Red Pill Revolution Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
118 Ratings

118 Ratings

MeagB0916 ,

My favorite podcast

Loving this show! Mostly listen as a podcast. While I may not agree on every thing he says, he gives great perspective. And like me, a lot of his thoughts and views come back to raising our kids in this world!
Don’t stop making such great content!!

Allowisjes ,

Common sense

When it feels like the whole world has gone insane, I appreciate your common sense and bravery to speak up/out/against this crazy narrative that is being forced down our throats. Thank you!

debfaulkner ,


Austin tells it like it is! He gives out so much great information and is very entertaining. I love listening to him.

littylinny ,

Keep it up!

Love the show, great information. !!!! Austin I’m so sorry lol please say the names however you like lol don’t feel self conscious about how you say it😂😭 now I feel bad



I really did like the concept of this show, but the first and second episode there was a lot of hate speech towards transgender individuals. I tried to look past it and continue to listen and just skipped the episodes. Your recent episode 33, you’re literally being disrespectful towards transgender people. “Men don’t bleed I’m a man and I don’t bleed, I don’t know what this person is born a man and is a women now.” Like dude educate yourself a bit more, yeah? Transgender men have female reproductive system meaning they bleed if their testosterone levels aren’t correct.
Then you state “ men have male parts, a man to me is someone with testosterone blah blah blah” dude if your homophobic own that it. You honestly disgust the heck out of me with how hateful and disrespectful you are towards homophobic people. Educate yourself buddy. Coming from a transgender individual you're a problem.

Curtis Blacklabel ,

Cool dude! Great show!

This show is a must add to your list of “new media”.

celejo ,

2000 mules

Excellent show; great dig into a compelling documentary!

Eriinhamilton ,

Literally my new favorite!

Absolutely love the content, keep bringing others to the red pill side!!!

Hujilk ,

5 stars

Great podcast

sonnenba ,

Great researched show

Brings different points of view based on research.