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Is Steven Avery from Making A Murderer Guilty? Rebutting A Murderer Podcast gives new facts and insights about the case

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Is Steven Avery from Making A Murderer Guilty? Rebutting A Murderer Podcast gives new facts and insights about the case

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2.9 out of 5
515 Ratings

515 Ratings

UallasV ,

We knew Making a Murderer was biased...

...however, Dan O’Donell’s rebuttals are equally as biased. This podcast only further muddies the waters between truth and fiction. It would be nice to hear scientific input on the points in the case. Dan O’Donell is not a blood expert, not a bone expert, or forensics expert. He was a journalist who was witness to the legal proceedings.

23415618931 ,

The definition of irony

This podcaster rakes the defense team over the coals for making accusations with no support. Then, he does the exact same thing by assuming law enforcement would never do anything bad, but has not support they didn’t. For instance he brings up the key chain on multiple incidents and point out that Avery’s DNA is found on it. Then states that they police couldn’t have planted because their DNA is not on it. Like they aren’t smart enough to wear gloves. Then he suggests that Avery cleans the key chain to get Teresa’s blood off the WOVEN key chain. So he is smart enough to remove her DNA but then let’s his own get on it. Hmmm. Then says there are no prints in her car because Avery wiped it down, but then concedes Avery left his own blood in the car. He makes the assumption that Avery cleaned the garage of all DNA after shooting Halbeck, but then says he simply missed the bullet and shell casings laying all over. He basically assumes that Avery is a sloppy, forensic expert and that his defense team is ruthless for defending their client.

Vbsling ,

Mostly nails it

Like most people, I was outraged when I watched Making a Murderer. I started digging into the details because it was hard for me to believe such a miscarriage of justice occurred. As I learned, many facts contradict the documentary.

This documentary lays them out brutally. And then, Season 2 is a bigger farce that this series pokes holes in - actually convincing me of Avery’s guilt. I still think Dassey got a raw deal from his attorneys and family members. He was there, but he got bullied by his uncle and swallowed a terrible sentence.

Season 2 of the podcast actually uses Zelner to slam dunk the case against Avery.

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