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The REACH OR MISS podcast is about the customer focused entrepreneur. Hayut Yogev chats with Guy Kawasaki, John Lee Dumas, Michael Stelzner, Kate Erickson, Chris Brogan, Mark Schaefer, Joe Pulizzi, Marcus Sheridan and more successful entrepreneurs and opinion leaders about their Customers Approach and Focus.

The goal is to help entrepreneurs and startup founders to reach business success with the right strategy, marketing and sales approach.

REACH OR MISS - Entrepreneurial Marketing Success Hayut Yogev

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The REACH OR MISS podcast is about the customer focused entrepreneur. Hayut Yogev chats with Guy Kawasaki, John Lee Dumas, Michael Stelzner, Kate Erickson, Chris Brogan, Mark Schaefer, Joe Pulizzi, Marcus Sheridan and more successful entrepreneurs and opinion leaders about their Customers Approach and Focus.

The goal is to help entrepreneurs and startup founders to reach business success with the right strategy, marketing and sales approach.

    Ep. 266 – From the biggest failure to the biggest success – the successful entrepreneurs that reached new success records

    Ep. 266 – From the biggest failure to the biggest success – the successful entrepreneurs that reached new success records

    Toccara Karizma is a digital marketing consultant and business growth strategist. She is the CEO of Karizma Marketing, a full-service digital marketing agency dedicated to growing elite eCommerce brands online through email marketing, social media marketing, PPC, SEO, website conversion optimization, and more.

    Having built her own successful eCommerce business back in 2007, Toccara is now considered one of the world's top eCommerce marketing experts. Her out-of-the-box approach to digital marketing and expertise in the online business growth space is why I've asked her to join me today.

    The biggest, most critical failure with customers

    I have a two-fold failure.

    The biggest failures are taking on clients without the bandwidth, without the support system that I need. We are in demand and are blessed to be in demand. At some points, we want to take on clients when we just don't have the right support team in place. And that's not a fair thing for us to do because when we do that, we don't give them the best results or the best client experience with us. We want to be the Four Seasons of ad agencies.

    The second failure would be taking any client, especially when you’re newer. That was when we failed because we weren't working with a partner that had everything in place. It was kind of like putting a Ferrari engine in a VW Bug.

    Biggest success with customers

    I stand for full reporting. When we talk to our customers, it's almost like we're flipping all the ways in which they were mishandled and mismanaged by other agencies and saying, “You deserve this.”

    We do full transparency. We'll tell you when we're wrong and when we've done something wrong. We want to meet with you regularly and build a long-term relationship. We're always on camera with them. So, it's doing business with people.

    My son was working on a project at school. (He’s in high school now.) He was using a video editing software. I looked up that video editing software’s ads because I ran ads, and I realized that they were struggling. They just did not have great customer feedback.

    I went directly to this company, it's a SAS company, and said, “Can I get connected with your director of digital marketing?” I got the client, and I think it's funny because I had just interviewed someone for my own YouTube.

    Michael Cannavo started his career on social media. He was able to infuse his own understanding of viral content, social platforms, and demographic interests into Super73, causing it to accelerate the growth and visibility of the company.

    As the company grew, so did his social media presence. With 500,000 followers online, Michael has been able to pull back the curtain on what life is like within Super73, how the company has succeeded, and where it is going next.

    The biggest, most critical failure with customers

    I think it’s a matter of really understanding what they want.

    Early on, we had this idea of what we wanted to do, and we kept trying to insist to our customers, “Hey, this is what you want. This is the product for you.” We were missing a few key features.

    We heard that directly from the customers and I think it has really changed the way that we view our products, from designing to prototyping to testing it. We really engage with the customers now.

    Biggest success with customers

    We recently released a bike called the ZX. It's not necessarily too remarkable of a product, but it is a perfect product for a demographic that was asking for it for a long time. We really took into account what customers were saying in the comment sections, what they were saying on reviews.

    That really created something so magical because it was exactly what our customer was looking for. When we released that bike, it was positivity across the board. Everybody was so happy. The customers were happy. Our design team was happy.

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    Ep. 265 – Rick Elmore: “Build the best relationships you can with your first clients. Those are your lighthouse customers.”

