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We uncover the most rebellious ideas in philosophy, human potential and transcendence to find direction through the chaos of the times.

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We uncover the most rebellious ideas in philosophy, human potential and transcendence to find direction through the chaos of the times.

    Curiosity & Wonder, John Vervaeke & Jonathan Pageau

    Curiosity & Wonder, John Vervaeke & Jonathan Pageau

    This was a special in person dialogue between the cognitive scientist John Vervaeke and the symbolism expert Jonathan Pageau.

    They reflect on what each finds valuable about each other's work, the nature of the conversation that they have been part of, good and bad criticism, the nature of symbolism and much more. 

    It was recorded in Toronto during the making of the forthcoming Rebel Wisdom documentary about John Vervaeke's thought. Some behind the scenes pictures, and a second part of this film is available for subscribers on the Rebel Wisdom Substack: LINK HERE

    John Vervaeke's YouTube channel is here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpqDUjTsof-kTNpnyWper_Q 

    Jonathan Pageau's work can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtCTSf3UwRU14nYWr_xm-dQ 

    Timecodes for the conversation:

    0:00 - What does Jonathan appreciate about John's work?

    3:55 - What does John appreciate about Jonathan's work?

    9:35 - What is the nature of the wider conversation you are both part of?

    16:10 - The nature of criticism & "civility porn"

    24:09 - The need to go beyond the political layer of analysis

    26:19 - Paranoia fuelled by the 'Hermeneutics of Suspicion'

    35:16 - Dialogue, Curiosity & Wonder

    48:25 - How Symbolism breaks the frame and rewires our thinking

    54:36 - A parable is to a narrative what a koan is to a question

    57:35 - "I want to help people fall in love with Being again"

    01:05:23 - The moral of Socrates and Alcibiades

    01:12:56 - Patterns of Being; love, faith & beauty

    01:21:32 - Freedom cannot be absolute

    • 1 hr 24 min
    The Religion of Productivity, Oliver Burkeman

    The Religion of Productivity, Oliver Burkeman

    For years the journalist Oliver Burkeman became obsessed with productivity and personal growth, documenting his explorations in a weekly column. Finally it struck him that this attempt was a deeply religious quest, tied into ideas of perfectibility and salvation. When he realised this, he was finally able to find more peace.

    "For me, the obsession with productivity was totally tied up with this weird self-worth question. [There's] this whole notion that it's all focussed on some moment when everything's going to be alright…there's something about that feels like it's got something to do with justification and salvation, and that feels very religious to me." 

    Oliver is someone who has had a similar path to Rebel Wisdom’s founder David Fuller, working for the legacy media, and also very interested in personal growth, and they sat down for a wide ranging and fascinating conversation which we are releasing now as a special preview for all Rebel Wisdom subscribers.

    Check out Oliver's latest book 'Four Thousand Weeks', a sobering allusion to the average human lifespan: https://www.oliverburkeman.com/books 

    • 56 min
    Embodiment and Flow with John Vervaeke, Schuyler Brown, Rafe Kelley and more

    Embodiment and Flow with John Vervaeke, Schuyler Brown, Rafe Kelley and more

    Learning how to come to our senses and connect to our bodies is essential in an information landscape that highjacks our attention and pulls it away from what matters to us. 

    Our new course 'Embodiment and Flow' helps you reconnect through breathwork, mindfulness, cultural embodiment, movement, rhythm and flow training. In this launch film we play clips from the course faculty - John Vervaeke, Schuyler Brown, Nicola Price, Roger Jackson, Dr. Shama Rahman and Tom Morley - as they explain different ways we can connect to our bodies and get into a state of flow.

    Read more and sign up here: https://www.rebelwisdom.co.uk/courses/embodiment 

    Learn practical embodiment tools you can apply to your life, and to making sense of culture in a completely new way. Learn how embodiment makes it easier to tap into a flow state - that space of being 'in the zone', where time slows down and we move seamlessly with your environment, performing at the best of our abilities. Find out what your unique embodiment needs are and learn how to meet them with the support of world-class teachers and participants from around the world.

