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The Real Estate Marketing Dude is a podcast for real estate agents that focuses strictly on real estate lead generation strategies that fall within 3 categories of real estate marketing. We will discuss various topics of real estate marketing including Referral Marketing, Transactional Marketing, and Cold Marketing.

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The Real Estate Marketing Dude is a podcast for real estate agents that focuses strictly on real estate lead generation strategies that fall within 3 categories of real estate marketing. We will discuss various topics of real estate marketing including Referral Marketing, Transactional Marketing, and Cold Marketing.

    Being Intentional vs Goal Setting with Andrew Wallas

    Being Intentional vs Goal Setting with Andrew Wallas

    Nothing in reality exists without intention. Everything we wear, use, and rely on daily all started because some group of people had overwhelming intention to get that specific product or service available to you. We must realize the importance of intention and understand that nothing great will be achieved without overwhelming intention. Then there’s alignment, the process of synchronizing yourself and your actions with your intentions. Another crucially important part of fulfilling your intentions. However, it’s easy to set goals and say you intend to achieve them, but simply setting a goal may not be enough. Why is it that intention tends to produce much better results than goal setting? In what ways can we leverage our inner-intention to achieve some of the greatest things we strive for?
    Andrew Wallas is a businessman that has been at the forefront of many successful businesses - most of them with 100s of employees -throughout his time as an executive. However, this is not what he is known for and what he dedicates his time to nowadays. Since his business success, Andrew now dedicates much of his time to sharing knowledge from his past endeavors. This has been through speaking, workshops, training, and many other avenues, but Andrew has recently added author to his long resume, writing three books all centered around the mindset and thought process that he uses to achieve great success. Check out Intention, his most recent publication and the one we talk about in this episode.
    On this episode of the podcast, Andrew joins me to talk about intention, and the massive return you can have by having overwhelming intention to create your dreams and achieve your aspirations. We’ll talk about how Andrew used it to build 9-figure businesses, how you can use it in your daily life, and most importantly the effects it can have on your business, if done correctly. We’ll also discuss why aligning yourself with your intentions is important and how to go about doing that correctly. Andrew comes from a place of contribution in all of his work, and it shows when he speaks. Listen in to gain his insight that he’s used to grow many businesses, you won’t want to miss this conversation!
    Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

    Why internal intention is more effective than simply goal setting

    Internal intention is one of the most important things to achieving some of the most difficult feats in your career, no matter the industry. And it’s much more effective than goal setting, why is that?

    How to do things you’ve never done before, and still be successful

    Trying new things, like getting on video, can be scary and seem nearly impossible to get good at. But there are actually ways to overcome this fear and doubt and relate with people that you may have never expected.

    What it means to align yourself with your intentions

    Having your intentions clear is the first step to achieving your internal desires in business and life in general. But when it comes to aligning yourself with your intentions, many people do not truly follow through. We’ll talk about how to align yourself with your intentions and start to change your daily actions for the better.

    Connect with Andrew

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    People Over Profits with Carlos Reyes

    People Over Profits with Carlos Reyes

    Many people overthink or simply don’t know what it takes to be successful in real estate. However at the end of the day, it is a people-first business. It’s extremely important to nurture relationships and take care of both your partners, your team, and most importantly, your clients. Inconsiderate, shady tactics and short sighted thinking will surely set you up for a short stint in real estate, and one that is neither enjoyable nor profitable. So, why is it that so many real estate professionals look past the simplicity of the business? What can you do to master relationship building? And what will surely set yourself apart from the competition in such a competitive 2021 market?
    Carlos Reyes is a wildly successful real estate wholesaler turned investor and serial entrepreneur now with over 27 companies, all of which started because of his real estate ventures. He’s a first generation U.S. immigrant that decided to quit a 14 year corporate job in 2015 to pursue the dream of building his own real estate investment company. With the help of his partner Sal Shakir, his company has scaled quickly to be a real estate powerhouse consistently producing 6 figures every single month in multiple markets. Aside from being a businessman, Carlos is focused on helping others improve their mindset and strategies to build a successful real estate empire. Carlos helps other real estate professionals through coaching and educational events that discuss investing, wholesaling, marketing, and other business building tactics.
    In this week’s episode, Carlos joins me to chat about the most effective strategies for building a real estate business from the mindset for success, to the marketing strategies that will get you more listings. He walks us through how he manages his marketing spend, the team he built around him, and the top sources he uses to find homes before they’re on the market. In addition, Carlos explains the thought process behind these strategies and why you have to change your mindset to one of abundance to truly take advantage of the opportunities in front of you. Carlos has captivated audiences, built millions in wealth, and now wants to share his findings with other professionals who want to achieve similar success.  You won’t want to miss this conversation and all of the great learning points that come out of it!
    Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

