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Real Estate Investing Profits Masters Series | The Definitive Realestate Podcast for Real Estate Investing Freedom By Quiting your Job, Creating Landlord Wealth, Making Money by Flipping Houses and getting Bigger Pockets with Millionaire Investors

Real Estate Investing Profits Master Series with Cory Boatright Cory Boatright

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Real Estate Investing Profits Masters Series | The Definitive Realestate Podcast for Real Estate Investing Freedom By Quiting your Job, Creating Landlord Wealth, Making Money by Flipping Houses and getting Bigger Pockets with Millionaire Investors

    Episode 76: David Lecko and DealMachine

    Episode 76: David Lecko and DealMachine

    Hello and welcome back to all my favorite investors and entrepreneurs. Today’s guest is a special one. David Lecko, founder of the DealMachine app and community, is a man focused on personal development. If he wasn’t, he never would have designed this amazing real estate tool in the first place.
    DealMachine is an amazing mobile app designed specifically for real estate investors. David started out with rental properties and driving for dollars, but he quickly realized he needed a tool that could streamline all of his responsibilities. Thus, DealMachine was born! At first the app was just for him, but when friends and colleagues started asking for it, he decided to put it up on the App Store and share it with the world. 
    As real estate investors, we all want to and need to work in real time. DealMachine can help you do that on the business side of things, but David is also sharing strategies for managing the personal side of things too. From marketing to customer service, all the way to how to do business with your partners and mentors, David shares nuggets of knowledge that will help investors new and seasoned alike to get a better grip on their business.
    David manages to find that balance between life and work while still working with a speed fit for this fast food generation. It’s hard to be an entrepreneur, and Shiny Object Syndrome is REAL. It can be a real struggle to stick with the boring, day-to-do processes and systems of running your business, but if you don’t get excited about boring systems and processes, then you’re really going to have a hard time behind a business owner. You have to change your mindset if you want to build your business into the successful behemoth you know it can be, and David shares a few key tips that can help get you there.

    4:24 - Meet David Lecko!
    5:55 - David’s breaking point inspired him to build DealMachine
    9:23 - What does the DealMachine app really do?
    13:33 - Who are the team behind DealMachine?
    16:29 - What’s happening in Indianapolis?
    17:41 - David dives into the marketing elements of DealMachine 
    19:53 - David’s biggest piece of advice for newbies 
    21:43 - Elyse helps David out with his favorite motivational quotes
    23:57 - Who is David’s favorite author?
    26:16 - Strategies for breaking out of that Shiny Object Syndrome
    28:52 - Why is it so hard to give up control of our businesses? 
    31:41 - What is the $10,000/hr activity?
    34:55 - Why David brought in a third party to help him and his business partners
    36:20 - David’s favorite mobile apps
    38:57 - What does David’s morning routine look like?
    40:30 - What is David most grateful for? 
    42:06 - At what point does David think we should get mentors? 
    43:30 - David’s favorite part about DealMachine
    45:00 - How to get in touch with David and create an account with DealMachine 
    48:00 - David is here to encourage any and all investors to improve their lives 

    The DealMachine Facebook Group
    DealMachine Insta
    Profit First
    Pumpkin Plan 
    The E-Myth 
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    Episode 75: David Dodge Ultimate Investing Tips and Strategies

