a month worth of being okay but I have hope…

    The world is healing itself, the birds I’ve been hearing like crazy, New Delhi, Los Angeles, Venice cleared up, now we are going back to work, we need to WANT to work with our planet. The changes we’ve seen will we keep them up? Always looking for the silver lining. Being a manifesting beauty person doesn’t mean completely ignoring what’s going on but using what’s going on as a catalyst.

    My current catalyst finances. For the past couple of years, I’ve been noticing you gotta go online and build new income. I have been working on streams they are in the baby phase and growing. I have been in radio for nearly 20 years but there is nothing tangible to show for my efforts. I was given the advice to create something I own, and I have started, first I got into dj’ing but that is kinda canceled this year.  Radio doesn’t even pay as it used to now you gotta go on tour aka appearances. If you’re not syndicated, you’re not making that skrilla. I know I am not alone in thinking about finances ways to start investing or saving, I started using Acorn which takes money out and uses AI to invest, I use Robinhood for stocks, that can be scary but you can learn, Also, Digit takes money out automatically and goes into an account.

    We have always known there is the Have’s and Have nots, right now it is affecting all of us. All of us who make fast cash because we work directly with people are directly affected. Waiting for someone to take care of me is not my bag. I have been disappointed, but as far as the Law of manifesting go we have to realize its never about them its always just about us. I tend to do for myself, but this time in history a lot of us are having to cope with relying on help. That is not a bad thing. We do need to take care of ourselves and right now take care of others. When thinking of world-wide needs, let’s pray these leaders get in the right vibration to make these decisions out of love and not fear.

    There is so much going on right now, have you seen the articles about the parallel universe? Could we be leaving the dark ages and heading towards a new golden era?

    For us creators it’s important we remember these laws and use our knowledge in the area of finance. This time period is making me feel like those in the entertainment/personal care are being punished.  We are not being punished, perhaps we are being given time to reevaluate and make new choices? Looking back, see I’ve been moving into this new direction for quite a while now. Maybe a lot of us have been being called, but we were ignoring? Let’s stop doing that.

    Appreciation to the states and governors and those working to make sure we will get through this together, I know you will do the right thing for the next few months.

    Here’s to us really receiving our money from all of our passions. I needed this reset. I had a belief that I would rather be broke and free than be chained to a schedule and unhappy. My belief now I’d rather be happy creative and fulfilled and prosperous rather than working super hard just to keep afloat. I hope you are taking care of yourself and getting ready for the new you too, here is to us expanding and getting more streams of satisfaction.

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