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We cover the hard issues that people like to candy coat...

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We cover the hard issues that people like to candy coat...

    Reality Check Nation commercial

    Reality Check Nation commercial

    Teens are not one hundred percent of our population, but they are one
    hundred percent of our future. The statistics on poor choices some teens
    make are staggering. The solutions to the problems our teens face are not
    necessarily difficult to implement, but parents need to know how to access
    them and get support to follow through. And teens need to know they are
    loved regardless of those poor choices.
    Each week hosts Sean Mulroney and John Martin interview parents, teens,
    celebrities, sports stars, and experts who have been affected by the
    dangerous consequences of bad choices. Sean and John cover the
    issues that people often candy coat, not by just revealing the problem, but
    by focusing on pursuing a solution. They strive to care and make a
    difference in every listener’s life. Tune in every Monday from eleven a.m
    until two p.m. to Reality Check Nation, here on Westplex News Talk 1280.

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    Reality Check Nation Mothers On a Mission (Mama bear effect)

    Reality Check Nation Mothers On a Mission (Mama bear effect)

    Women set the temperature of society, culture, community, and homes
    The role of women in community development can be crucial to the health of a society. According to some sociologists, women make many of the decisions that determine a household's participation in the community, including healthcare, educational, and cultural decisions.

    In many families, women often decide where the family will shop, what schools and activities children will attend, and the extent to which the family will participate in community events. As a powerful decision-making force, women are often well acquainted with the pros and cons of their community, and may be in a good position to analyze how best to improve society. As members of community development organizations such as outreach programs, parent-teacher associations, cultural societies, and city planning boards, women can use the knowledge they garner from household decisions to make a substantive contribution to the future of their city or town.

    Some sociologists also claim that the way women process information, prioritize, and plan, may be highly beneficial to community development. In general, women may be likely to consider community development as a holistic process, in which the goal is the improvement of society for everyone. Furthermore, some studies suggest that many women work better as collaborators and teammates, making them ideal candidates for community organizations in which decisions must be made together. While these tendencies are far from universal, increasing the role of women in community development can lead to more cooperative organizations that seek to improve life for all citizens.

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    Reality Check Nation Equipping Teens with Character

    Reality Check Nation Equipping Teens with Character

    Why do today's teens answer the question, "What is character?" with good looking? Since when did physical appearance become a character trait?

    Society and pop culture send messages like:

    It's all about me.
    Sex outside of marriage is the norm.
    Girls must dress sexy to be attractive.

    What's at stake with this kind of thinking? Our culture's moral compass — and our sons and daughters' future.

    Can we help our teens reclaim Christian values so their lives make an impact? Yes. Our influence still matters.

    The teenage years are a time of self-discovery for most people, and that stage of life can be difficult to navigate for some people. Teenagers can be quite self-absorbed, so it is good to show them that there are other things in life that are important.

    Character-building is planned & doesn't happen by accident.

    It is up to us as adults to instill character in the next generation whether they are your children or your students, so that they can learn some important life lessons.

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    Reality Check Nation Times have Changed - Teenagers Haven't!

    Reality Check Nation Times have Changed - Teenagers Haven't!

    Times have changed, but teens still need someone on their side.
    Today’s teenager is said to love luxury, have bad manners, have no respect for elders, don’t take school seriously and have contempt for authority. “Times have changed,” it has been said, and today’s teenagers have changed to reflect the changing times.

    Before we take a look at today’s teenagers, let’s look at the influences acting on the adolescent stage perhaps since the beginning of the human race. These influences were present on our grandparents and parents when they were teenagers. Times have not
    changed the following observation:

    Adolescence seems to be a time of seeking status as an individual, an attempt to
    emancipate the youth from childish submission to parental authority. It is during this time that the teenager is asking in a serious manner, “who am I and how am I different from my parents and perhaps from every other teenager?”

    Adolescence tends to be a time when group relationships become of major importance. The adolescent is very anxious to attain status with and recognition by his age mates. He tends to desire intensely, to conform to the actions and standards of his peer group. There is much security in conformity.

    Adolescence is a time of rapid physical development and growth. Teenagers must adjust to changes in body image, primary and secondary sexual development, coordination, increases and decreases in appetite, quick shifts in need for rest and physical activity. Much physical and psychic energy is spent trying to cope with school, with peers, and with parents. School is viewed as a very artificial environment for the teenager. It is physically restrictive and unnatural to their desires for activity. Of course, they must also accept pubertal changes and adjust to psycho-sexual needs within the framework of societal expectations.

    Adolescence seems to be a time for complex intellectual and cognitive development. Believe it or not, teenagers are capable of mental functions equal to most adults, and better than some adults. They lack experience, however, to go with their new found intellectual capacity. Unfortunately, they often reject the experience offered by adults. Within the development of thought and thinking, many adolescents lack immediate motivation for academics, studying and performing “up to their capacity in school.”

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    Reality Check Nation What's on the mind of a teenager/John Berlin

    Reality Check Nation What's on the mind of a teenager/John Berlin

    The best way for a parent and adult to understand a teenager is to hear what they have to say. They know what's going on in their culture. Teens have a built in lie detector, they know if an adult is genuine or not. So, in this episode you will hear what they have to say. Plus we have John Berlin who made a video plea to Facebook to make the Facebook movie in honor of his son Jesse who passed away.

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    Reality Check Nation Fathers: the missing link of society

    Reality Check Nation Fathers: the missing link of society

    The growing epidemic of fatherless families has taken a grave toll on children, both young and old, in the form of emotional, social, spiritual, academic, physical, criminal, and suicidal issues later on in life.
    There is no doubt that we live in a fatherless generation. We either have fathers that are absent physically or mentally, and relinquish there responsibilities, fathers aren't taught to be fathers, or teens are becoming fathers prematurely. It's time for fathers to step to the plate and start teaching and training your sons, those that don't have a father it's time us as men to step in and mentor them, & teens need to wait until they are married, have a job, & not living off their parents
    Adolescent fathers have remained an understudied and underserved population.1 While teen fatherhood appears to be associated with similar consequences to those observed for teen mothers,2 most national programs serving low-income families focus on mothers rather than fathers.3 Recently, attempts to include young fathers in services have increased, but relatively few programs for young fathers exist.4

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5.0 out of 5
5 Ratings

5 Ratings

Fatherof3kids ,

Keeping it real!

Sean and John are great guys who are really trying to do good in the world and help make a difference. I highly recommend listening to their show. The most recent one regarding Fathers stepping up in society is right on the money. We all need to 'man up', and encourage other Fathers to do the same, even those who are divorced and even the 'teen dads' out there. God expects a lot from us, because he knows we are capable of so much. We can help influence so many by being strong male role models, let's do it! It's time!

KingOle116 ,

Raising Awareness

This show is great at raising awareness about serious problems in today's society that often get overlooked by so called "experts". Everyone that listens to this show will be challenged to look differently at the world they live in. Thank you for giving us all a reality check.

Spencerod ,


greatest show on earth!!!

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