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Christian based teaching from Chuck Smith, Jr

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Christian based teaching from Chuck Smith, Jr



    Cheryl Brodersen

    • 52 min
    Ruth 4

    Ruth 4

     Last week, Naomi set the plot in action
    - we could say that her maneuvering was relational; she was working with people
    • this week, Boaz sets the plot in action, and his maneuvering is legal; he is using the law
    - moving through the interaction that takes place in this scene,
    • is an important factor that we could miss in all the action
    • that is, the reality and depth of Boaz’s devotion to Ruth
    ◦ last week, Ruth asked Boaz, Spread your wings over [me]
    ◦ that is what Boaz does in this episode 

    • 51 min
    Ruth 3

    Ruth 3

    Intro: This past week was about getting things done
    Not everything on my to-do list–not even one, one-hundredth
    - one appointment was scheduled several weeks ago
    • another one that I had to plan and prepare myself to complete
    ◦ I’ll have more to say about this later
    • my point is that in our day-to-day passage through life,
    ◦ I am no different than you
    ◦ we all have to deal with schedules and appointments and getting things done
    - the Book of Proverbs offers us a guide to wise decisions and actions
    • the philosophy behind the Proverbs is simple:
    ◦ God is the source of all wisdom – so reverence him
    ◦ use common sense
    ◦ integrity will serve you and your community better than duplicity
    ◦ when stuck, be creative (but stick to the path of the righteous)
    ◦ ask for help – seek the counsel of wise people
    • it is wisdom to plan and prepare for the future

    • 46 min
    Ruth 2

    Ruth 2

    Ruth Chapter 2
    Intro: In the apartment complex where my son Scotty lives,
    There’s an old vending machine where residents can buy sodas
    - Calum was six the first time I bought him a cola drink from it
    • we inserted the money, he pressed button, machine rumbled,
    ◦ and a can of soda dropped into the slot at the bottom
    • then before we could insert more money, the machine rumbled again and another soda dropped down
    ◦ as I was worrying about how we could return the drink we had not purchased,
    ◦ Calum exclaimed, “Oh! It’s my lucky day.”
    - that could be the title for this chapter
    • it’s a lucky day for all three of the main characters
    • at first, people are just doing ordinary things, but
    ◦ before day ends, something extraordinary has happened

    • 44 min
    Ruth 1:1

    Ruth 1:1

    In the days when the judges ruled there was a famine in the land, and a man of Bethlehem in Judah went to sojourn in the country of Moab, he and his wife and his two sons Ruth 1:1
    Intro: With these words, we walk through a gate and into what may be the most enchanting story in all of scripture
    - but because it took place long ago and in a strange culture far away,
    • we need some help orienting ourselves
    • when, where, what, and who occur in the first verse and set the tone and create atmosphere
    - notice that a solid connection is made with the days of the Judges
    • not long after Israel entered the land, they lost their identity
    ◦ they could not maintain loyalty to Yahweh for very long
    ◦ even their God-appointed leaders made serious blunders
    • it was a period of religious confusion and ludicrous politics
    ◦ the last story is so bizarre it is unpleasant even to read
    ◦ a simple explanation is given several times and at end of the book of Judges:
    In those days there was no king in Israel. Everyone did what was right in his own eyes (Jdg. 21:25 – not a good thing, as in De. 12:8)

    • 50 min
    Genesis 4

    Genesis 4

    How did we wind up in Genesis this morning?
    Many preachers have their sermons lined up for the whole year
    - I’ve never been that organized or thought that far ahead
    • it’s when I finish a series of talks that I think about what’s next
    • usually that has a lot to do with what is pulling on my heart in that particular moment
    - so we’re in Genesis, because it provides a seed for my talk
    • I’m not sure what’s next – I’m thinking, the Book of Ruth
    • that’s because it beautifully illustrates what I will try to explain

    • 39 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
13 Ratings

13 Ratings

terbear505 ,

Chuck Smith Jr.

Chuck’s messages/bible studies are refreshing and cleansing to my soul. I have been searching for a new worship/study program since my previous place of worship in orange county became political. The messages were focused on whether we should wear a mask or not. Chuck brings us back to the heart of the bible and our Lord.

SusanCarpwnter ,

Needed this

Thanks Chuck. The message July 5 was especially on target and healing for me-Suzy

D Tolle ,


I once thought I was always saved but I was just educated on religion. I learned though Pastor Chuck Jr that it was important to have God in your heart and not not just your mind. I grew up learning bible verses, religion and traditions of the church. One day in church Pastor Chuck Jr preached a sermon on a heart for God and that was the day I gave my heart to God. I am tested constantly and still have spiritual warfare but I just go back to that day I gave my heart to God and keeping giving it during those struggles. Today I really missed Him for I took it back when news of my pastor through struggles of anxiety and depression; committed suicide. How could our God who is all knowing let this happen? How could a pastor who taught us so much abandon all that he believed take all the gifts God gave him and throw it all away and left us in the aftermath. I had to go back to saying “In this day I will trust in God” and I hear my mom say”Who are you to question God”. He is all knowing and sees the big picture and I have to trust that and not fall into Satan’s trap and I am determined not to let that happen. I know this is a review and started out that way but I went from review to this direction. Have to say it was one certain sermon from Pastor Chuck Jr led me to my relationship with God and listening to his pod cast keeps me in check.
Thanks Chuck

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