    • 25 min
    Comedy & Wisdom, John Lloyd

    Comedy & Wisdom, John Lloyd

    John Lloyd is a legendary comedy producer, who produced some of the biggest comedy hits of the 80s and 90s, including Not the Nine O Clock News, Spitting Image, and all four series of Blackadder.

    After a mid life crisis he realised that his success wasn't making him happy, and this led to a lengthy search for meaning and wisdom. 

    This conversation with Rebel Wisdom's David Fuller covered everything from comedy, to the nature of creativity, and the meaning of life. 

    They also discuss his relationship with his former flatmate and writing partner Douglas Adams, the creator of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.


    00:00 Intro
    05:17 Personal Life
    11:59 Knowing Nothing
    16:32 Religion & The Origin of Ideas
    26:11 Quite Interesting
    30:01 Depression & Focusing on the Other
    38:34 Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy & Douglas Adams
    45:29 Religion & Secular Rituals
    54:02 Science & Spirituality
    01:02:44 Intelligence, Comedy & Wisdom 
    01:12:01 Paradigm Shift
    01:20:17 Closing

    • 1 hr 21 min
    Conspiracy Theories, Russia & Cancellation, Daniel Pinchbeck

    Conspiracy Theories, Russia & Cancellation, Daniel Pinchbeck

    This is a wide ranging conversation about conspiracy theories, the occult, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and more with the writer Daniel Pinchbeck. 

    Over the years Daniel has spent a lot of time investigating alternative narratives including conspiracy, and has been critical of Rebel Wisdom in the past for not taking these seriously enough. 

    Alongside this conversation we are publishing a long written piece about the subject of conspiracy theories, with special focus on the recent high profile interview of Maajid Nawaz on the Joe Rogan podcast: https://rebelwisdom.substack.com/p/conspiracy-criticism-and-the-case?s=w 

    We also talk about Daniel's high profile sex scandal and 'cancellation'. 

    You can find Daniel's writing on his Substack here: https://substack.com/profile/2728693-daniel-pinchbeck 

    • 1 hr 9 min
    Elon Musk, Twitter, Free Speech vs Moderation. Jim Rutt & Aaron Rabinowitz

    Elon Musk, Twitter, Free Speech vs Moderation. Jim Rutt & Aaron Rabinowitz

    In one of the most important developments in the dynamic between big tech, free speech and media in many years, Elon Musk is buying Twitter for $44bn.

    Much of the commentary online has devolved into the predictable political shouting matches, and there has been very little engagement with the key questions that this brings up about the nature of moderation, of how to create healthy dialogue and what problems Elon will have to wrestle with in taking Twitter forward.

    Jim Rutt is the former head of the Santa Fe Institute, and has been involved with online communities since the birth of the internet. He believes that Elon has not fully wrestled with the problem of moderation that he will be taking on with Twitter, a view he explained in his new piece for Quillette, 'Musk & Moderation': https://quillette.com/2022/04/27/musk-and-moderation/ 

    This is a sometimes robust debate and disagreement with Aaron Rabinowitz, a moral philosopher and host of the Embrace the Void podcast. Aaron has spent time wrestling with these same issues, in particular in a famous experiment he ran during the Trump election of 2016 when he created a completely unmoderated discussion group, called Monster island: https://www.skeptic.org.uk/2020/10/monster-island-free-speech-experiment/ 

    Check out Jim's podcast, the Jim Rutt Show: https://www.jimruttshow.com/ 

    And Aaron's podcast Embrace the Void: https://voidpod.com/podcasts 

    • 1 hr 1 min

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4.4 out of 5
249 Ratings

249 Ratings

80'sVillager ,

Exposed Rubin

Exposed Dave Rubin for the lightweight right wing shill that he is.

smallcottage ,

Best new discovery

So happy I found this podcast.
Fascinating talks.

Buckeye Leroy ,

Not “Rebellious”

Self proclaimed most-rebellious-ideas is pretty much repeating the homogeneous message of mainstream media. I did find one podcast with a vaccine researcher very insightful…addressing several questions that I hadn’t heard addressed before. In world of awful podcasts, this one is moderately ok, and will occasionally be worthwhile.

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