    The steps to providing an exceptional customer experience in real estate

    Business is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. To win this race you need to put people over profits and deliver an exceptional customer experience. We’ll talk about why it’s so important for your business to serve your customers instead of sell to them.

    Where to find property owners who are waiting for someone to help them sell their property

    So you understand what you need to do when you get a client, but where do you find these clients who are looking for someone to help them? We’ll talk about the top sources you can use to find new clients that you’ll want to work with.

    What we can expect for the 2021 real estate market and how to prepare

    Everyone knows there’s a crazy market we’re seeing in 2021. But what is to come for the following months? We discuss and speculate on what we may see in the near future,

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    Disrupt or Die - Surviving the Digital Real Estate Shift with Geoff Zimpfer

    Disrupt or Die - Surviving the Digital Real Estate Shift with Geoff Zimpfer

    If you haven’t taken your business digital at this point, especially after the craziness of 2020, then it’s safe to say you are hurting your business more than helping it. However, digital marketing is a broad statement, and to do it right you’ll have to hone in on specific strategies and techniques that actually move the needle to where you want your business to be. You might be asking yourself, “Do I need to use social media? Do I need to be on Google? Should I actually be shooting videos about my life?” Yes, yes, and yes, but how you actually execute online is what clearly sets you apart from the competition.
    Geoff Zimpfer has been in real estate since 2003, through the ups and downs of the market in the last 2 decades, and if there’s one thing he’s taken away from the industry shift, it’s that digital initiatives, or the lack thereof, will make or break your business. Starting out as a mortgage originator in Orange County, CA, Geoff learned the ins and outs of the mortgage business. Fast forward to now, and he’s a national sales trainer and coach, helping other lenders, brokers and agents navigate the mind field of digital marketing. In 2020 he then compiled all this knowledge into a book, Disrupt or Die | How to Survive and Thrive the Digital Real Estate Shift.
    On this podcast, Geoff and I chat about the importance of having a digital presence, and why the personal side of marketing is more important than ever for anyone in real estate. He walks us through the top five ways to build rapport with a potential client before even meeting them, and how to determine which strategies will work best for your goals (you can’t choose them all!) Tune in this week to hear all about the strategies that are actually converting in 2021 and how you can use them to achieve highest and best results for your business.
    Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

    The importance of having multiple marketing streams

    The worst kind of marketing is one. Having only one stream of business is a huge vulnerability to your business. We’ll talk about why and how to diversify your streams of marketing.

    What marketing strategies actually work for YOU

    Not every strategy is one size fits all, and you must determine which is most effective, comfortable and convenient for your business. If you try to do everything you’ll spread yourself too thin, with only one strategy you’ll short yourself on opportunities. We’ll talk about how to determine which strategies to dive into, and how those can work for you.

    How to ‘own the search’ for your city

    I’m sure you’ve heard the term of ‘digital mayor’, but how do you actually do that? We’ll walk you through how to create authoritative content on YouTube, Google, and other platforms that will get you seen by anyone looking to learn more about real estate in your city.

    Connect with Geoff
    Learn more about Geoff by listening to his podcast at MortgageMarketingInstitute.com, or check out his LinkedIn where you can message him to continue the conversation.

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    The Hybrid Agent Model and Becoming Investor Friendly with Trevor Mauch

    The Hybrid Agent Model and Becoming Investor Friendly with Trevor Mauch

    There’s a new kid on the block as of late, have you heard of them? Well if not, you need to, and it’s the hybrid agent. The individual who has the ability to be both an agent and an investor at the same time, and they’re quickl...

