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The Remain Seated Podcast with Gina Barberi.

Remain Seated with Gina Barberi Broadway Media

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The Remain Seated Podcast with Gina Barberi.

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4.9 out of 5
96 Ratings

96 Ratings

LCG Victor ,

Very entertaining

I love this podcast, Gina and “Festus” are very funny

mbeach22 ,

Fun and lighthearted

I have been listening to Gina for over 20 years now on the Radio From Hell show on X96. I started when I was in high-school and feel like I have grown up with Gina. I remember when she first had oldest child, Festus (not his real name). I love listening to her in a different setting, as a mom. It makes me love her more, and hope that my relationships with my sons will we just as great someday!

Godzilla White ,

A mother & son walk into a podcast . . .

For years, I hoped that Ms. Gina Barberi would do a separate podcast from her excellent "work" on Radio From Hell (work is in quotations because she loves being part of radio). When I have heard her on other podcasts as a guest, we get a glimpse of a different side than on RFH. These trips into the mind of Ms. Barberi & her son, Festus (not his real name, but you have to listen to find out what & why) are fascinating to me as a psychologist (not that kind of psychologist as I'm a social psychologist) & quite entertaining. These episodes are long enough to gain information, but short enough that you can do them quickly without starting to question why you are spending time with this family.

You may laugh, you may cry (not out of sadness, so much, but due to laughing & wondering if this real life &/or slapping your forehead), you may learn some things. You get to see disagreements & love displayed in a way that show what life can be if we want to treat each other with respect. Thank you Gina & Festus!

Oh, by the way, I would not suggest binging a bunch of them at once. If catching up, as I had to do, limit it to 2 a day (doctor's recommendation; yes, I am a real doctor, but not that kind).

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