    Ep. 265 – Rick Elmore: “Build the best relationships you can with your first clients. Those are your lighthouse customers.”

    Rick Elmore is an entrepreneur, sales and marketing expert, and former college and professional football athlete. As the Founder and CEO of Simply Noted, Rick developed a proprietary technology that puts real pen and ink to paper to scale handwritten communication, helping businesses of all industries scale this unique marketing platform to stand out from their competition and build meaningful relationships with clients, customers, and employees.

    Founded in 2018 and based in Tempe, Arizona, Simply Noted has grown into a thriving company with clients of various sizes across the country including in hospitality, real estate, insurance, nonprofit, franchise, B2B, and others. Rick has served as the company’s CEO since its founding, for more than three years, and has over a decade of sales and marketing industry experience.

    most passionate about

    My background is in athletics. I played college and professional American football.

    When I got done, I made the transition into sales and marketing. I started with medical companies in the United States, Stryker and Straumann, and in orthopedics and dental. I had a pretty good career.

    I'm currently doing Simply Noted. We help companies send and automate real, genuine handwritten notes with technology and have been doing that for the last three and a half years.

    We have developed technology – a handwriting robot that puts real pen to paper and helps businesses connect on a more personal level, building relationships with their clients.

    Rick’s career and story

    During my MBA, we had to start a project. When I was recruited in college, the coaches who always stood out the most to me were the coaches who sent handwritten notes.

    One year, in 2016, my wife and I had 400 clients. We tried sending out 400 printed holiday cards. All we did was hand-write the envelope and it took us over two weeks.

    I was like, “There has to be a better way.” So, I started researching. I looked up some technologies that were available. It wasn't until 2017 that I dove into it for a school project, but, really, I’d researched the technology for about a year.

    Best advice for entrepreneurs

    A lot of people want to become entrepreneurs or start a business, but they have analysis paralysis, overthink They think, 'I can't do it.' They think they have to have all the answers, but really, it's just taking that first step and getting started.

    Absolutely build the best relationships you can with those first clients. Those are your lighthouse customers. Those are the risk-takers. Those are the ones who are going to give you an opportunity. You have to make sure everything goes through.

    The biggest, most critical failure with customers

    I would say scaling a company is really hard.

    I'm struggling with figuring out how to scale a service like this when you're selling a $2 and $3 item. We want to help every client out, and we need to figure out an effective, efficient, really personal way of doing that.

    Biggest success with customers

    Something that I'm really good at is perseverance, relentless competition. That’s just baked into who I am.

    Being patient is important. When you're an entrepreneur and starting a business, it's really hard to be patient because you have bills to pay.

    Rick’s recommendation of a tool


    it's a platform that allows you to automate tasks between software.

    Rick’s one key success factor

    The first thing you need is a really good support system. I have a wife and two kids and my parents live in Arizona.

    I absolutely couldn't do this if it wasn't for them. It takes time to get a business off the ground. One other thing that’s important is to remember that you fail only when you give up or quit.

    Rick’s Mountain

    Since we believe that the best way for entrepreneurs to get fast, big, and sustainable success is by leading your (new) market...

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    Ep. 264 – Rhonda Petit advise entrepreneurs: Learn what the true value of your business is!

    Ep. 264 – Rhonda Petit advise entrepreneurs: Learn what the true value of your business is!

    Rhonda Petit is a Sales and Business Peak Performance Coach with 35 years of Sales and Sales Management experience in Corporate America in the life sciences and diagnostic markets. She has experience working with Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies.

    Today she works enthusiastically with Corporations and Individuals with champion mindsets, who know school is never out, who want to continually grow to unleash and activate more of their true potential and power.

    She helps people discover their deepest desires, leverage the untapped potential in their hearts, activate their potential and achieve their personal and professional goals so they can create the life they want and realize true fulfillment.

    Rhonda is a seasoned Sales Professional, a certified coach, leader, in-demand speaker, and author of “The Spirit of Selling.”

    Most passionate about

    I am most passionate today about helping people realize the potential that lies within them, especially given the fast-paced changes that are occurring in the world today.

