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The Podcast of the Religion and Socialism Commission of the Democratic Socialists of America

Religious Socialism Podcast DSA Religion and Socialism Commission

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The Podcast of the Religion and Socialism Commission of the Democratic Socialists of America

    Chuck Collins | Altar to an Erupting Sun

    Chuck Collins | Altar to an Erupting Sun

    In this episode, we interview activist Chuck Collins on his new novel, "Altar to an Erupting Sun." His book addresses the work of activism, the value of community, and the question of what tactics are on the table as we face the destruction of the planet.

    Find his book and more resources at chuckcollinswrites.com.

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    • 46 min
    David Bentley Hart | Bible Translation, Christian Socialism, & the Moral Obligation of Belonging

    David Bentley Hart | Bible Translation, Christian Socialism, & the Moral Obligation of Belonging

    Scholar, philosopher, and prolific author Dr. David Bentley Hart joins the podcast to discuss Bible translation as an act of resistance, the Christian sources and support for social democracy, and the moral demands of human and creaturely relations to care for one another.

    Don't forget to join us at Theology Beer Camp (www.theologybeer.camp) and use the promo code HEARTGODPOD for a discount!

    – Check out his New Testament translation (https://yalebooks.yale.edu/book/9780300265705/the-new-testament/)
    – For essays on his theological and political ideas, check out "Theological Territories" (https://undpress.nd.edu/9780268107185/theological-territories/)
    – And per Hart's own request, check out his works of fiction like "Roland in Moonlight" (https://angelicopress.org/roland-in-moonlight-hart)

    • 48 min
    Hindu Nationalism & the U.S. Far Right

    Hindu Nationalism & the U.S. Far Right

    This episode explores the growing alliance between the U.S. and the Indian far right, the various appearances of Hindutva (Hindu Nationalism)in US public life, anti-caste discrimination, and how Hinduism and socialism can be mutually informed.

    For more on this topic, check out
    – Hindus for Human Rights @hindusforhumanrights
    – Sadhana Coalition of Progressive Hindus @sadhanahindus

    • 55 min
    Capitalocene Q&A (with Joerg Rieger)

    Capitalocene Q&A (with Joerg Rieger)

    A bonus episode!

    Two different Q&A sessions with Joerg Rieger, Felipe Maia, and Jason Moore are bundled into this extra episode connected to Joerg's new book, "Theology in the Capitalocene."

    Listen for some great insights on religion, ecology, and solidarity in this turbulent era of creaturely life.

    • 38 min
    Theology in the Capitalocene | Joerg Rieger, Jason Moore, Filipe Maia

    Theology in the Capitalocene | Joerg Rieger, Jason Moore, Filipe Maia

    This episode is an edited version of a webinar built around Joerg Rieger's new book, Theology in the Capitalocene. He was joined by the incredible scholars Filipe Maia and Jason Moore.

    In the episode, we define the Capitalocene, upack the importance of class analysis for building solidarity, and close with a discussion of the intersectionality of all of these deeply related ideas.

    - Joerg Rieger is a theologian, author, & speaker. He is the Distinguished Professor of Theology and the Cal Turner Chancellor’s Chair of Wesleyan Studies. He is also the founding director of the Wendland-Cook Program in Religion and Justice.
    - Jason Moore is an author, editor, and professor. He is an environmental historian and historical geographer at Binghamton University, where he is professor of sociology and leads the World-Ecology Research Collective.
    - Filipe Maia is Assistant Professor of Theology at Boston University School of Theology where his research focuses on liberation theologies and philosophies, theology and economics, and the Christian eschatological imagination.

    Joerg Rieger
- Profile: https://divinity.vanderbilt.edu/people/bio/joerg-rieger
    - Website: https://www.joergrieger.com
    - New Book: https://www.fortresspress.com/store/productgroup/2056/Theology-in-the-Capitalocene

    Jason Moore
    - Essays: http://jasonwmoore.com
    - World-Ecology Research Network google doc sign-up: https://forms.gle/wgATH5KjsqsV5nMQ6
    - Recent short essays: http://jasonwmoore.wordpress.com/
    - World-Ecology Research Network: on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/worldecology/?ref=bookmarks on Academia: https://www.academia.edu/Documents/in/World-Ecology

    Filipe Maia:
    - Profile: https://www.bu.edu/sth/profile/filipe-maia/
    - New book: https://www.dukeupress.edu/trading-futures

    • 45 min
    Decolonizing Pedagogy with Haitian Spirituality | Dr. Wideline Seraphin

    Decolonizing Pedagogy with Haitian Spirituality | Dr. Wideline Seraphin

    In this interview with Dr. Wideline Seraphin, we discuss the decolonizing power of Haitian spirituality and the unique literacies of a group of Haitian transnational girls, discovering the necessity of including the whole self – mental, emotional, physical, social, & spiritual – in the work for liberation.

    Dr. Wideline Seraphin is Assistant Professor of Literacy Studies at UTA. Her research centers on the literate lives of Black immigrant girls, critical media literacy, and teacher education.

    • 39 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
29 Ratings

29 Ratings

CleverNameIsClever ,

I love it

I'm an atheist, but I've always been interested in religion and theology. This podcast really makes me examine my own beliefs, and I aprreciate it for that.

DavidBelch ,

A voice for an often-ignored intersection

For many Americans, religiosity is equivalent to conservative politics and leftism is practiced secularly. I love that this podcast breaks that dichotomy and looks at people who live in that intersection. The Religious Left is small, but offers an important perspective on the liberation of all marginalized people. Jesus was a socialist!

DrPsychology ,

Could be great but needs focus

If you’re looking for a discussion of LGB issues among fiscally liberal people of faith, then this podcast is for you. By getting in the weeds with peripheral social issues, verging on grievance studies at times, this otherwise important discussion of the linkages between faith and democratic socialism will be made unapproachable to most. Given the prospective content suggested by the title, this podcast should work for me, and yet it doesn’t.

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