    Episode 75: David Dodge Ultimate Investing Tips and Strategies

    Keep the best and sell the rest. That’s the motto of David Dodge, a killer wholesaler from St. Louis. He’s on the show today dropping some real nuggets for real estate investors of all kinds. David is on fire right now, doing wholesales, fix and flips, and he just published his first book. Tune in now to catch this guy while you can, because his real estate investments are really about to take off!
    David then started renting properties out early on but quickly realized there’s a better way to do this business. That’s where the inspiration for David’s real estate investment strategy came from, and it’s really evolved over the past decade. You’ll want to pay attention to how David developed his profit master strategy. He’s professionally cherrypicking the wholesale properties that fit in with his goals and he’s spending the rest of his time honing in on what he calls the BRRR strategy.
    This BRRR strategy David breaks down today is something banks love, too. We’re not talking about big banks here. In fact, David prefers to have his property loans with a few of his favorite banks rather than just one or two. He shares why other real estate investors should be jumping on this trend, and delves further into why he’s using private lender funds to invest in his wholesale properties. 
    Remember - none of David’s success happened overnight. He took the time to invest in his education through books and mentorships in order to get to the point he is today. David shares where this consistent motivation comes from, but I want you to remember that it starts right here. The challenge for you is to apply the golden nuggets you learn today to your own business and your own profit master strategy to see what works. 
    "If you’re in real estate long enough, you’re guaranteed to create some wealth. - David"
    2:44 - Here’s the man: David Dodge
    3:25 - David’s got his new book sitting right next to him
    5:05 - What’s David’s focus in real estate investing?
    8:18 - Something changed five years ago that changed David’s path
    11:10 - Did college influence David’s real estate strategy?
    15:15 - What’s David’s business motto?
    18:34 - David breaks down his profit master strategy 
    22:32 - Have you ever heard of the BRRRR Strategy?
    27:00 - Why portfolio lending with smaller banks is better
    32:13 - What books inspired David the most?
    37:39 - David’s got a couple of motivational quotes
    43:45 - David’s favorite mobile apps
    44:20 - How important is a good dashboard?
    48:05 - A few apps and sites that can help you develop a dashboard 
    49:42 - The greatest lesson David learned in wholesaling 
    51:17 - The only 2 things that matter about CRMs: Notes and Tasks
    54:30 - What’s the “perfect seller appointment”?
    56:33 - How to use Tasks the right way in the CRM 
    58:18 - David’s true definition of “wholesaling”
    59:30 - Does David get 8 hours of sleep every night?
    59:46 - What’s David’s morning routine?
    1:01:46 - David lays out the whole team that’s rocking the St. Louis market right now
    1:05:22 - Why (and how) is David using private lenders?
    1:11:21 - What does the wholesale market look like in St. Louis?
    1:13:37 - What is David most grateful for?
    1:19:55 - How do the things and words you say affect your mood?
    1:24:47 - How many coaches has David used in his career?
    1:27:50 - Why David isn’t afraid of taxes anymore
    1:29:18 - David is rocking radio advertising right now in St. Louis
    1:35:30 - Where can you get your hands on David’s book: The Ultimate Guide to Wholesaling Real Estate?
    1:36:49 - Connect with David on Facebook and Instagram
    Wholesaling is so easy. Human beings make it difficult. - David
    Links and Resources HouseSoldEasy.com
    The Ultimate Guide to Wholesaling Real Estate: Learn How to Buy Properties at a Discount
    Discount Property Investor

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    Episode 74: Chris Miles Money Ripples Anti Financial Guru

    Episode 74: Chris Miles Money Ripples Anti Financial Guru

    If you’ve never heard of an “infinite banking strategy”, today is your lucky today! Chris Miles is on the Profit Masters right now to help you figure out new ways to get some extra money coming in. These are strategies you may never have considered before because it really goes against all of the traditional things we’ve learned when it comes to banking, investing, and retirement funds. That’s why they call Chris the anti-financial advisor. He’s up here turning the industry on its head with some of the things he’s doing out here.
    Since retiring in 2006 - yes, that’s right, I said RETIRED, he’s popped back onto the scene to teach people like us how to do what he’s doing to create these strong streams of passive income. There are ways to make key investments with your mutual fund and even your life insurance that can get you to true financial freedom. These are the kinds of investments that pay off, and Chris shares the different ways you can use to them to finally declare your own financial freedom. 
    I’m very excited about today’s episode because Chris is part of the Collective Genius Mastermind group I’m in. He and I have learned a lot from each other over the past year, and I really value the way he encourages us all to challenge the things we’ve been taught. Ignorance is expensive - you’ll hear us say that a lot on this episode, and it can really benefit you both financially and spiritually to get a fresh, new perspective on the way we’re doing things. Real estate investors, like all entrepreneurs, can get comfortable in the routine. But to keep that entrepreneurial fire burning, you’ve got to learn new perspectives and try new things. Part of what makes our businesses so great is the journey of learning we get to go on every day. So tune in right now and learn something new from Chris Miles!
    3:00 - Meet Chris Miles!
    4:25 - Why did Chris quit being a financial advisor?
    6:01 - What do Chris’ ideal clients look like?
    7:35 - Who inspires Chris the most?
    9:40 - The moment Chris realized real estate could make him financially free
    15:05 - Part 1 - What happens when you start to question everything you think you know?
    17:03 - Part 2 - It opens a door to a whole new world of opportunities! 
    19:15 - What investment strategies are working for Chris right now?
    21:00 - What is “relationship capital”?
    22:48 - The truth about mutual funds 
    24:34 - Chris’ strategy for investing with life insurance
    31:14 - The biggest challenges Chris is facing in the market right now 
    33:48 - The biggest lesson Chris ever learned
    35:09 - What would Chris change about his past if he could?
    36:28 - Chris’ favorite motivational quote
    38:14 - The highs and lows of being an entrepreneur
    41:02 - Does Chris get 8 hours of sleep every night?
    41:12 - What’s Chris’ morning routine?
    42:17 - What is Chris most grateful for right now?
    45:08 - Chris has mentors for everything, from fitness to real estate
    46:36 - Hope is what gets Chris up every morning
    48:13 - Send Chris a message chris@moneyripples.com