    I'm passionate about selling. I wrote a book about selling and how you can tap into the subconscious mind and your potential by understanding it and understanding more about the divinity within you.

    Rhonda’s career and story

    I intended to be a chemist, but I got a double major in business because I was always fascinated, especially living in the United States, with free enterprise, being an entrepreneur, and building my own business.

    I was working as a chemist for chemical company and called the representative for J.T.Baker. The chemical company had been promoted and, there, the sales position was open. My lab manager knew I liked the business end of things. My position was eliminated in 2019 and I had been going to coaching school because I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I had my own business when they informed me of the news. I looked up at the sky and said, “Okay, I guess it's time for me to do this now, as opposed to later.” That's when I started my coaching business.

    Best advice for entrepreneurs

    Recognize that your business is serving people and what the value of your business is. Know your worth and the impact you can make on other people with your services. Don't be timid or scared to step out and do what you love.

    The biggest, most critical failure with customers

    In the beginning, I was caught up in a lot of the mechanics and the details. Because I was not aware of, and really conscious of, the value of my service, I would let people off the hook. If they came up with an objection, I would be timid, stand back, and listen to what they were saying.

    Biggest success with customers

    The greatest success is when you deliver a service and feel the energy from the people who got something from it. You see they've had an alteration and a shift that has put more life into them. They're excited that they've had a breakthrough. They recognize something that was holding them back and now they see why it was holding them back and how they're going to proceed. They're lifted, like virtual chains are coming off.

    Rhonda’s recommendation of a tool


    Having a Zoom meeting is much more impactful than when you had meetings on the phone.

    Rhonda’s one key success factor

    I find that my biggest strength is when I really get present and honest with myself. I lean back into myself and say, “You can do anything you set your mind to.”

    I think about my successes as opposed to the failures. That allows me to keep going and make the results happen, to go with the punches. It's always served me.

    Rhonda’s Mountain

    Since we believe that the best way for entrepreneurs to get fast, big, and sustainable success is by leading your (new) market category, and the entire entrepreneurial journey reminds me of mountaineering, I want to ask you: Is there a mountain you dream of climbing

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    Ep. 263 – Jake Jorgovan: “It helps to launch a business in a rising tide, like in a rising wave. That’s what we are doing with podcasting right now.”

    Ep. 263 – Jake Jorgovan: “It helps to launch a business in a rising tide, like in a rising wave. That’s what we are doing with podcasting right now.”

    Jake Jorgovan is a Serial Entrepreneur, Podcast Producer and Business Advisor.

    He is the Founder of Content Allies and Lead Cookiehttps://areteincubator.com/ (.) Through these companies he has generated $40M+ in sales for his clients. Jake is the host of the https://workingwithoutpants.com/ (Working Without Pants Podcast), and Leaders of B2B Podcast. He also shares the raw lessons of his entrepreneurial journey at Jake-Jorgovan.com.

    Jake is the producer behind podcasts for brands such as Facebook, Siemens Energy, Stampli, and more.

    Jake’s professional focus is to build companies that enable freedom of time and financial profitability. He does that by being an active entrepreneur in the trenches and through training others on entrepreneurship, leadership, sales and marketing.

    Jake has degree in entrepreneurship from Belmont University and has been awarded Nashville’s Youth Entrepreneur of the Year. He has spoken at conferences such as SXSW and has been featured in publications such as Inc and Forbes.

    Jake lives a nomadic life and has traveled the world while running multiple companies.

    Current location: Barcelona, Spain

    Most passionate about

    I currently run Content Allies, which is a podcast agency.

    I'm really passionate about building this business up. Then, personally, on the side, I'm really passionate about playing with synthesizers.

    We produce revenue-generating B2B podcasts. That means we work primarily with businesses. These would be companies that are looking to launch a podcast. They tend to be of a decent size.

    Jake’s career and story

    I have been in entrepreneurship for about 12 or 13 years now and have been in a video agency for a while. I got really into the event, industry, and music industry early in my career. Then I went off and did freelance digital marketing—various iterations of digital marketing agencies.

    Eventually, I decided: Okay, I want to focus at the agency on content. My previous agency wasn't lead generation and got heavily disrupted; it kept changing the game.

