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Christian based teaching from Chuck Smith, Jr

Reflexion, A Spiritual Community Chuck Smith, Jr

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Christian based teaching from Chuck Smith, Jr

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D Tolle ,


I once thought I was always saved but I was just educated on religion. I learned though Pastor Chuck Jr that it was important to have God in your heart and not not just your mind. I grew up learning bible verses, religion and traditions of the church. One day in church Pastor Chuck Jr preached a sermon on a heart for God and that was the day I gave my heart to God. I am tested constantly and still have spiritual warfare but I just go back to that day I gave my heart to God and keeping giving it during those struggles. Today I really missed Him for I took it back when news of my pastor through struggles of anxiety and depression; committed suicide. How could our God who is all knowing let this happen? How could a pastor who taught us so much abandon all that he believed take all the gifts God gave him and throw it all away and left us in the aftermath. I had to go back to saying “In this day I will trust in God” and I hear my mom say”Who are you to question God”. He is all knowing and sees the big picture and I have to trust that and not fall into Satan’s trap and I am determined not to let that happen. I know this is a review and started out that way but I went from review to this direction. Have to say it was one certain sermon from Pastor Chuck Jr led me to my relationship with God and listening to his pod cast keeps me in check.
Thanks Chuck

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