    When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. - Chris 
    There are so many different ways you can get paid. The cool thing is that it doesn't even require money to make money to do that stuff. It's all about the relationship capital, not just financial. - Chris

    Money Ripples Podcast with Chris Miles
    Chris Miles Money Show with Chris Miles
    Money Ripples Facebook 
    Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki
    Who Took My Money by Robert Kiyosaki
    Three Feet from Gold by Greg Reid and Sharon Lechter
    Never Give Up by Donald Trump 
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    Episode 73: Aaron Chapman Mortgage Loan Officer Extraordinaire

    Episode 73: Aaron Chapman Mortgage Loan Officer Extraordinaire

    My guest today is LEGENDARY. He is crushing it right now in the mortgage industry. He closed over 700 deals last year! Aaron Chapman is one of the best mortgage loan officers, but don’t expect today’s podcast to be a stuffy banking episode. Aaron isn’t your ordinary mortgage broker - his beard is almost two feet long! But it’s not just his appearance that’s different, it’s his whole approach to real estate investing.
    Aaron’s created a niche for himself that really sets him above the rest of the mortgage industry. From a real estate investing standpoint it’s really refreshing to see a mortgage broker who really understands us. He understands the mindset of a real estate investor and communicates this understanding to universities, banking firms, even his own clients. He’s creating a whole new community of understanding that’s bound to change the real estate landscape for years to come, and he’s sharing a bit of that experience with us today.
    Aaron is working with investors looking to build their own real estate investment firms. He’s serious about his business and willing and able to work with investors who are just as serious about theirs. Tune in now and see why you should be working with Aaron ASAP!
    3:10 - Meet the legend: Aaron Chapman
    4:45 - Aaron likes to keep our expectations low
    6:12 - Aaron got his start as a telemarketer in 1999
    8:50 - The aught real estate crash actually inspired Aaron
    10:15 - What’s Aaron’s focus in real estate?
    12:40 - Aaron starts breaking it down for real estate investors
    13:16 - This break down includes a little simple math
    16:43 - How can real estate investors pace inflation?
    18:15 - Aaron’s got a new definition for Pro Forma
    21:00 - The big opportunities that can come with a fixed-rate loan
    22:34 - Aaron wants you to think about taxes for a minute
    25:50 - Aaron uses his experience to help real estate investors avoid failure
    27:30 - What makes Aaron so different from the other guys in suits?
    28:51 - What’s the biggest challenge Aaron faced in real estate? 
    32:15 - Stop talking yourself out of a good idea
    33:32 - The biggest lesson Aaron learned
    35:35 - Aaron’s favorite motivational quote
    36:53 - Aaron recommends his favorite books
    38:24 - How is Aaron using mobile apps?
    39:37 - Aaron actually gets 8 hours of sleep at night 
    40:00 - Aaron’s morning routine starts with prayer
    46:04 - What is Aaron most grateful for?
    46:34 - What gets Aaron out of bed every morning?
    49:25 - Get in touch with Aaron at www.aaronbchapman.com
     Real estate investors have been given the freedom to choose where to put their money, instead of those who choose to sit at home, watch TV, and spend it on personal crap who end up having to pay taxes. - Aaron
    Experience to me is the most thorough instructor, but the most expensive and the highest risk...The problem is that failure has to happen. I don’t want that.  Aaron
    Security National Mortgage Company
    Shadow Stats
    Joe Dispenza TED Talk in Tacoma
    Napoleon Hill Principles
    The Master Key System by Charles Haanel
    Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill
    Wisdom of Success by Napoleon Hill
    Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Joe Dispenza
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    Episode 72: Greg Helbeck Secret Genealogist Real Estate Gold