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    What Converts Someone Into a Client with Chadi Bazzi

    What Converts Someone Into a Client with Chadi Bazzi

    So you’re finally getting the phone to ring and people want to work with you… Now what? Well, that’s only half the battle, and now you have to convert them to not only trust you, but also allow you to help them with the biggest financial investment they’ll likely make. But are you really selling homes? Or are you actually selling the peace of mind when assisting them with the buying and/or selling process? By truly creating a strong connection and alignment with your potential clients, you’ll start to see a whole new level of conversion you never thought possible.
    Chadi Bazzi is a proven real estate coach that focuses on turning people he works with into top listing agents by teaching them the mindset to get to the next level, how to master closing the deal, and where to find a consistent stream of leads you actually want to work with. Chadi originally started as an agent in a small town in Michigan, but eventually upgraded to the large market of Orange County, California to further develop his career and skill set. After developing in the space and finding his true passion was helping people, Chadi now dedicates his time to developing agents into top producers, just like he was when practicing. By following his formula, he’s been able to help 100s of agents achieve more than they could have ever imagined.
    In this episode, Chadi joins me to talk about arguably the most important part of the real estate deal, closing and getting your client to actually sign on that dotted line. This is rarely talked about, and usually coaches focus on getting people to call you in the first place, but Chadi focuses on mastering this stage of the real estate process first, and we break down why this is so important. We talk about the mindset you’ll need, actionable steps you can take to improve your closing skills, and what this ultimately can do for your business.
    Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

    How to convert leads into clients and close the deal

    Getting a call is half the battle, closing the deal is the other half. In this episode we talk about how to master closing the deal, over and over again.

    Why phones are still vital to getting more listings now and into the future

    Many people underestimate the power of using a phone to prospect for more listings. We’ll give you the lists you should be attacking and what to do when you get people on the phone.

    How to get people to trust you and why it’s so essential to do early on in your career

    Many people overestimate what it takes to achieve great results in real estate, but really what it comes down to is getting people to trust you to help them with a large financial investment. We’ll walk you through exactly how to do that and give actionable advice to improving your relationship building skills.

    Connect with Chadi
    Learn more about Chadi at his site, ChadiBazzi.com, or check out his Facebook where you can message him to continue the conversation.

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    The Untapped Power of Your Sphere with Kyle Draper

    The Untapped Power of Your Sphere with Kyle Draper

    Believe it or not, your SOI is one of the biggest, and most untapped, group of people to get more business from. Continuously reminding them what you do not only markets for their direct business, but also the referrals, which happen to make up over 80% of closed real estate transactions. But this doesn’t mean you have to spam their inboxes, texts, and phones like other cold lead generation strategies, it simply means staying in front of them all the time, and one of my favorite ways to do that is with social media.
    Kyle Draper, better known as Coach Kyle, is a social media coach focused on helping realtors generate business from their direct sphere of influence through various social media marketing tactics. The unique part is, Kyle has a much different background than most in real estate. Originally he started in the roofing industry, and while he was growing his first roofing business, he realized the power social media had for attracting new clients. Eventually, he didn’t want to climb on roofs anymore and made a pivot into real estate website development, and it was then he found the industry he wanted to help grow. Now Kyle coaches and educates real estate agents, lenders, as well as other professionals how to leverage who they are, in front of who they know, to grow their business.
    This week on the podcast Kyle and I chat about the best ways to market your direct sphere, and the crazy opportunities that there are for growing your business. He walks you through the mindset you need to effectively market your database, the content and platforms used to stay relevant, and the scenarios he most often sees that generate business. Ready to get on top of your social media game? Listen in and you’ll get actionable tips to improve your skills and really dial in your strategy.
    Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

    Does your sphere of influence really generate business?

    Explore the many ways you can find opportunities just by consistently tapping into your SOI.

    What content truly generates business

    You may feel like you are obligated to talk about real estate to stay relevant, but it’s nearly the opposite. We’ll walk you through the top content we’ve seen deals close directly off of.

    Getting past the ‘awkward’ stage of content creation

    So you’re ready to get started, but now that block of awkwardness hits. Don’t worry it happens to everyone, but there’s ways to get over that hump and feel confident with what you’re creating.

    Connect with Kyle
    Learn more about Kyle at his site, KyleDraper.com, or check out his Facebook where you can message him to continue the conversation.
    How Much Business Is Generated From Referrals?
    Steal Like An Artist By Austin Kleon

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4.8 out of 5
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76 Ratings

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