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We uncover the most rebellious ideas in philosophy, human potential and transcendence to find direction through the chaos of the times.

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We uncover the most rebellious ideas in philosophy, human potential and transcendence to find direction through the chaos of the times.

    Pagan to Christian, Paul Kingsnorth

    Pagan to Christian, Paul Kingsnorth

    Paul Kingsnorth is one of the most interesting voices wrestling with the deepest questions of modernity, religion and the spiritual void in western culture.

    A former pagan - and long time environmentalist - a couple of years ago he had a completely unexpected conversion to Christianity, which he outlined in his fascinating piece The Cross and the Machine: https://www.firstthings.com/article/2021/06/the-cross-and-the-machine

    In this conversation in Rebel Wisdom's Digital Campfire we discussed his journey, and reflected on the deep Christian story that we're all immersed in in the west - and if it's even possible to move outside it?

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    The Psychospiritual Legacy of The Beatles, Erik Davis & Anderson Todd

    The Psychospiritual Legacy of The Beatles, Erik Davis & Anderson Todd

    Why are we still obsessed with The Beatles, and is it healthy? Fifty years after they broke up, it seems that the mark they made on our culture has not faded. Does this demonstrate the timeless genius of the band, or is it a sign of a culture that is stuck?

    A few days ago saw the release of an eight hour fly-on-the-wall documentary 'Get Back', made by Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson. It shows some of their last sessions as they put together the album 'Let it Be', and culminated in their famous rooftop concert.

    Erik Davis is the foremost historian of the counterculture, and Anderson Todd works in the Wisdom and Consciousness Lab at Toronto University. In this epic conversational riff they examine what was captured in The Beatles' music and why it resonates today.

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    Will Magic Mushrooms Be Legalised? with David Nutt, Crispin Blunt & Tom Eckert

    Will Magic Mushrooms Be Legalised? with David Nutt, Crispin Blunt & Tom Eckert

    Are the UK and US about to legalise magic mushrooms? A number of cities and states in the US have decriminalised psychedelics, and recent headlines in the UK have reported that Prime Minister Boris Johnson is thinking of rescheduling psilocybin.

    But 50 years into the war on drugs, is widespread legalisation a real possibility? In this film Alexander Beiner speaks with three experts to find out. Professor David Nutt heads up Drug Science, the UK’s leading independent body on drugs. Crispin Blunt is a British Member of Parliament campaigning to reschedule psilocybin. Tom Eckert co-led the campaign to successfully legalise psilocybin therapy in Oregon, providing a model for how legalisation campaigns of the might look.

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    ‘Is Reality All In Your Head?‘ with Bernardo Kastrup

    ‘Is Reality All In Your Head?‘ with Bernardo Kastrup

    Is reality created in our minds, or are the things you can touch and feel all that's real? Philosopher Bernardo Kastrup holds doctorates in both philosophy and computer science, and has made a name for himself by arguing for metaphysical idealism, the idea that reality is essentially a mental phenomenon.

    In this Showcase he explains why he's come to this conclusion, and why this age-old debate in philosophy can help us make sense of everything from how we practice science to how we navigate the meaning crisis.

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    The Matter With Things, Iain McGilchrist

    The Matter With Things, Iain McGilchrist

    In ‘The Matter with Things’, Iain McGilchrist tackles the big questions: Who are we? What is the world? How can we understand consciousness, matter, space and time? What happens if we neglect the sacred and divine?

    He argues that we have become enslaved to an account of things dominated by a partial view dominated by the brain’s left hemisphere, one that blinds us to an awe-inspiring reality that is all around us, had we but eyes to see it. He suggests that in order to understand ourselves and the world we need science and intuition, reason and imagination, not just one or two. When we do, we tap into an understanding that is both profound and beautiful, in line with the deepest traditions of human wisdom.

    Dr. Iain McGilchrist is a psychiatrist, philosopher and literary scholar. He is a Quondam Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford, a Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists and of the Royal Society of Arts, as well as a former Clinical Director of the Bethlem Royal & Maudsley Hospital, London. With a gift for synthesising neuroscience, culture and philosophy, his thought has provided essential frames for making sense of the times we live in and proved particularly influential on Rebel Wisdom.

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    John Vervaeke, Documentary Project

    John Vervaeke, Documentary Project

    This is a short podcast to announce an upcoming film project with John Vervaeke, and an opportunity to contribute ideas and skills to help make it happen.

    The aim of the film is primarily to answer the question 'Where do you start?' when encountering John's work, what do you send to someone as an introduction?

    We are particularly interested to hear from skilled animators, documentary producers or other TV folk. Other contributions on how to tell the story also welcome - email: projects@rebelwisdom.co.uk

    • 11 Min.


4.5 von 5
221 Bewertungen

221 Bewertungen

MargueritaMcP ,


This podcast offers a feast for the human appetite to understand “The Matter with Things.” McGilchrist inference respectfully added. Thank you for Rebel Wisdom.

EricaBushwell ,

Awesome podcast!

The host of the Rebel Wisdom podcast, highlights all aspects of society, life and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!

Valbertsons ,

Eye opening to new horizons.

Rebel wisdom offers many new perspectives and interesting ideas. I love the podcast for challenging my thinking and leads to personal growth. Thank you!

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