    Episode 72: Greg Helbeck Secret Genealogist Real Estate Gold

    Welcome back to the Real Estate Investing Profit Masters podcast! My guest today is really going to blow your mind. Greg Helbeck is only 23 years old but he is killing it with virtual real estate investing. That’s right - I said VIRTUAL. Greg is living in San Diego while working deals in New York and Texas. In fact, we’re doing a deal in Dallas together and that’s why I’m so excited to bring him on the show.
    Greg’s real estate investment strategy may surprise you. He’s out there using a genealogist to close on some real hairy deals. Greg breaks down his strategy for getting through some of the most dramatic real estate deals I’ve ever heard of. But what’s really going to impress you is how much he’s learned during this process.
    As investors, we know this business isn’t easy, and sometimes it isn’t very nice either. Greg had his own doubts about himself and his abilities simply because of his age. How did he overcome this age bias and really start believing in himself? You’ll have to listen to today’s episode to find out. But here’s a hint - having faith in yourself doesn’t come just from within. It comes from having spiritual faith and being confident enough to seek guidance from others. Whether that means hiring a mentor or listening to hundreds of podcast episodes, talking to others can help you reflect on your actions, learn from them, and really evolve as not only an investor but also in your daily life.
    2:53 - Hanging out with Greg Helbeck
    3:34 - Greg’s area of expertise
    5:42 - What made Greg get involved in real estate investing?
    6:43 - The real estate seminar that changed Greg’s life
    7:47 - Who else influenced Greg’s real estate evolution?
    9:00 - Greg always dreamed bigger
    11:37 - What happens when understanding cash flow is your biggest challenge?
    13:28 - How to overcome the age bias and build a real estate identity 
    15:23 - Greg breaks down his most challenging property deal 
    22:26 - A great nugget of advice for new investors
    23:36 - Greg says: “It all comes down to lead generation!”
    24:39 - Greg’s real estate investment strategy is really hairy
    26:06 - How does a genealogist fit into real estate investing?
    27:22 - Why does Greg call leads on his personal cell phone? 
    29:51 - These hairy deals aren’t something you do ten times a month
    30:40 - How to use Skip Genie before hiring a genealogist
    31:20 - The right time to bring in the genealogy expert
    34:05 - Greg breaks down the steps he takes with his genealogist
    35:30 - The greatest lesson Greg learned in this business
    37:36 - Are you taking time to reflect on your life?
    40:01 - Greg’s favorite motivational quotes (one’s a poem!)
    42:32 - Greg has a lot of favorite books
    44:40 - Greg’s favorite mobile apps 
    46:26 - Does Greg get 8 hours of sleep every night?
    46:50 - What’s Greg’s morning routine like?
    48:11 - We should all try writing - or recording - our own vision statements
    54:14 - What is Greg most grateful for?
    55:28 - Greg says: “Hire a coach as soon as you can!”
    56:22 - What gets Greg up and at ‘em every morning?
    59:30 - What motivated Greg to start his own podcast?
    1:02:07 - Get in touch with Greg - greg@pavethewaypodcast.com - or on Instagram @Grego_37
    “Once I made my first dollar that didn’t have to do with a wage or a salary, it opened up like a switch in my mind.” Greg
    “Anytime there’s a challenge or even there’s a win, loss, anything, I like to spend time reflecting on it.” Greg
    Pave the Way Podcast
    Epic Real Estate Podcast 
    SDF Capital
    Principles by Ray Dalio
    Atomic Habits by James Clear
    Confessions of a Real Estate Entrepreneur by Jim Randel 
    Skip Genie
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    Episode 71: Joe and Matt Maximum Exposure with Podcasting and Traffic

