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Join Chef Pete Blohme as he travels the globe, interviewing chefs both in studio and on-location!

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Join Chef Pete Blohme as he travels the globe, interviewing chefs both in studio and on-location!

    Michael Guinta

    Michael Guinta

    We’ve got an interesting invitee on this week’s Raw Ingredients podcast, as Chef Pete sits down with a fellow chef who has the honor of being a famous first - hailing from the great state of New Jersey, where he owns and operates the landmark Bayway Diner - it’s Chef Michael Giunta, whose Bayway Diner was the first restaurant ever featured on the iconic Food Network series “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” (and a shoutout to Best Friend of the Pod Guy Fieri, of course).
    From learning the craft at legendary culinary haunts that included Le Jardin and The Greenhouse to owning his own successful restaurant and catering business, Chef Mike certainly know his way around a kitchen and is known for his culinary artistry, his willingness to innovate and try new things, and his stick-to-it-ive-ness that has helped him persevere throughout his storied career. You’ll enjoy hearing his inspirational insights and sensational stories as he and Chef Pete talk about what it takes to go the distance in the crazy culinary game.
    So, tie that napkin around your neck, listeners, and get ready for a heaping helping of this week’s Raw Ingredients Podcast.

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    Celina Tio

    Celina Tio

    From her start at Bennigan's to winning a James Beard Award for Best Midwest Chef, this week's special guest on The Raw Ingredients podcast has gone the distance, shown persistence and is a model example for showing what a can-do attitude can, indeed, do - it's the owner and executive chef of the renowned Belfry restaurant in Kansas City - Friend of the Show Celina Tio.
    Celina has worked in almost every possible part of the culinary world and has steadily risen through the ranks to earn her award-winning status, so she and Chef Pete have a meaningful discussion about how to mentor the next generation of upcoming chefs and culinary artists and making sure to actively promote diversity and inclusiveness as the absolute necessities they are. Creating positive and supportive work environments doesn't just happen naturally, so the chefs will have you some great recipes to cook up a quality workplace that will have employees beating down your doors to come and join.
    This week's episode is one that should not be missed, so grab your plate and come on in to this week's Raw Ingredients podcast - where we always leave you wanting more.

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    Heather Gardea

    Heather Gardea

    El Pollo may be Loco, but this week's special guest for The Raw Ingredients is far from Loco in her dedication and drive to continue to develop new ideas and opportunities within the food industry - it's Heather Gardea, Vice President of Research and Development for El Pollo Loco.
    Heather, a fellow CIA alumna, and Chef Pete have a free-ranging, wide-spanning conversation about the food industry at large and the many different ways people can be a part of that ever-expanding economic driver. Whether its farm to table, production, distribution, food science and technology, sustainability ... the industry of eating is as expansive as the waists of those of us who help fuel that industry. Heather provides a great perspective of what the industry as a whole looks like and she and Chef Pete will show you that working in the culinary arts is a lot more than just making and serving food.
    So, grab a plate and dig in to this week's episode of The Raw Ingredients - we always leave you hungry for more.

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    Arti Sequeira

    Arti Sequeira

    Loyal listeners and Friends of the Podcast, get out your Sunday best for this week's episode of the Raw Ingredients Podcast because we're having the best sort of event possible - not a just a swell shindig, not just a bountiful box social or a festive fete ... no, it's the best sort of get-together because it's an "Aarti Party" with Chef Pete and this week's special guest - celebrated chef and television hostess with the mostest, the amazing Aarti Sequeria.
    As the winner of Season 6 of the Food Network reality show staple "The Next Food Network Star," Chef Aarti has been there, seen that and done it all - private chef, caterer, cookbook author, television personality and arguably the greatest judge on the dais for "Guy's Grocery Games." And she and Chef Pete have a great conversation about something that all of us experience in our worlds from time to time that has to be dealt with - chaos. Through their conversation, Chef Aarti helps to paint an auditory picture of how to weave and construct beauty and meaning from the swirling vortex of chaos and how to go from strugglin' to husslin'.
    Consider these notes your official invitation to come join what will be a marvelous party with a little extra lagniappe of life advice. Here's cheers, listeners.

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    Maneet Chauhan

    Maneet Chauhan

    It's always important to have self-confidence, to be able to know and believe that you have the strength and ability to rise to any challenge before you - we can all agree that's a positive, right? But what happens when self-confidence turns into pompous self-absorption and our egos outpace our ability - thankfully, we have the perfect guide to answer this age-old question with Chef Pete on this week's Raw Ingredients Podcast - the ever-exceptional restaurateur and television personality Chef Maneet Chauhan.
    Born in Amritsar India, Chef Maneet has run the gamut from her humble beginnings at various hotels and restaurants back in India to graduating with honors from the Culinary Institute of America (also Chef Pete's alma mater) to opening her own ridiculously amazing restaurant Chauhan Ale and Masala House in Nashville ... oh, and also competing on a little show you may have heard of before ... "Iron Chef America." That's right, y'all - we have a Kitchen Stadium gladiator on the pod this week, so you know it's gonna be a good one.
    But even with all of her honors, accolades and achievements, Chef Maneet exudes the essence of why taming the ego and highlighting humility are absolutely vital keys to success in any field. She'll hit us with some best practices to be our best selves without reaching the braggadocious and borish. Leave some extra room on your auditory plate for this week's episode - you'll want to have a double helping of this week's show.

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    Terry Jaymes

    Terry Jaymes

    This week, Chef Pete brings you one of the most interesting individuals to ever grace The Raw Ingredients Podcast - the man, the myth, the legend ... both in his own mind and just in general ... it's nationally syndicated radio show host Terry Jaymes of the "Lex and Terry Radio Network" fame.
    You've often heard the phrase "The struggle is real," but no one has had real struggle like Terry Jaymes and still come through it all to turn failure into success each and every time - whether his (mis)adventures in the game of basketball, losing his dream job in the middle of trying to buy a new house for his family, failing to keep a major market radio job and getting fired twice in Dallas (at least they didn't shoot him like they did J.R. Ewing?) ... our man Terry has seen it all and been through it all, and he's bringing his wisdom, wit and a bit of whimsy to us all.
    He and Chef Pete talk about his amazing abilities to pull success from the jaws of failure in a free-wheeling, fun to listen to episode that you surely do not want to miss.
    So, sit down, grab a plate and get ready for a satisfying episode of The Raw Ingredients Podcast.


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4.8 out of 5
18 Ratings

18 Ratings

JimmyB12.. A Proud Republican! ,

Genuine , Down-to-Earth, Smart, and Entertaining. He sure can cook too!

Panini Pete has a heart of Gold. (CIA Green & Gold really) These podcasts are awesome to listen to. So glad to know Pete, and call him a friend. To Those up-and comers out there, listen and learn from a true rockstar, the one and only Panini Pete!

NotSure111111111 ,

Love me some Pete!

As a fairly new foodie, Pete has opened up my eyes even more! Thanks for the info and great shows. Keep them coming!

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