    I started Content Allies. We did a bunch of different iterations of content offerings and eventually landed on podcasting as our core service, with a full suite of content marketing.

    We found that podcasts are growing. There are tons of stats out there, saying that every year podcasts are growing and that more people are listening to them. What is really interesting for B2B companies is that podcasts can become the epicenter of their content strategy.

    Out of a podcast, we'll create videos, we'll create articles, we'll create social posts, we'll create quote blocks, we'll create short, social videos, and YouTube videos. We'll also often lead that into collaborations with the guests to post content on their site.

    Best advice for entrepreneurs

    It helps to launch a business in a rising tide, like in a rising wave.

    We're doing the same thing with podcasting right now. It's like podcasting is a wave and we're riding that. At some point, that will plateau or stabilize and commoditize as any industry does.

    The biggest, most critical failure with customers

    One of the things that's hard about being an entrepreneur is that you have to learn every facet of the business. People deny this early on. I'm not a finance guy; that's how I started. So, I tried to hire out the job of keeping my books to the cheapest person I could, but that meant I didn't have visibility into finances.

    Not knowing at least the basics led to really bad failures for me in the past.

    Biggest success with customers

    It came down to being intentional about the niche we were going to pick with Content Allies.

    The biggest success comes from testing different offers and then trying to really think through things like, ‘This is going to become my core business.’

    Jake’s recommendation of a tool

    Process Street

    It replaced very expensive project...

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    Ep. 262 – Dan Zavorotny: “You just gotta go and try to sell to someone to see who wants your product. The goal is to get them to put their credit card in”

    Ep. 262 – Dan Zavorotny: “You just gotta go and try to sell to someone to see who wants your product. The goal is to get them to put their credit card in”

    Dan Zavorotny is the co-founder of NutriSense – a metabolic health company that utilizes Continuous Glucose Monitoring (GCM) technology to provide real-time data to clients.

    He launched 3 months before Covid, and he has grown the company from an idea to over $150 million valuation in just 26 months and 120 employees. Previously, he worked as a management consultant for KPMG where he consulted for 3 out of top 5 hospitals in the world.

    When Dan’s not working, he loves to travel, and he has been to over 100 countries before the age of 30.

    Most passionate about

    I was working in healthcare consulting and saw a trend over and over. We saw people, hospitals, and insurance companies spend more money every single year on healthcare.

    I ran into one of my friends who was wearing a device called a continuous glucose monitor. It tracks your glucose in real-time, 24/7. I put on a device and it completely changed the way I looked at health.

    We said, “Let's start a company around it.” We basically launched in two weeks. I quit my job and then we just started going, going, going. Since then, we've gotten to an over $150 million value.

    Dan’s career and story

    We immigrated from Ukraine. My parents didn't have much money. So, I picked jobs in corporate finance that let me live in France for a year.

    Then I focused on my career. I said, “How do I become the best employee possible?” I was doing healthcare consulting. I quickly realized that there are fundamental shifts in the industry of healthcare that need to happen, and there's not enough drive or change inside. So, that has to happen from external forces. I started looking at, like, “What can I start? How can I help this industry?” This was when I ran into my friend, Alex, whom I started a company with and who was an acknowledged expert.

    We brought in a third person, Kara, who's our head of nutrition. We can focus on the business, the software, and the human capital in this area to change behavior. That's been guiding us. It's been very effective by focusing on hiring the best people.

    Best advice for entrepreneurs

    The first one is, in every business, there are always two things that are most important. It's either build the product or service and offering or sell that product or service and offering. You must always say who's doing the first and who’s doing the second. Remember, no matter what you're doing, always focus on those two functions at the beginning.

    Number two is, you just gotta go and try to sell this to someone to see who wants it. The goal here is to get them to put their credit card in. Always focus on credit. Until someone's putting a credit card down, they're not actually your customer.

    To me, the signifier is, did you collect their cash? If you did, your product has value.

    The biggest, most critical failure with customers

    It's that we listened to the customers who are the loudest customers, but they might not be our main customers.

    It’s important to remember that just because someone is very loud as a customer, that does not mean this is the person you should be billing for it.