    Episode 71: Joe and Matt Maximum Exposure with Podcasting and Traffic

    Buckle your seatbelts, party people! Today’s episode of Real Estate Investment Profit Masters is taking a different turn. I’ve brought on two of my good friends, Matt Wolfe and Joe Fier from the Hustle and Flowchart Podcast, to talk about how you can start your very own podcast.
    It might sound weird, I know. Real estate investing and podcasting? Whodathunk? But it’s seriously one of the best marketing strategies you can use as a real estate investor to get maximum exposure and authentically build your business. I know most of you are already familiar with all the different online and offline forms of marketing, but today is the today you should really consider podcasting.
    Podcasting is still in its infancy, meaning you have a lot of opportunities to mold it around your unique brand and profit master strategy. I brought Matt and Joe here today specifically because their podcast is angled at entrepreneurs and small business owners like you and me. They know what it’s like to start a podcast from the ground up, and they’re sharing all of the strategies that they’re using right now to drive traffic and generate new and exciting business leads.
    What you really need to know about podcasting before going into this episode is how authentic it can be. Matt is going to share his own personal advice on how to be authentic and effective, but what you need to know up front is that, with a podcast, you’re having a personal conversation with each and every one of your listeners. That’s why it’s worth a try.
    No amount of marketing can be as effective as a recommendation from a friend. What better way to become a friend than by getting on a microphone and talking candidly about yourself and your business? Your listeners are going to tune in with their headphones or in their car and carry your story with them throughout their day. How powerful is that? If you’re ready to tap into this underutilized marketing tool, then tune in right now. Podcasting could be just what your business needs to jump to that next level.
    4:26 - Meet Mr. Matt Wolfe and Joe Fier!
    5:00 - Why is podcasting such a fantastic marketing tool?
    7:30 - How long have Matt and Joe been podcasting?
    8:44 - Our thoughts on podcasting vs. television
    9:57 - Is podcasting taking over radio?
    11:44 - How to use podcasting as a real estate investor
    16:13 - Can you use podcasts to attract buyers?
    18:01 - What about attracting sellers?
    21:11 - Joe and Matt’s top tips and tools for starting your own podcast
    23:00 - How to get your podcast on iTunes (and other networks!)
    24:14 - Why do people worry about the mic so much?
    27:09 - Using Alexa to promo your podcast
    28:08 - How expensive are podcast production tools?
    30:03 - How many times a week should you record your podcast?
    30:44 - Matt and Joe breakdown their method for batch recording
    34:18 - Matt and Joe’s favorite audio editing tool
    35:30 - What’s the biggest benefit of having a daily podcast?
    37:05 - How to lead your real estate business with a podcast
    38:55 - What traffic generating methods are working for Matt and Joe right now?
    43:06 - How to use Google SEO to attract listeners
    44:00 - How to use YouTube SEO to attract listeners
    46:35 - What’s the greatest lesson these guys have learned?
    48:00 - Matt’s advice on being authentic
    49:29 - The guys’ favorite motivational business quotes
    51:40 - Matt and Joe recommend their favorite books
    53:06 - Check out their favorite mobile apps
    55:59 - Do these guys get 8 hours of sleep every night?
    57:16 - What’s their morning routine?
    59:07 - Joe explains EFT and his meditation techniques
    64:50 - What are Joe and Matt most grateful for?
    66:22 - What motivates these guys to get out of bed in the morning?
    70:34 - Connect with Matt and Joe at hustleandflowchart.com/cory

    Hustle and Flowchart Podcast

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5.0 out of 5
34 Ratings

34 Ratings

Katie Joy B. ,

Real Estate Rockstars!

Cory and his wide variety of knowledgeable guests are truly rockstarts! They’re making quality real estate investment knowledge accessible to everyone because they truly believe in the power it has to change lives. The great advice they provide, combined with the relatable way in which they deliver it had me hooked from the very first listen. Thanks for putting out such a stellar show Cory - keep up the great work!

J. Barshop ,

Awesome show, highly recommend!

Corey and his guests share actionable and inspiring lessons on how to become a better investor and (more importantly) a better overall person.

Highly recommend listening and subscribing to Real Estate Investing Profit Masters Series if you want the knowledge AND mindsets to reach all of your overall business goals (and experience freedom through real estate investing as a result)!

Brooke Craven ,

Awesome Podcast

Cory host of Real Estate Invsting Profits Master Series highlights all aspects of real estate investing in this can’t miss podcast. The host and expert guests offer insightful advice that is helpful to anyone that listens!

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