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This podcast gives you a glimpse into different KY artists lives. We break down the music and the human being as well. But most importantly we always have a great time!

Real Kentucky Music with Tim Parks Tim Parks

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This podcast gives you a glimpse into different KY artists lives. We break down the music and the human being as well. But most importantly we always have a great time!

    Episode 7: Sydney Adams

    Episode 7: Sydney Adams

    There's no better way to describe Sydney Adams distinct country sound other than instantaneously classic. Sydney's sonic qualities harken back to the golden era of country music; to artists such as Loretta Lynn and Patsy Cline. While her lyrical content breathes new life into this old familiar sound, being more a kind to twenty first century artists like Kacey Musgraves.  Please don't be lead astray be all of these flattering comparisons, because Sydney Adams has a unique talent that is all her own. Thank you so much Sydney for setting down with Real Kentucky Music to share the stories behind your masterfully crafted works of art.

    • 1 hr 21 min
    Episode 6: Rye Davis

    Episode 6: Rye Davis

    Rye Davis is no stranger to the bright lights, from the pitching mounds of Tampa to the TV studio stages of Hollywood, he has entertain people from coast to coast.  This down to earth cattleman from Pig, Kentucky has a larger than life presence, but don't be fooled by his giant stature, Rye is a kind soul.   With a booming voice that harkens back to the days of Outlaw Country, Rye interweaves pure country gold with captivating banter that make his shows entertaining from sound check to encore.  
    Real Kentucky Music spent a blistering hot Summer morning at the Ponderosa Pines learning more about one of our favorite Kentucky artist.  Uncovering stories of Davis's journey from minor league baseball success to becoming a singer songwriter. Though this weeks guest holds many titles, the one that he holds nearest to his heart is Dad.

    • 1 hr 43 min
    Episode 5: Grayson Jenkins

    Episode 5: Grayson Jenkins

    The lyrics of John Prine echo through our minds when we think of our next guest "Daddy won't you take me back to Muhlenberg County." For Grayson Jenkins Muhlenberg Co. is not just a place but rather a place intime, a time when life was simple in that one room church were he attended regular Sunday services with his mother and grandmother.  A time when a boys dream of being the next star in a CMT music video was just firminting and the path that was laid out before him hadn't yet been realized. Jenkins' success as a singer songwriter has not fell on deaf ears here in the bluegrass state and you can catch him playing  the most intimate venues in the state, to seeing him on the stage at some of Kentuckys largest festivals.  We enjoyed our time with Grayson and we hope that you do as well.

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    Episode 4: Chelsea Nolan

    Episode 4: Chelsea Nolan

    Doesn't matter where in the US you may travel there's no place like the bluegrass state and no one knows this better then Chelsea Nolan.  From the frigi  landscape of Alaska to the blistering hot deserts of Arizona Chelsea's voice has rang true all across America. No matter where her musical journey may take her Chelsea Nolan calls the Bluegrass State home.





    • 1 hr 16 min
    Episode 3: Joe Campbell

    Episode 3: Joe Campbell

    If the Country Music Highway is the river that sustains the life of music in Eastern Kentucky, then the Mountain Arts Center is the source of this musical tributary.  The Mountain Arts Center was established in 1996 by Billy Jean Osborne to be the home of music in this region, and though this ship has been piloted by many over the years Joe Campbell has charted new waters. Real Kentucky Music got the opportunity to discover the past and future with Joe and get a. better understanding of how has been so successful. 

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    Episode 2: Dave Prince

    Episode 2: Dave Prince

    Dave Prince is a man of many aliases, if you stop by Dee's Diner in Louisa Kentucky then everyone would know Chico,  his students call him Mr. Prince, but the world knows him as Laid Back Country Picker. Dave is no stranger to the 6 strings, he has been pickin and grinnin for as long as he can remember.  No matter what you may call him, everyone calls him a gentleman and a scholar and Real Kentucky Music had the pleasure of setting down with Dave and hearing the stories behind the legend.

    • 1 hr 25 min

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5.0 out of 5
16 Ratings

16 Ratings

sac0980 ,

Real Kentucky

It’s refreshing to hear an authentic, in depth podcast, not only about music, but life in general.
Listening to Tim talk to his guest is like sitting in on a conversation with old friends.

Chad from Kentucky CBCS ,


Mr.Parks from the Kentucky music scene always has his hand on the pulse of the region’s most up and coming artist along with the seasoned vets. His authentic approach to bringing exposure to theses artists phenomenal, give it a listen and hear for yourself. 🔥👍

Not snap happy ,

Looking forward to hearing more

This was a great episode. Tim Parks has an easygoing approach, while still asking good questions. This is proven by how much of a great guest Nicholas Jamerson is. The episode is a perfect blend of casual and informative.

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