    I think that's a mistake we made. It doesn't sound that bad, but if you actually think about it, we're a software company. We're telling our engineers to build something and retain all that money on salaries, product development, and a user experience for this one individual, while the other 99% of people might be less vocal. Oftentimes, they're the silent majority. We're basically neglecting them because every time we're building for this one individual, we're not building for those other ones.

    Biggest success with customers

    When we first started, we had about 12 customers sign up. One of the packages got lost by the United States post office. We emailed the customer and said, “Hey, it looks like your package got lost in Arizona. Do you want us to ship you another one?” The person said, “No,...

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    Ep. 261 – The three thought leaders that changed my entrepreneurial journey

    Ep. 261 – The three thought leaders that changed my entrepreneurial journey

    Five years ago, I started my podcast REACH OR MISS for entrepreneurs. Two hundred sixty episodes to date and counting. I took something from any episode, and, of course, many taught me something new.

    However, three past episodes are the core of entrepreneurial marketing.

    In today’s episode, I invite you to listen to these three thought-leaders and find the difference between what you do and what they talk about. Choose one thing that you will do differently from today.

    I think that will help you become a better entrepreneurial marketer. And every entrepreneur should also become their own marketer.

    John Lee Dumas

    John Lee Dumas: John is the host of EOFire, an award winning podcast where he interviews today’s most successful entrepreneurs and thought leaders. JLD has grown EOFire into a multi-million dollar a year business. with over 2000 interviews. He’s the author of The Freedom Journal and The Mastery Journal, two of the most funded publishing campaigns of all time on Kickstarter. All the magic happens at EOFire.com!

    https://www.eofire.com (Fire Nation (EOFire))

    John’s best advice about approaching the customer

    Number one, you need to know who your perfect customer is, the ideal customer, your avatar.

    Once you know who that person is, you can start creating free valuable, and consisting content for that person.

    Then you want to make sure you are getting it in front of them, so you have to find them and put that content in front of them. And, of course, they will be attracted to that content because you are creating it for them specifically.

    Then, once you have the opportunity to get in front of them, ask them a question, send them an email, newsletter, or a social media message, you have to ask: What are you struggling with?

    Then you can start to understand your ideal customers, what their pain points, obstacles, challenges, and struggles are, so then you – the person that, by the way, has been delivering them free value and assisting content, can provide the solution in the form of a product, a service or a community.

    You are not just somebody pitching them something; you are somebody that already provided them value, who they are growing to know, like, and trust, who asked them what they are struggling with, who listened to them when they were telling their pain point, and who now says: ‘Hi, you told me you are struggling with this, here is the solution, and I’d love to offer it.’ That’s the way to approach your customer.

    Biggest failure with customers

    This is a big mistake that I made, and it was a big waste of time, energy, effort, and money. It goes back to 2013. Many people said they love my podcast and love to create their podcasts. I wanted to create an entire platform where I would create other people's podcasts for them. I’ll host their shows; I’ll edit their podcast. I’ll make their show notes; I’ll do it all. I called it PodPlatform. Everybody that heard the idea said it’s a great product.

    I made all the arrangements and invested so luckily it was the perfect number…which quickly let me realize I don’t want to be in this business; I don’t want to edit other people's shows, upload their outro and intro, and host that for them. And I went back to this one person, here is your money back, but this isn’t the kind of business I want.

    But I wasted so much time, so much energy, and money. And actually, I could say if anybody telling me they want this before I’ll go and creates this and invest so much time and money, let’s have people put money where their mouth is and invest in this product before it exists.

    And I did that a few months later with Podcaster Paradise, and I had 50 people signed up before we launched, which made me realize that this is something that can actually work. Fast-forward to today, Podcaster’s Paradise has over 3000 members and over 4 Million Dollars in revenue.

    Biggest success due to the...

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208 Ratings

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Give it a chance. It will surprise you!

The interviewer ask great questions and let’s the guest give detailed answers! Any entrepreneur / business person would benefit from this podcast!

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Great show, great topics

Love the episode with Michael Unbroken. Great work bringing people with such fabulous stories to your show to demonstrate what it takes. Well done.

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Great Show!

This show became one of my favorites. I love the lates episodes! Great advice and helpful marketing information for someone who runs a business!

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