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Your daily triple shot to Powerfully Lead your Life and Business.

Redemption with James Arthur Ray James Arthur Ray

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Your daily triple shot to Powerfully Lead your Life and Business.

    Don't be a drifter

    Don't be a drifter

    Don't be a drifter.
    Most drift from this to that. This strategy to that strategy. This business to that business. This teacher to that one.
    Chasing the brass ring.
    Looking for the secret sauce, the magic pill, the fast fame and simple success.
    I did a coaching session with a QUANTUM PHYSICIST some time back who told me that he envisioned making a "million-dollars the year prior and he didn't make it."
    "How did I use Law of Attraction incorrectly?" He asked. (He had...

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    What is this situation here to teach you?

    What is this situation here to teach you?

    The world around you is YOU giving you the opportunity to see and experience yourself.
    Sometimes I wonder, "Why am I experiencing this in my life?
    What is this here in my life to teach me?"
    Do you ever ask yourself these questions?
    Why am I experiencing this in life is NOT a poor me or victim slant on experiences. Even though it could be that way.
    From a more awakened perspective it's a purposeful consideration of what LIFE has brought to you...

    • 4 min
    Is Knowledge Power?

    Is Knowledge Power?

    I know you've heard that it is, but you hear things all the time that are just flat out wrong!
    Whoever said that didn't think it through; or was totally clueless.
    How many times do you, like me, know someone who knows a helluva lot, but they don't do a damn thing with it?
    In fact, most all of us know a lot more than we do.
    We know that eating fast food and starchy carbs makes us feel lethargic, but we do it anyway...

    • 5 min
    Are you on the right path?

    Are you on the right path?

    How do you know when you're on the right path?
    When you don't feel prepared to take it.
    This was a question I asked of one of my great mentors years ago; as well as his answer.
    You see God/The Universe/Cosmic Consciousness whatever label you choose has only one objective for you.
    Just one.
    it doesn't give two shakes about your new house, car, bank account, vacation or plane.

    • 4 min
    Your Time is Running Out

    Your Time is Running Out

    Life is never thrilling and "up" every single day...
    That's childish and unrealistic; and not your objective.
    Your objective is to find your purpose and become obsessed with mastering and fulfilling it.
    Come what may. High and low. Pleasure and pain. Victory and defeat.
    To engage the spirit within of a Warrior Leader; fully committed to a cause much greater than himself...

    • 4 min
    Are you willing to be different?

    Are you willing to be different?

    You see, socialized mind encourages you to assimilate and homogenize.
    But that just keeps you stuck and constantly having to "compete" with all those who are touting the party line.
    Bob Marley was different from the masses...
    His reggae beats were pretty much non-existent and vastly different when he arrived on the scene.
    Now when you say reggae, what's the FIRST name that pops into your mind?
    I bet it's Marley.
    Queen was different.
    Their complicated rock, sometimes crossed with opera and...

    • 4 min

Customer Reviews

2.2 out of 5
38 Ratings

38 Ratings

Progame1 ,

What a slickster salesman! 🤮

Wow, right from the get-go this is a bunch of the same old tired quintessential self-help guru garbage. Absolutely nothing here. “Give me your money and I’ll fix your life! No, I have no legit qualifications but my daddy taught me how to preach and pass the hat with the best of them, so that makes me qualified, right? Oh yeah, and I killed three people then drove away from the site like a hit and run. But don’t worry about that! I used my two years in jail as a growth experience and now I’m back better than ever, selling my snake oil!” Good grief. Disgusting, self-serving, and dangerous person.

!pod $hopper ,

Conman 101

This con is as old as time!

quantum consciousness is woo ,

Pseudoscience from a con man.

This guy uses pseudoscience to trick people into thinking that he is smart and has some sort of special insight into reality. Please, if you ever hear some self help shyster talking about how quantum physics means that consciousness shapes reality, remind yourself that the observer effect means that the instruments used to measure the state of a particle influence the result, not that a conscious observer is required.

Sadly, he hasn’t stopped peddling nonsense after getting three of his followed killed at a “sweat lodge” he was completely unqualified to run. Look elsewhere for self help.

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